Happy, not bothering to access the situation at hand, barreled towards Lucy's chest with glee. Natsu tried to call out to him, but his words didn't reach him before it was too late. Just as Happy was about a foot away from Lucy, she backhanded him so hard he slammed right into the floor.

Nobody noticed that she flinched slightly when Happy yelped.

"Happy!" Natsu cried, and ran to his best friends side.

Happy sobbed in Natsu's arms. "L-Lucy...Why?"

Natsu whispered, "She's not herself Happy, that bastard did something to her."

"Are you sure?"

"Oh course! The Lucy we know would never attack her friends."

"Right!" Happy exclaimed loudly. Neal stared at them curiously, but transferred his attention to Lucy. He closed the space between them, and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He smirked as Natsu glared at him.

He turned to whisper in her ear. "Remember today's date, June 5th. Cause today is the day that I make you kill your friends and open the gate to the celestial realm." But before Neal could say more, a fist came slammed right into his jaw, sending him skidding back. Lucy just stood there and stared at the two fight blankly.

"I don't have time for this!" Neal complained as leaped away from Natsu's fiery fists. "Lucy, kill this nuisance." He yelled with a smirk.

Awaking from her stupor, Lucy snapped her whip, pulling Natsu right off his feet and sending him flying into a pillar. Natsu slid to the ground with a loud groan and slowly stood after spotting Neal running like a coward down the hall. Natsu tried to go after him but Lucy didn't give him a chance.

Lucy leaped into his path and roundhouse kicked him right in his side. He went to counter but he hesitated. He could hit his pretty teammate, it was one thing if it was Gray but this was Lucy. He couldn't bring himself to hit Lucy.

Lucy took advantage of his weakness and punched him right in the gut, sending him staggering back. She didn't even wait for him to counter this time, she came at him, one fist after another.

'When did Lucy become this strong?' Natsu wondered.

'She always has been.' Natsu conluded, 'I just never realized.'

Finally finding a gap, Natsu grabbed both of Lucy's wrists, holding her in place. "Lucy! Stop! I know you don't want to do this. You don't have to let him control you, stand up to him! Fight it with everything you got, I know your strong enough to beat this."

Natsu stared deep into her chocolate brown eyes, searching for the real Lucy. He noticed that her eye were watering but her face remained emotionless. She heard him.

But she was still under his control. While he was destracted, she side swiped his leg, causing him to fall, bring her down with him. But from the shock of the fall, Natsu released her wrists giving her freedom to pull up out a knife. But as she held the knife up, she was shaking from her shoulders to her finger tips. She was trying so hard to fight it. She was using every fiber in her being to stop herself.

Tears streamed down her face. "N-N-Natsu. Knock me out, s-stop me, run. Do s-something while I still have some control."

He nodded, "Sorry." He muttered and punched her right in the stomach. Just like he did to Gray on Galuna Island. She dropped the knifed and fell unconscious.

He sighed, and threw her over his shoulder.

Happy flew over. "Are you okay Natsu?"

"Yeah. Lets go find Gray."


I'm baaaackkk :)