Finally another chapter. The reason for my tardiness was, that I made a tablet of battle order, and I worked really hard on it, because I had there 16 teams (about 3 OC teams). And I created it, so the battles would be interesting. BUUUUUUT…. I lost it. I searched everywhere for it, but it's nowhere to be found. And I was too lazy to re-do it.

But now I finally got myself to do another tablet. Though in this one is only 8 teams, with one OC team. That means, there will be less chapters, and hopefully it will be more dynamic. So… enjoy and let me know what you think?

Bryan got back to the Blade Breakers. Kai glanced at him, but Bryan shook his head and soundlessly mouthed "later". Kai frowned, but the lilac haired boy already turned his back to him. Kai knew that Bryan followed Tala with the intention to talk to him, but clearly it was something that he didn't want to be heard by some unwanted ears. Which he understood, even if he didn't like it, seeing, that Boris and his lackey were there.

Kai glanced around the room. Almost everyone, more or less obviously, stared at Boris and his team. Well, with the exception of a newbies team from South Africa, called Fire Wasps. But that was understandable, as they didn't know them. But others… They were watching Boris at least from the corner of their eyes. And Mariah was openly staring, while Lee was holding her arm, as if to keep her in place. He was smart enough to catch on, that confronting the old Russian right now might be dangerous.

The attention of the dual haired teen was disrupted by a call from a small plateau at the back of the hall they were in. Mr. Dickinson was standing on the plateau and giving all participants an opening speech. Kai let slip most of it away. He rather looked at Rei, who looked as if he was going to pass out soon, but was trying his hardest not to.

Bryan nudged Kai hard in his side and when the younger looked at him, the lilac haired pointed with his head towards the plateau. Mr. Dickinson was already talking about a drawing, that would decide which order they would fight and with whom.

"Well, good luck everyone," Mr. Dickinson said, "and now, could the captain of last years champions, Blade Breakers, come up here?" Kai nodded and walked up to the plateau. An Assistant was holding a box to him.

Kai reached inside and felt a few rubber balls. He moved his hand around a little, then he grasped one ball and pulled it out. Everyone looked at him expectantly. "Number six," Kai said clearly and Mr. Dickinson nodded. Blade Breakers' name flashed on a screen behind Mr. Dickinson and then it slid down and a tablet appeared where Blade Breakers were on its sixth leg.

Kai walked back to his team and called another Captain, which was a girl from all female team, Fire Wasps. To Kai they seemed a bit arrogant, as if to say that they will surely win the championship. But even if they are good, they are still new and they didn't know what awaits them.

The Fire Wasps captain drew number 8 and made her way back down. BEGA followed and pulled number 3. One by one all the captains went up, to draw their number. Lee was the first one that pulled number that could already connect to an opponent, number 4. All Starz landed with Fire Wasps.

When Tala went up, everyone tensed. The red head refused to look anyone in the eye, he just reached for the ball and pulled it out. It was number 2. He silently walked back to Boris with his head bowed. Only two teams were left. Majestics and Psykicks. Majestics ended going against the Blade Breakers, which meant, Psykicks had to go against Black Sharks.

Mr. Dickinson gave them last few words and let them go. Bryan and Kai turned to Boris' group, only to see, they were long gone. Bryan swore and ran outside, but he didn't catch any sight of them. And he didn't know where they were staying either. So he just returned to the others.

- BB - BB - BB -

"I can't believe it!" Tyson yelled, "That NERVE!" Everyone was cramped in the living room of Blade Breakers hotel apartment. They even called the Fire Wasps, because they didn't want them to be out of loop, if things got dangerous.

"Tyson, please, calm down," Max said quietly. Tyson wanted to snap at him, but Kai pushed him to sit down. "Granger, don't be stupid," Robert said, "You will only make fool out of yourself, if you confront Valkov. He has all documents all right, I asked about it Mr. Dickinson."

Natasha Stuart, captain of Fire Wasps stood up, "I still don't understand, why we are here?!" Bryan silenced her with glare. "Because some of us thought, it would be only fair," he growled, "Those bladers are our dearest friends, and they were kidnapped, because they were good at what they do. Maybe you will be next target, if you are so good as you think you are. Do you want to stay in the dark?"

Natasha gulped and sat back down. Robert sighed, "Okay, now that we are calm… As I said, Valkov has everything under control, so we can't get the rest of Demolition Boys and Rei out of there. We don't even know, where they are staying, there is no information on them." Everyone in the room was nodding.

"Psykicks should be really careful, as they are going against them first" Kai said. "I followed Tala to the bathroom, but we didn't have enough time," Bryan started, "He just warned me, that if anyone goes against Rei, they should forfeit…" The room was silent, trying to comprehend the information.

- BB - BB - BB -

Tala fell backwards from the blow Boris gave him in the jaw. Spencer was immediately besides him, helping him up. "I saw Kuznetsov follow you" Boris hissed. Tala wiped his bloody lip and looked him in the eyes, "I didn't met with Kuznetsov, sir." Boris glared at him for a few seconds, then turned away, "Tch, fine, now everyone to your rooms." They didn't hesitate to get away from him.

For those, who are confused:

Psykicks vs Black Sharks

BEGA vs White Tigers

Majestics vs Blade Breakers

All Starz vs Fire Wasps

From now on, we are entering the last phase, so to say. Not for weak people.

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