Blizzaga Saga: Maybe I'm alone on this, but I've always thought Ash would react differently to a naked girl being on top of him if said girl was also his Pokémon. I guess the only way to find out is for it to happen in the anime! :D

Chapter 5: There IS Sexual Tension in Pokémon

And innuendo too! Brock polishes his rock Pokémon. He polishes his rocks. Come on.

Ash was an idiot.

Misty had accepted this years ago, but somehow it still irritated her. He acted like he honestly didn't notice the naked girl humping his leg and licking his cheek. Not that he had ever excelled at noticing women's affection, she thought angrily.

"Get off of him!" she yelled, and the girl looked away from the one beneath her to stare at Misty in confusion. "Where are your clothes? Why are you only wearing Pikachu ears?"

"Kachu?" the slim blonde asked, tilting her head in innocent confusion, and Misty's face grew redder than her hair at the obvious stalling attempt.

Beside them, the young woman in a witch's hat who had been silent until now spoke. "Um, actually, that is a Pikachu. Or it was." Pink dusted her cheeks, and Misty suspected that she only flipped through the book in her hands to distract her from the vulgar scene. "I did everything just like the instructions said..."

"What instructions?" Having scared Ash into silence, Misty forced her enraged mind to catch up. "Are you the magician Ash mentioned?"

Seeing her focus on someone other than him, Ash became slightly less terrified. "Don't worry, Pikachu's fine. She's only taking this form for a few days."

"This is Pikachu?"

Seeing that Ash was no longer paying attention to her, Pikachu reluctantly rolled off of him and stood to greet Misty, granting the gym leader a full view of her nude form. Short blonde hair framed a cute face adorned with a small nose and little red circles on her cheeks like she'd had as a Pokémon. The strong legs, wide hips, and slender upper body which she earned through constant fighting and traveling had stayed with her through the transformation.

Misty averted her eyes before she could notice more details. "Ash, whether this is Pikachu or not, she needs clothes."

She expected to have to glare at him for ogling the girl now that her state of undress had finally sunk in, but he merely blinked and agreed.

"Oh. Right. Here you go, buddy."

Without ceremony he stood and placed his jacket around the blonde's shoulders, and Misty mentally huffed. What did a girl have to do to get his attention?

"Pi..." Pikachu said gratefully, hugging it against herself. It smelled just like him.

Ash's spare jeans hung loosely off her waist, but at least now she was covered. "What is going on?" Misty demanded, abruptly remembering why she had traveled to Johto. Ash winced, having hoped their concern for their mutual friend had distracted her. "Did you throw away our travel plans just to turn her into a human?"

"Not at all!" He willed his voice not to crack. "We wanted to turn her into a Raichu."

Misty wanted to scream. "Why didn't you take her to a doctor?"

Ash knew that now was not a good time for his trademark cluelessness—it never was with Misty around—but he couldn't help it. "Didn't I explain that in the email I sent you? Did I forget to mention that Pikachu wouldn't eat my mom's food?"

Her face contorted, and fright quickly replaced his confusion. With her fists clenched by her side, she stepped forward menacingly. He stepped back, flinching from the many burns beneath his tattered outfit. He had no chance of escaping in his condition.

"Come here, Ash…" she entreated with a sickeningly sweet smile. "Don't be a coward."

"I-I'm not a coward," he said despite his attempted retreat, and he was right. If he had to die now, then he wanted it to be without regrets. Well, he couldn't magically become a Pokémon Master in the next five seconds, but he could do something else he'd been putting off.

"Misty, I know you're about to kill me..."

Her smile dripped venom and sarcasm. "Very observant."

"But before you do…will you go out with me?"

He spoke the last part so quickly that she almost didn't hear him. Misty halted her advance, paralyzed. "What?"

"W-Will you go out with me?"

Misty stood speechless. She never thought this would happen, certainly not at such a random moment. He had obviously been working up the nerve to ask her for some time. Had he noticed her after all?

Ash dared to peek between his gloved hands as he covered his face. To his surprise, Misty no longer looked angry. She had that rare and pretty affection in her eyes that made her orange hair look softer, and hope welled up inside him.

Pikachu laid a hand on Misty's arm, breaking the spell. "Pi Pikachu, Pikachupi." Her next sentence took considerably more effort, as though she were speaking her first words. "Don't...kill Pikapi. He's…hurt."

Misty was about to point out how remarkable it was that Pikachu could speak their language when she realized the Pokémon was right. "Oh no! Ash, what happened?"

"And I thought I was the dense one," he answered cheekily.

