AN: Princess Grell is unusual because it is written by two people. The first person is me and the second person is my younger sister. I start the chapter and after the break my sister finishes the chapter. Princess Grell is also unusual because it was not written for publication. It was written for fun but I decided to publish it later.

"Sebastian," the voice of Sebastian's young master, Earl Ciel of the Phantomhive house, broke the heavy silence that had lingered in the air of the Earl's office like a stale smell. Even though Sebastian, the Earl's butler, had heard his master he did not look up from the crystal ornament that he held gingerly in his slender, gloved hand and polished professionally with a damp rag. It resembled water, Sebastian had decided, he had cleaned this same trinket many times before. The light reflected and rippled on its clear surface as he moved it in his hand, and if he were to hold it still and look directly at it he could see his face and his shining, red eyes reflected - the eyes of a demon.

"Sebastian!" the Earl repeated himself, taking quickly to anger. Ciel was very rarely in what Sebastian would call a good mood, but recently his already agitated master was even more irritable. It was a phase, Sebastian knew, influenced by the trauma of recent events - it was understandable, for a human. Sebastian doubted that he would ever understand how and why humans let the fate of others affect their daily life. Of course, Sebastian had never loved before, the way Ciel had loved. There had been times in his life when he had felt sympathy, even empathy, for others – but those were few and far between - never though, had he loved or been loved.

Sebastian set down the ornament in the same spot as before. He turned to his master then and acknowledged his demand. Every word that Ciel spoke to him was a demand, even when he said his name he knew it was a demand to give him his full attention. There were few times when he and Ciel had a conversation outside of their contract, and when they did it was often cut short by Ciel, who to the best of his ability kept other people distant from him. It wasn't that Sebastian cared, it was better this way; he knew that one day he would be the one to take this boy's life and he didn't want to have any regrets.

His master was feeling unwell; he said that his head ached and that he was going to retire for the night but not before Sebastian bought him medicine from the nearby doctor. Sebastian placed a hand on his own shoulder and with a light bow replied, "Yes, my Lord."


Sebastian didn't need the carriage, he could travel extensive distances on his long legs, and only used the carriage when Ciel was coming with him. It was pleasant to walk, also. The sun was setting and the sky was golden rather than blue; streaked with reds, pinks and purples in the opposite direction of the way he was walking. He could feel the night beginning to set and the wind pushing him forward from behind as it hurried past, running its cold fingers through his dark hair.

Sebastian could see as he passed down the cobblestone walkway the town's women in stiff dresses that concealed their entire body, walking with their arms full of shopping bags and gift boxes. Their pale, powdered faces shone golden in the dying sun's rays and the oil in their hair made their doll-like locks even more brilliant than their skin. With their bright makeup, layers of satin and lace, and clouds of perfume these women were the wealthiest in all of England. Because this was the top of high society, prices in this district could reach unbelievable heights. Sebastian was one of few men here and many of the younger ladies would smile and courtesy before him, and for his master's reputation he bowed back.

There was a girl in particular; she could not have been a day over 18, who was astonishingly attractive for a human. She lifted the few layers of her dress that she could hold in a small courtesy with a smile apparent on her pink lips, to make his acquaintance – as she said, she knew the Phantomhive family, but had never spoken to the butler before. Sebastian though, knew this woman's name – "Lady Rose," he smiled and bowed, taking her hand and bringing it to his dry lips. "As I should say, my fair lady, I am pleased to make your acquaintance - although, it is not necessary for a mere and mild servant such as myself. My name is Sebastian Michaelis and I serve the Phantomhive family."

His head remained lowered when he smelt that intoxicating scent; it was very much unlike the perfume of Lady Rose or the other and considerably older aristocrats. It was stronger, bolder, and younger. It was pleasant, and strangely familiar. "Well, Lady Rose, I will be on my way now." And Sebastian lifted himself to his full height to continue to the doctor's where he would hopefully find something to relieve the young master's headache.

