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Grell was at work, which would on a normal occasion put William in a good mood, but not today. William did not care whether Grell was working or not today. He sipped his coffee, which was as black as his mood, as he turned the page of what he was reading. He frowned and wished that he had something stronger.

William was in Grell's room. He was sitting on the edge of Grell's bed and sipping his coffee. His calm appearance was an act, it almost always was. Grell's books were around William's feet, but the books that he had read were not regular books, but Grell's diaries. Grell was at work, he didn't know.

The older diaries were written in black ink, the recent diaries were written in red ink, which did nothing to improve William's aggravated temper. William had reached Grell's most recent diary and discovered something that Grell had been attempting to keep from him. Grell had been dating Sebastian Michaelis.

It was bad enough that Sebastian Michaelis was not a reaper, but was a demon. Reapers were the sworn enemies of demons and vice versa because of the human soul. Reapers wanted to collect the human soul, and demons wanted to consume the human soul. Grell knew this, Sebastian knew this, and William knew this. However, William had personal reasons for his distrust of demons.

William knew that if the Elder Council discovered this information that Grell would be killed. William disliked the Elder Council, which was something that William would never dare to say out loud. The Elder Council had been established after the death of the Grim Reaper to maintain order in the Ministry of Hades. The Elder Council consisted of the Grim Reaper's personal reapers. William's personal reapers (for example) were Grell and Ronald.

The Elder Council changed their location once a year to a country where a Ministry of Hades existed, but ruled all from that location. This might have been a good idea at the time; however the Grim Reaper's personal reapers were too old to be ruling young reapers. Ronald was 19, for example (he had become a reaper at 18). William had released Ronald from training a month ago, which was one year and one month since his resurrection.

Grell was about 200, and William was no more than 50 years older than Grell. Grell and William had lived more than double the life of an average human, but even their ages were insignificant in comparison to the ages of the reapers of the Elder Council. The Elder Council were relics rather than people, and dealt out judgement and death to those who broke their rules, which was a common crime among the young and the young at heart.

William set down Grell's diary and put his face in his hand. It would be like the Jack the Ripper trial. Grell would be in a low seat before the Elder Council in thirteen high seats. William would be in a low seat beside Grell because he was his manager. It would be a silent and threatening environment.

William would not look at Grell, and when summoned to defend himself, Grell would tell the Elder Council that he did not regret what he had done. He would tell the Elder Council that the women that he and Angelina had killed deserved to die, and that if he had the chance he would do it again. It was an act for attention; an act that William was certain Grell would follow through to his death, because a good actor will never break character.

If William had not interrupted he doubted that Grell would still be alive today. He had interrupted Grell and told the Elder Council that Grell's behaviour was his fault. He had said that Grell was misguided because William had not been there to guide him. He had not paid enough attention to Grell and was unaware of his actions until it had reached this point, and if the Elder Council would give him another chance he would retrain Grell and keep him under closer supervision.

The Elder Council agreed, but demoted Grell to a level one dispatcher (he had been level three of three levels before) and took his beloved death scythe from him but still required him to work without it. (Grell had used his own nail scissors to manage) What was worse was that both of their records and their reputations in the office were degraded, what with motivational posters and brochures encouraging dispatchers not to be like Grell and managers not to be like William.

If Grell were put on trial again then there would be nothing William could do to save him, he knew that even if he tried to blame himself for Grell's actions then it would result in both of their deaths. The Elder Council could not understand emotion or love, what with their ages so advanced that they could not remember how either might have felt. Sometimes William felt just like them.

William would not allow Grell to continue his relationship with this Sebastian, with this demon. When William thought of their relationship it made him clench his fists and his teeth behind a frown, it made him livid that Grell would risk his life to be with a demon, a demon who he knew was an enemy to their kind and a personal enemy to William, after everything that William had done for him. No, William would not allow this relationship to continue, both of their lives meant more than Sebastian, and he would make Grell see that.


Ronald Knox had promised Grell that whenever Grell was available he would take him out for a Peach Melba, which was a delicious creation that consisted of peaches and raspberry sauce over vanilla ice cream. Knox had told Grell that when he was human he had been a sailor and lived on a ship on the sea where all there was to eat was fish and all there was to drink was salt water and urine.