Misty did not find it funny. Cuts split his sleeves and his skin, and he looked ready to collapse. She almost wished he would whine about it, just to let her know he was all right. "We have to get you to a Pokémon center."

"The one in Blackthorn is closest," offered the magician, having stopped reading as soon as everyone around her had clothes. The blush had not left her face. "I suggest resting there until Pikachu's spell wears off. I'll be here protecting my magic potion, so you should stay nearby in case anything happens that I can help with."

Having already witnessed the novice witch mess up two transformations, Ash and Pikachu looked at each other doubtfully but thanked her, and the trio trudged off.

Despite Ash's fatigue, Pikachu could not outpace him. "You okay?" he asked as she took clumsy steps on new legs.

Even though she was shorter than Ash and Misty, her legs felt so long to her. How did humans walk in these tall, awkward bodies? Turning to Ash, she half-fell and half-jumped, landing on his back as she had done so many times before.

Ash stumbled beneath her unfamiliar weight, and Misty ran to him, hoping to catch them if they fell. "Ah! What are you doing?"

"Carry me!" she commanded jokingly, circling her arms around him.

"But I'm hurt!" Thankfully he righted himself, and Misty took back her wish for him to complain.

"Didn't you say that you'll always carry me, no matter what form I take?"

Sighing in defeat, Ash held her legs to his sides, and she squeezed him with her thighs for balance.

Misty frowned. "Are you sure you should be carrying her? Don't you have another Pokémon who can do it while you rest?"

"Professor Oak told me her electricity might make Poké Balls malfunction, so it's too dangerous to bring my other Pokémon with me."

"You can borrow one of mine."

"Thanks, but Pikachu's right. I promised. I'm sorry you're stuck like this for a few days, Pikachu, but I'm so glad you're not in pain anymore."

"Thanks to you," Pikachu praised, rubbing the red part of her cheek against his. She'd never forget how much he'd suffered, how close he'd come to dying or becoming paralyzed for her, how he wouldn't let her give up on her dream by taking the easy way out and evolving. "I can't wait to start training again!"

"Me neither!" he shouted, no longer tired for a brief moment, and Misty shook her head. Despite the years and Pikachu's new form, the raven-haired trainer and his Pokémon hadn't changed a bit. Not that she really wanted them to.

The newly human rested her head in Ash hair. "Pikapi smells good..."

He chuckled. "All I can smell is burnt clothes."

That wasn't what she meant. She smelled his ruined outfit, the dirt from his recent falls, and wonderful, but she could only focus on the wonderful.

Misty was content watching the pair, but Ash grew more insecure the longer they went without talking. She still hadn't given him an answer. Was she avoiding his question?

"S-so what have you been up to?"

Misty smirked. "You mean other than chasing you down?"

"Heh. Oh yeah. How did you find me?"

"I just followed the lightning." Her smirk fell. "Is that what injured you?"

"Sorry, Pikapi," Pikachu answered for him, licking his cheek for the umpteenth time in the last few days. Not wanting to discourage their recent closeness, Ash smiled.

"By the way, Ash…" Misty began, sounding unusually shy. "I'd love you go out with you."

"You…you would? Really?" She nodded with a blush, and he jumped for joy, Pikachu still on his back. "YES!"

"Congratulations!" said Pikachu, hugging him more tightly. She was happy for him and Misty, but she was a bit distracted. Had he always smelled like this?

Eventually, Pikachu took pity on him and walked on her own, finding it much more difficult than speaking Ash's language. Inside the Pokémon center, they passed several young men and women, but strangely none of them smelled as enticing as he did. She hovered by his side in case she fell while Misty went to the service desk to get a room for the night, grinning when he put an arm around her.

"Let's call Brock," Ash said as he pressed buttons on the free-to-use video phone. "He'll know what to do next."

Brock's squinty eyes actually opened when Ash appeared on his screen with his arm around a pretty young blonde. "Ash, who's this? Did you...did you get a girlfriend?"

"Girlfriend?" Pikachu repeated, unfamiliar with the word since her trainer never used it.

Brock was too excited to notice her confusion. "You took my advice! This is incredible! Mrs. Ketchum will be so happy!"

Ash fidgeted, but did not release his Pokémon. The similarities in appearance and personality between Pikachu's two forms were so obvious to him that he wondered how Misty and Brock hadn't deduced her identity at first sight. And they called him slow...

"'s not like that. Don't you recognize her?"

"Then why is she leaning on you like that?" he asked knowingly. "Ha! Misty once asked me if I thought anything short of dressing like a Pikachu would get you to notice her. I guess I know the answer now!"