The sun was setting more slowly than William would have liked, he wished that night would fall more quickly, so that the chances of the store closing were higher than they would have been with the sun in the sky. It was too embarrassing to be in public with him. 'He' was of course Grell Sutcliff, who was embarrassing not only William, but himself with his silly expression as he spoke excitedly about the newly-released toy that he wanted to buy. With Grell's bizarre appearance, he may as well have been a crimson peacock when compared to the plain pigeons that inhabited this area. William was unsure of how he had gotten himself into this situation; he wished futilely that hadn't given in to escorting Grell, but he had been so annoying.

Grell had told him more than he ever wanted to know about the particular human source of entertainment he wanted in a rapid, feminine voice. William had remained strong until the end, when Grell gave him his most pitiful face, but by then it was already afternoon. "Look Will, there it is!" He was so excited about finding the toy shop that he sped up and burst through the shop doors dramatically. William remained behind, to try and appear as though he wasn't shopping with him and watched Grell through the glass windows. Grell ran to the section where the new, scarlet version of the popular doll, Madame Missy, was being displayed. "Oh, she looks even better than she did in all of the advertisements! She looks just like me with her long, flowing red hair, lush eyelashes, dark blush, flamboyant clothing, and angelic face - it's the last one too - my luck never runs out! How I've -"

Grell's ranting was interrupted by the loud, angry voices of younger girls. "Mama, that was the last one!" "All of the Madame Missies are gone!" "That ugly girl took it!" "You're too old to be playing with dolls!" "She doesn't look anything like you!" Grell, as he was bi-polar, quickly changed from happiness to anger. "Who are you calling an ugly girl, you little brats! Who do you think you are? You're all just jealous!" Grell put particular stress on the last word, and spoke in a louder voice, in his frustration losing his feminine one to his natural, more-masculine one. Somehow though, inspiration came to him, it was that word – jealous. He spoke it softly afterward, and it made him want to sing!

"Jealousy –

For me, getting the last Madame Missy -

All attacking me while I'm –

Shopping –

But it makes me want to sing - !

Yes -"

All of the girls were staring at Grell as if he was insane and dangerous (which he undoubtedly was). All of them were also curious as to what he was doing, his rhyming was awful!

"Jealousy –

For another –

Is something we all see –

For riches, beauty, popularity –

This is something all women feel for me – !

Yes -"

By now, Grell was beginning to really enjoy his song, and his voice grew louder and his dance more eccentric than before, passion lacing every word!

"Jealousy –

Gorgeous, precious, and petite -

Small and slender –

Hair like feather –

Never under weather –

In tight leather – !

Yes - !"

After Grell's third stanza, the girls began to complain loudly, they had never before been accused of being jealous of anything - certainly not for someone like Grell. "We're not jealous of you!" "Stupid!" "Freak!" "Be quiet!" Grell ignored all of the criticising and was about to begin again!

"Jealous -"

But there was a loud sound as the back of Grell's head was assaulted, he had been interrupted before he could finish or even begin his stanza. The store-keeper had hit the fanatical shinigami over the head with his cane. "Who do you think you are?" he began angrily, "I didn't hire you, get out of my store, you freak!" He took the doll away from Grell, and pushed him through the shop doors and shut them loudly behind him. Grell heard the bell on the door ring loudly. William was outside, waiting patiently for Grell's return. "Do you always have to make a fool of yourself, Grell Sutcliff? That was a disaster."

Grell Sutcliff, though, was not listening to his manager - because he had been thrown directly at the feet of the man he loved - Sebastian Michaelis! "Sebastian?" Grell quickly stood to his feet from the hard cobblestone where he had been left so inconsiderately to discover that all of his sadness for losing the Madame Missy had ultimately disappeared! Sebastian was here for him! "Oh, Sebby! How spectacular it is for us to meet again!" Grell's inspiration returned to him, different from before but still as passionate, as he took Sebastian's hands in his own and began to sing again!

"L.O.V.E –

For you –

Is something I see –

You have riches, beauty, popularity –

Is this something that you feel for me - ?

Yes - ?"