He had laughed at Grell's disgust and continued that as a human sailor, when his ship was anchored at shore the captain would give him his spare change to buy himself whatever he fancied ("because the captain fancied me!") and he would go to the nearest bar and buy a Peach Melba. Knox had been devastated to hear from Grell that he had never had one, and made his promise.

Knox and Grell had a dual assignment and had been completing that assignment as William had been reading Grell's diaries. Reaping was more fun when there were more reapers ("the more the merrier!") and it took at least twice as long as it might have taken either Knox or Grell alone to do the same assignment. When the two did finish their assignment around 2:00 PM they agreed to write their dual report together over a Peach Melba.

Knox and Grell stopped at the nearest bar and ordered a Peach Melba. The Peach Melba was beautiful; it was a bowl of vanilla ice cream with four ripe peach slices around the edge of the bowl. There were whipped cream and sliced almonds on top, and the whole treat was drizzled with thick raspberry sauce. When Knox had secured the bowl the two decided to sit at an outside table because it was a warm summer afternoon.

The two sat down at the table under an umbrella that was connected to the table and ate their dessert, without discussing the dual report at all. Instead the friends discussed whatever came to mind. Grell was laughing at what Knox had told him, when Knox noticed that Grell had whipped cream on the tip of his nose, from his spoon Knox supposed. Knox smiled a wicked smile and waited until Grell overcame his laughter to lick the whipped cream from the tip of his nose.

Grell shouted at the contact and laughed again, telling Knox not to do that again, and he didn't care if he had whipped cream on his nose. (It was apparent, however, that Grell would like nothing more than for Knox to lick him again from the wild rose colour on his cheeks). It was in this moment that Knox realised that he was fond of Grell.

He frowned; when Knox was fond of someone it often meant that he had a sexual attraction to them. Knox had been fond of Grell as a friend before, but he realised that he felt different now, it might have been that he licked him, but whatever it was it felt good and he wanted more. He asked in a casual tone, "Are you still dating Sebastian, Grell?"

However, Grell noticed the intention behind Knox's words and smiled. He asked if Knox was attracted to him, without shame, which didn't answer his question. Knox smiled back, he hadn't expected to be discovered this soon, but he decided that he wouldn't give Grell a direct answer, either. He answered, "Perhaps, but are you?" he attempted to remind Grell that he had asked him a question, and Grell responded, that he was, but it was complicated.

When Knox asked how, Grell explained that he was dating Sebastian, but William and Caleb were determined to claim him for their own. Grell expressed that it was unusual, because although William had expressed interest in him before, (and had even kissed him and had sex with him before) their relationship had never been confirmed as more than boss and worker, parent and child, etc.

Caleb was even more strange, Grell expressed, because although Caleb and Grell were enemies, Caleb had kissed him yesterday! Knox was surprised, he had never expected that Caleb might be attracted to Grell (as more than a joke) or kiss him. Knox sat for a moment to contemplate on this new information. Grell was dating Sebastian, and had almost been dating William before he had been dating Sebastian, and Caleb had kissed him yesterday even though before yesterday the thought would have been incomprehensible.

Knox decided that Grell must be stressed or at least confused; however, Knox knew that Grell must be having a good time. Grell was a romantic and must be savouring the romance that he was attracting. He was an actor (or actress) and must be savouring more than the romance, but the drama. He decided that Grell would like more.

Knox reached across the table, over their Peach Melba, and kissed him. He brushed his tongue against his lips as he had brushed his tongue against his nose, and Grell opened his mouth for him. Knox couldn't help but feel excited that he had been right, that Grell wanted him. Knox trailed his tongue across the inside of his mouth (he was careful to avoid his teeth) and across and against Grell's tongue, which tasted like Peach Melba.

Knox ran his hands down Grell's shoulders, Grell's shoulder-blades, and Grell's back and relished the goose bumps he felt underneath the clothing. Grell trembled in his arms and Knox held him firmer. Knox and Grell broke the kiss for a moment to breath before Knox brought their lips together again. Knox groaned into the kiss, as he had during other kisses with other women (Grell was the first man he had ever kissed, and he was older than him!) and Grell responded with a similar sound.

