Echo: Hey! No, this isn't a sudden spontaneous update. I just wanted to let everyone, who didn't already, know that the first few chapters of Through the Cosmos are now up.

Goldfish: People who want to should probably go read that.

Echo: Goldfish, don't be rude!

Goldfish: What? I was just saying.

Echo: *rolls eyes*

Goldfish: *rolls eyes at Echo rolling eyes*

Echo: Hey, quit it! It's freaky watching a goldfish roll its eyes!

Goldfish: *rolls eyes again*

Echo: *sighs* I give up. You're impossible.

Goldfish: Excellent. Will you give me dynamite now.

Echo: Okay, sure– wait a sec! Stop trying to get dangerous explosives off of me? You'll blow up the house or something! And I was about to give them to you!

Goldfish: Damn. So close.

Echo: Well, anyway, check out Through the Cosmos and please review!

Goldfish: You're already asking people to review? Before they've even read it?

Echo: Shut it.

Goldfish: Only if you give me dynamite!