"Here he is, here is the man who defeated Cell exactly two years ago ladies and gentlemen!" shouted the broadcaster. True to his word, Hercule walked forward but unlike most times when he held a press conference he seemed deep in thought, as if a great burden weighed on his soul. "Nobody knows why this press conference was called but Mr Satan is about to give his speech."

Hercule swallowed deeply. "Ladies and Gentlemen" he said which was a surprise to most of the supporters, usually he just called them his fans. "I am here to tell the truth about what happened on that fateful day two years ago. Many of you believe that I defeated Cell but truth be told I only helped defeat Cell. If it wasn't for me the world would have been destroyed but as a result of my actions, a true hero stepped forth and defeated Cell."

There was silence, not even the wind blew.

After a few moments he continued, "The young man to have defeated Cell was what the person known only as the 'Delivery Boy.' However I believe he is worthy of a greater title and thus I name him the 'Golden Warrior!' Now, Golden Warrior, if you are out there I am truly sorry for all the injustice I have caused you, your friends and your family. I now ask if it is possible for us to know your true identity so that we may thank you properly for the great deeds you have done. Thank you all for listening."

There was a brief silence as Hercule finished his statement until a slow steady clapping emerged at the back of the audience. Steadily it grew until it was a thunderous applause.

"You're the man Champ!"

"You're so brave to admit that Mr Satan!"

"That took guts but you're still the one!"

"We love you Mr Satan!"

The crowd cheered and chanted "SATAN, SATAN," as Hercule signalled to the audience before walking off stage. He hoped into the limousine that was waiting for him, ramming through the awaiting media as he did so. He knew he had done the right thing and prayed that whoever the Golden Warrior was he had watched his announcement. Unfortunately the television had remained off in the Son residence after an unfortunate baby accident.

The next few months thousands of teenagers came forth claiming to be the Golden Warrior but Hercule easily saw through their outfits. He knew that when the right kid appeared it would be instantly recognisable. The reaction from his fans had been what was most surprising, his fan base had actually grown with the fact that he was honest enough to admit that he hadn't been the one to defeat Cell. He was now seen as a symbol of truth and that came with a hefty check from major sponsors.

When the hope for the Golden Warrior to return was all but lost, an equally famous man stepped forward to say some facts. The man was the famous baseball player Yamcha who claimed that he had been at the Cell Games. "I know who the Golden Warrior is," he said at a press conference which instantly every newspaper writer in town was writing down notes.

"However, I know the reason why he does not appear in public," Yamcha continued. "He wants to keep his identity secret and as such wants to live a normal life like everyone else. He does not want to be famous and he is happy to know that he did the right thing. He is scared that if his identity was revealed he would not get the chance to live the life he always wanted, a life of peace and solitude. Know this though, when a great danger emerges, he will return and he will do his best to save the world again. Thank you."

This information had bedazzled the journalists and every one of them was hounding Yamcha for more information, even offering him more money than a human would need in their lifetime. However, Yamcha had sworn that when he had delivered the first interview he would go into no more detail, and money wouldn't pay for the damages that Chichi's frying pan could do.

Nobody could get any more information out of the baseball player and again the media found itself at a dead end. All they knew was that when trouble would arise, the Golden Warrior would return. But until that day...

Five Years Later...

"Gohan, Gohan, time to get up," shouted Goten at his older brother who was wrapped up tightly in his blanket. When Gohan didn't move Goten jumped onto the bed and started using Gohan as a springboard. "C'mon Mum says you're going to be late if you don't get up soon," complained the demi Saiyan.

"Late? Late for what?" mumbled Gohan still in a half dazed state.

"Your first day of school," said Goten with a big cheesy smile over his face.

"SCHOOL!" shouted Gohan as he shot out of bed. "In Kami's name what time is it?"

"Gohan!" screeched his mother. "Do not use your friend's name in vain!" Without uttering a single word, Gohan shoved Goten out of the room so he could get changed with some dignity. He casually just chucked on a pair of orange Khaki pants and threw on an old loose fitting shirt, he didn't want to wear anything tight since it would show off his body. Drawing attention to himself on the first day was not what he had planned.

"Gohan breakfast is ready," called Chichi from the other side of the house. Taking a quick look at himself in the mirror, Gohan decided that he looked reasonable and went downstairs. As soon as he stepped into the kitchen he could feel his mother's eyes glaring at him and what he was wearing. That feeling was lost however when she finished her inspection and deemed the outfit 'wearable.'

After a breakfast only a mother can make, Gohan said his goodbyes and took off into the air. "Bye Gohan," he could hear his mother and little brother yelling before he took off faster than the human eye could see. Even though he was moving faster than the speed of sound, because of the remote region that his house was located in, it was still a half hour flight before the city emerged into sight. Thanking Kami, he dropped to the ground in a nearby forest region in the city so that nobody would see him.

The walk to school from where he had landed was a long one equalling in the time he had spent flying from his house. He made a mental note as he walked through the school entrance to go see Bulma to see if she had a spare vehicle which he could use as to not arouse suspicion.

"Can I help you?" asked a lady sitting behind a counter.

"My name's Son Gohan, it's my first day," Gohan summarized.

"Okay Gohan just give me a minute," she said frantically pushing some computer buttons. A few seconds later there was the sound of a piece of paper being printed. She took it with one hand, not even looking as she had handed it to Gohan.

"Thank you," he said unsure of what to make of that situation. He walked towards his classroom, unsure of what to expect. The home room teacher was just about to walk in when she saw Gohan.

"Ah you must be the new student, Gohan am I correct?" Gohan nodded in response. "Well let me get everyone settled down then come on in and introduce yourself." With that she walked into the room and the class immediately became silent. Gohan listened until he heard her say that they had a new student. Taking a deep breath, he stepped into this new world.

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