Knox had his arms around Grell's waist, but he lowered his right hand and gripped Grell's right cheek. He felt Grell gasp into the second kiss and pull back to whisper that this was so sudden, he also asked why. A wide smile came across Knox's face and he reached in to lick the rim of his ear and whisper into the delicate organ, "It's a good day. You're pretty and I am bored, and horny. How do you feel about me, Grell?"

Knox was surprised when Grell scoffed. He blinked in confusion when Grell asked if he had ever been with a man before, Grell told Knox that he doubted he could even handle him. Knox didn't understand what he had done wrong, and decided that he would have to prove to Grell that he was strong enough to handle him. Knox rolled his eyes and he moved his right hand from his hard ass to his knee. "Well, that doesn't answer my question, but to answer yours: I have never been with a man, but how hard could it be to figure out? Women. Women are beautiful. Women are complicated. I get exhausted when I am dating a woman, she makes demands that I can't fulfil. She wants commitment and children, but I just want to have a good time."

Knox lowered his eyes to his hand on Grell's knee. Grell also lowered his eyes in response. Knox moved his hand up Grell's leg to his thigh, where he stopped and rubbed the warm area, careful to ignore Grell's budding erection. Knox looked back up, and so did Grell. Knox stared into those green eyes and was surprised to notice they were not green, but yellow. Those yellow eyes were the colour of a beast, and the animalistic feel he sensed in them inspired a sudden lust in him. It was nothing he had ever seen in a woman.

"I am a man, and you are a man too, however much you want to be a woman or try to be a woman. However different we are, we have enough in common. I know what I want as a man, I know what I need, and your needs must be similar. Do you know what you want, what you need, Grell?" Knox stopped his rubbing and grasped Grell's erection in his large hand. He laughed at the responsive moan, and whispered in a low and sexy voice, "Do you want me, Grell? I want you. I want to try something new, and you can provide that for me."

As Knox had expected, Grell said yes.


Knox entered his bedroom with Grell and shut the door behind them. Knox and Grell had stopped at William's office to turn in their report before entering Knox's room, but William wasn't there. The two shoved the report under the door into William's office and entered Knox's bedroom, where they wanted to be.

Knox let out a low laugh when he wrapped his arms around Grell's waist and kissed him. However, Grell did not want to be kissed, Grell wanted more. He broke their kiss and trailed his tongue along Knox's jaw until he reached his ear. He kissed Knox's neck once, twice, before he bit on his neck with his sharp teeth.

Knox growled and smacked Grell's ass. Grell shouted and while he was distracted, Knox shoved Grell onto his bed. The bed was made to hold one, but the bed was against the wall and faced a vertical direction. Knox had pushed Grell onto the bed in a horizontal direction, so Grell was not supported past his waist and his long legs hung over the edge.

There was a moment of silence but for their panting. Knox stared into Grell's eyes and Grell started back. A moment later, Knox broke the silence with, "You will not bite, unless I tell you otherwise. Do not misunderstand, Grell. I may be younger than you, but I am the alpha male, and you are the omega male. I dominate this relationship." Grell did not respond, but that was enough for Knox, who bent forward and began to unbutton Grell's vest with his teeth. Grell watched with irritation, and was frustrated to see that he had another shirt underneath his vest!

Grell whispered for Knox to be faster, but Knox ignored him. He had finished unbuttoning Grell's vest and Knox pulled his head back to remove it. He unbuttoned Grell's shirt after that with his hands, and removed it too. Grell laid there, bare-chested, but still wearing more clothes than he would like. Grell whispered Knox's name, but Knox was removing his own clothing.

Grell watched, fascinated, as Knox undressed to reveal a torso that was as fit as Sebastian's or William's, but not as thin as Sebastian's or as broad as William's. When Knox removed his shoes, undid his belt and removed his pants he was naked but for tight, white drawers that covered but did not hide his great erection. Grell felt his heart skip a beat when Knox turned again to him, but he was not looking at Knox's face, but in-between his legs. He felt an ache in his stomach, or the region of his stomach, inspired by overwhelming lust.

Knox unlaced Grell's shoes, and Grell watched impatiently, as he had before. As he made to unbutton Grell's trousers, he slid his hands up from his ankles to the button of his trousers, avoiding Grell's straining erection but coming close, which caused a violent shiver down Grell's spine and a strong throb in-between his legs.