Having heard the conversation, Misty raced across the room in the middle of her conversation with Nurse Joy and pressed her hands over Ash's ears. "Ha ha, you're such a kidder, Brock! I never said anything like that," she said with closed eyes and a forced laugh despite Ash's inability to hear through her hands.

Burns stinging his face beneath her hands, Ash angrily jerked out of her gasp, and Misty glared at Brock. The older boy only smirked at her, though, and Misty seethed. If he thought he was safe from her wrath on the other side of the monitor, he would soon learn otherwise.

"I'm holding her because this is how I've always held her. This is Pikachu. Lily accidentally turned her human, but it shouldn't last for more than a few days."

In the silence that followed, Brock's expression reverted to it's normal squinty cheerful one, and he laughed. "I'm not even going to ask."

"You believe us?" Misty gawked.

"Stranger things have happened to Ash and Pikachu. I'm not going to start questioning it now. Ash, if she's stuck like that, you should wait until she turns back into a Pikachu before you worry about her heat pains. Pikachu, the next few days will be painful for you, but if you can get through it, I've called the Pokémon daycare south of Goldenrod and they'll be ready to take care of you the moment you're back to your yellow self."

"Thanks, Brock," she chirped, confused. Ash asked the question that was on her mind.

"Why would she still be in heat? I thought a transformation was supposed to make all the problems go away."

"Even though she looks human, I think she still has many of the characteristics of a Pikachu. The small red circles on her cheeks tell me she has stored electricity, so she might still be in heat. Pikachu, have you been feeling unusually alert but tired lately?"

Pikachu looked around. She heard and saw everything, but her gaze stopped at Ash. "Everything smells...wonderful."

The breeder nodded. "Your body is priming itself for mating. This happens in regular cycles for many Pokémon and is completely normal. Mating is an intense activity: heart rate spikes, pupils dilate, and the body produces excess hormones, so you'll feel stressed and restless until your cycle is over."

"Since when do you know anything about mating?" Misty snipped, still upset over her secret being spilled. An angry voice on his side of the video phone interrupted Brock's retort.

"Brock, I didn't park in your bedroom so you could leave and talk on the phone! Get in here now!"

"Uh, I have to go!" Brock said quickly before ending the call.

Pikachu's long ears twitched in recognition of the familiar voice as they stared in stunned silence at the blank screen. "Was that...Kate?"

"Ugh, that guy." Misty palmed her face in disgust. "Talking to us while he's doing that."

"I think it's nice that he cared enough about us to answer our call even though he was about to..." Ash trailed off.

"I guess you're right," the gym leader conceded. "You always see the best in people."

Ash gave a grin to match hers, but for some reason it felt hollow. Why was he sad that Brock had a girlfriend? Did it have something to do with what Kate had said to him at Professor Oak's? He sat on a waiting bench and closed his eyes while Misty returned to the service desk.

"Pikapi? Are you all right?"

He opened his eyes and smiled at Pikachu, a real smile this time. "I'm just tired. You can call me Ash if you want."

She shook her head defiantly and took a seat next to him. "I've never thought of you as Ash. You're my Pikapi."

"And no matter what form you take, you're my Pikachu. You'd still be Pikachu to me even if you evolved." He scratched the top of her head, and when she let out a pleased "chaaaaa" he moved his hand to one of her pointy ears. "Your ears are soft. The rest of your hair is like a human's, but your ears still feel furry."

Her ears lowered in pleasure at his undivided attention. "You don't pet me enough."

"I'll try to remember that when all this is over." She leaned into his touch until she suddenly climbed into his lap. Ash rolled his eyes playfully. "You're too big to be doing that."

On the contrary, she felt like she was just the right size as his arms circled her. While on top of him, she was able to look down at his face, and her ears drooped lower as she remembered how long Ash had carried her, how many Thunderbolts he had endured because of her refusal to evolve.

"I feel so much better now, thanks to you. I'm going to stay with you until you feel better too."

"What are you two doing?" Misty asked, shocked, but Ash didn't see anything wrong about the situation.

"Relax, it's just Pikachu."

Misty resisted the urge to groan at his innocence. "Ash, now that she's a human, maybe you shouldn't pet her. And Pikachu, maybe you shouldn't sit in his lap and…lick his face. People are staring."

Pikachu reacted to hearing an order she disagreed with the same way she always did: with stubbornness worthy of her best friend. Ash eyed the scene and noticed that people were indeed watching. The words "Dude, that's hot," drifted to him.

"Really, it's fine. Pikachu and I don't care what other people think about us."

"Cha!" she agreed.

