"Are you sure you want to do this Lucy? I mean missions can get pretty dangerous. Maybe you should bring Natsu with you?" Asked the retired mage worriedly.

"Of course. I can't always depend on Natsu to come and save me. I've got to do some missions on my own or I won't ever get stronger."

Marijane sighed. "You know that no one thinks you weak, right?"

"Yes I do, but this is for me. No matter how many times you guys tell me, I won't feel strong unless I do something on my own."

Marijane smiled and Lucy returned it with one of her own. "Alright. Be careful, okay?"

Lucy rolled her eyes and waved goodbye, and called over her shoulder, "I'll be back in a couple days!"

Soon as the doors closed shut, Natsu sat at the counter and looked curiously at the doors. "Where's she going?"


"Without me?"

Marijane nodded."She wanted to go by herself."

The young dragon slayer shot up from his chair, angry. "By herself? Is she insane? What if she gets hurt or killed?"

"Natsu, Lucy's strong. She can handle herself." Marijane felt slightly hypocritical as she said this since she had been thinking the same thing a couple of moments ago but Lucy had reassured her. But now, she had reassure Natsu.

"It's not that I don't think she's strong it's just that I would feel better if I was there with her, I mean, we're teammates! We're supposed to go on missions , It's boring without her here." He said pouting and sliding back down into his chair.

The white haired mage smiled. "It'll be okay. She's only going to be gone for a couple of days."


She nodded and the pink haired boy jumped from his chair. "Alright! Then I'll go on a mission too in till then!" He said and ran to the mission board. Marijane smiled and giggled to herself. 'I wonder how long it will take for him to realize how he feels about her.' She thought to herself and began to wipe out the dirty cups left over from her guild mates but she couldn't help but have this nagging feeling in gut.

Will Lucy really be okay?