Grell groaned and kicked his legs, perhaps in an attempt to buck his hips in his awkward angle, but Knox only laughed as he undid Grell's button and unzipped his pants. Grell's pants were removed and Grell was revealed to not be wearing drawers, as Knox was, but decorative underwear for women! Knox stared at Grell's large, pulsating erection straining against the delicate lace woven for a woman, and laughed. He removed the garment and began to remove his own, deciding he would comment later.

Knox was aware that Grell was staring as he removed his drawers and unleashed his enormous manhood, which was what Knox wanted. Knox was beside his bed and reached for the lotion he kept on his bedside table. He unscrewed the cap and poured the lotion into his hands before he grasped his own erection with a gasp to lubricate it.

He had the self-control to remove his hands, unlike Grell would have, who had to make a conscience effort to keep his arms folded. Knox glanced at Grell and asked, "I've never done this before. What do I do now?" Grell growled and grabbed the lotion from Knox. Grell poured the lotion onto his hands, but made the mistake of pouring too much and pouring some on his chest. It was cold, but Grell didn't even feel it. Knox watched as Grell inserted his middle finger into his entrance and rotated it.

Grell also inserted his index and ring finger and rotated those too. He stretched his inner walls with those fingers and withdrew, to do it again, and once more. Knox found Grell preparing himself to be very arousing, and he no longer wanted to wait to enter him. Grell's legs were hanging over the edge of the bed, and Knox took those legs and positioned them against his hips. Grell understood that he was to keep them in that general area, and he watched, his heart beating fast in his ears as Knox pressed against him.

Knox tried to enter slowly, but Grell used his legs positioned around Knox's waist to pull him inside. Knox and Grell cried out at the same time, Knox because Grell was hot and tight on the inside, as tight as a virgin (although he knew he wasn't, because Grell had been with Sebastian and William) and Grell because Knox's tip had brushed against his expectant prostate.

Knox did not hesitate to create a rhythm; he pulled out to the tip and pushed in to the base, again and again. Knox had never been with a man, but he caught on that Grell reacted best when he angled his thrusting to hit a bulge inside him, and Knox aimed for that. Knox could tell when Grell was close, because like a woman, he became tighter as he came closer to orgasm. Each thrust felt better than the last for Knox and Grell, and Knox could feel pressure building in his abdomen.

He was panting, sweating, and too concerned with his oncoming orgasm to realise how exhausted he was. Grell was breathing harder and faster and whispered those words to Knox, who complied as best he could. The resulting pressure created an urge so intense that Grell had no choice but to take his own manhood into his hand and begin to pump himself. He pumped up and down, using his pre-cum as a lubricant, and whispering Knox's name with each simultaneous thrust and pump until he felt a powerful contraction in his stomach and he shouted out as his seed spilled onto his stomach.

Grell was too concerned with his own orgasm to realise that Knox had reached his; it must have lasted for a whole minute. It might have been an exaggeration, but Grell had been waiting for release for a long time. From the time Grell and Sebastian began dating, the couple had had sexual intercourse a number of times, but not since Grell had told Sebastian that he loved William. Grell and William were not dating, but had had sexual intercourse multiple times throughout their long time together, but not recently.

Grell had needed that.


William had finished reading Grell's diaries and had stacked them neatly beside Grell's bed where he sat, waiting for Grell to return. He looked out the window at the setting sun, hiding behind dark clouds that threatened rain. Somehow, the sunset was all the more beautiful because of the overcast. The sunset was no longer orange and pink, but the sun was still there as a golden white light behind a cloud. The clouds had not been there earlier today, which had been sunny, but had blown in from the west almost as if the environment were trying to mimic William's mood.

The door opened. William glanced away from the window to face Grell, who was re-buttoning his vest over an un-tucked blouse as he walked through the door. Grell did not notice William; it was when Grell looked up from his vest that he saw William on his bed. Grell stared and William stared back, the white sunlight reflecting on the lenses of William's glasses, hiding his eyes. William frowned at Grell's appearance.

An un-buttoned vest, an un-tucked blouse, skin shining with cold perspiration, blood under neat nails, tangled hair and the unmistakable smell of sweat, blood, and semen. William stood from Grell's bed and turned his back to the window to face Grell. There was a moment of silence as the two examined each other, Grell could tell from William's expression that his manager was upset with him, but he didn't know why. He hadn't done anything wrong today.