Misty still didn't like it, but she supposed she had no reason to oppose it if they didn't mind looking unusual to others. Besides, she didn't need to feel jealous since he had just asked her on a date.

"Well, okay, if you're sure. Since we need three beds with Pikachu like this, I had to get two separate rooms. I'm going to call my sisters." Too embarrassed to tell him that she had left the Cerulean gym without telling anyone because she was mad at him, she left, and Pikachu resumed her ministrations.

Why did Ash look and smell so good to her? She hadn't gotten excited like this from the others in the Pokémon center, or when she saw Brock on the video monitor. Wanting to mark him with her scent so everyone would know he was hers, she nuzzled his cheek as though exchanging electrical charges with another Pikachu. Her body rubbed against his, and Ash noticed that even as a human, she was small and cute. His shirt hid her slender frame, but the friction against his body allowed him to feel the shape of her small breasts pressed against his chest.

"Pika..." she cooed, and his eyes closed, fatigue from all the running he had done today to save her catching up with him. When she began grinding against his leg, however, he snapped to attention.

Pikachu was still his same best friend, but she was...more now. The fact that he thought she was cute in a way she hadn't been before horrified him, and when he felt his body react to her warmth, he stood in alarm.


When had he ever reacted to a girl that way before? "Uh, let's see if Misty's done. We should get some rest."

"Pi…" she replied, disappointed, but if Ash was tired after saving her, she had no right to stop him.

With her in tow, he confronted Misty. "Uh, Mist...I think I just realized what you were saying about needing to treat Pikachu differently. I don't know if it's a good idea for her to sleep with me while she's human, but I don't want her to be alone. Can she sleep with you tonight?" He averted his eyes from his partner, ashamed that he had thought about his Pokémon in a sexual way, even for a moment. What must Pikachu think of him?

Misty hadn't expected Ash to admit she was right. She knew he loved his Pokémon and would never take advantage of them, but this was surprisingly mature of him. "Sure, Ash," she said warmly. "Come on, Pikachu. Let's go to bed."

"What about Pikapi?"

"Girls need their privacy. It's best if he sleeps in the other room while you're like this."

Pikachu huffed. She didn't want privacy: she wanted her Pikapi. But Ash deserved some private rest if he wanted it, so she let Misty lead her into their room.

Misty took the opportunity to lend a bra and underwear to the increasingly frustrated Pokémon. What was the point of all these clothes? The water trainer slipped her shorts off and climbed into bed, and since Pikachu was wearing Ash's pants, she did as he had always done and removed them.

Despite the tiring day, however, she lay awake late into the night. As Brock had warned her, she heard every sound, felt every fluctuation in the air. Shifting uncomfortably, she pulled on the elastic of her borrowed underwear and examined the small patch of curly hair beneath. Humans had hair in some places, but not others. They wore some clothes to bed, but not all of them. What was the point?

Since she never went into her Poké Ball, she always had Ash to keep her company. Now that he wasn't here, she felt alone despite Misty's presence. Why didn't he want her sleeping with him? Night fell onto her, crushing her chest, and she made her decision quickly.

A shower and a day of running had failed to coax Ash into unconsciousness. He and his little buddy hadn't been apart like this in years, and just as he was wondering whether he had been right to banish Pikachu to Misty's room, his door creaked open.

Light spilled into the room, illuminating blonde hair in the doorway. Dressed in only a shirt and a pair of panties, Pikachu closed the door and scurried to his bed.

She was already on top of him before he could react. He stiffened as the heat of her bare legs met his, as the softness of her bust pushed against his chest. She looked into his eyes pleadingly.

"Chaaaa," she whimpered, curling against him like the small creature she used to be, and he immediately felt like a jerk. Even though she wasn't speaking his language, he understood.

"I'm sorry, buddy. I let my awkwardness around your new form get the best of me. From now on I'll consider your feelings more often, okay? Let's go to sleep."

"Thank you," she whispered and licked his cheek. Ash grimaced; human tongues were much wetter than Pikachu ones.

Pikachu laid her head contentedly on his chest as she had done on so many other nights. Ash wasn't the most physically capable person, but he always had her back and she felt safe in his arms. Now that he was clean, his scent overwhelmed her, and countless memories of them lying together exactly like this eased her fears. Their many adventures passed before her closed eyes, a promise to each other to never give up on their dreams and always support each other.

His hand rested on the small of her back as it always did, and he willed himself to ignore its gentle curve. He thought of how much fun they'd had together and all the fun and challenges that still lay ahead of them once things returned to normal. No longer feeling awkward or perverted, he held his partner close and fell asleep.