William growled, "You were supposed to be working today. I can tell from your appearance that you have not been. You were with him, weren't you?" Grell opened his mouth to speak, but William interrupted him before he could.

"Silence!" Grell shut his mouth and stared in surprise, and William took an intake of breath before he continued. "I will not be interrupted. I have something important to discuss with you. I've read your diaries." Grell became rigid and stared more intently, and William continued, "You are not an idiot, although you act like one, and you know what you wrote in your diaries. I know what you wrote in your diaries also." William had paced the room, but now he paused and faced Grell again.

He picked up Grell's most recent diary from the stack and explained, "However, I wanted to remind you what you have written that has upset me," and William quoted, 'Sebastian rescued me from the demon who kidnapped me, he fought and tricked him, as he fights and tricks all of his opponents and won. There was a moment during the fight when he reminded me of Eric, my previous lover, which was when he tended to me rather than his opponent and was almost attacked at my expense. It was unlike him to let down his guard, even more so during a fight, for me..."

"Sebastian took me to his home and tended my wounds. I do not remember much from the time he rescued me to the time he took me to his home, but I do remember him holding me. I haven't thought of home until now, but having thought of home I realise that it is impossible for me to return due to illness and injury, I have come down with an awful fever due to infection. Sebastian has cured the infection, but the fever remains..." William looked up from the diary to tell Grell, "You could have come home, you could have contacted me and I would have been there for you. I know you know your own home phone number." William looked back down and continued reading, turning pages when he needed to.

"I have been recovering... I have been exploring Sebastian's home... Sebastian kissed me! I broke the kiss due to surprise, but I wish that I hadn't, I have wanted for so long for him to kiss me and I am worried that I may never be kissed by him again. He is the most beautiful man that I have met and ever will meet. I never want to leave his home to return to my own. I feel like I am living in a fairytale, Sebastian even compared me to fairytale stories, he has a gift with words." William said as he turned the page, "He is a demon; all demons have gifts with words. It is in their nature to deceive you!"

"William came for me today. I did not want to leave, but William made me. He was very rude to Sebastian and me, although I can understand his reasoning, I do not agree with it. I do not think that it is fair that he should be upset with me because I was too ill to return home. I know that the only reason he wants me home is so that I can work..." William only shook his head with a frown on his face as he continued reading. "I sent Sebastian a letter, and he replied! I received Sebastian's letter today, and it was full of wonderful compliments that made me feel happy as I haven't in a miserable amount of time. I replied to Sebastian's letter and sent it today, and I hope that he responds to that letter also! I might have actually found someone outside of this awful organisation that I can have a correspondence with! I might begin to feel less lonely...

... I met with Sebastian tonight and he made love to me, as I have wanted him to ever since I saw him, or even before that: ever since I imagined him. I have always imagined someone like him. Someone who looks like him. Someone who acts like him. Someone who loves like him. Sebastian is a character that has appeared in my fantasies throughout my entire life. Even now, after he carried me home as I was in too much pain to ride my bicycle home again, I think that he might be imaginary... William doesn't know, and if all is well, he never will..."

William set the diary down on the stack again and examined the uncomfortable expression on Grell's face. At the moment, William was too enraged to attempt to understand what reason Grell might have had for doing what he did, and growled, "You have disappointed me beyond words, Grell. I know from experience that you have a knack for being problematic, whether you are murdering humans, or breaking every rule the Elder Council or I make with intention to do so, but you have never done anything that has upset me as much as this. It is one thing to lie to me; you've done that before, but it another thing to have a sexual relationship with a demon behind my back!"

William didn't see that Grell cowered at his words, all William saw was red. "I know you know how many rules you are breaking! You know the rules better than anyone else here! When is there a day when I do not have to remind you to stop doing this or to start doing that, and when have you ever listened to me? Never! I know you know that when you have a sexual relationship outside of the Ministry of Hades, when you have a sexual relationship outside of the Ministry of Hades with a demon, that you are not just endangering yourself but me too! If the Elder Council ever discovered what you were doing, we would both be killed!

I already know that you have no respect for me, it is apparent from your blatant disregard of what I have done for you, what I have sacrificed for you and what I ask in return, but for you to betray my love for you for sexual intercourse with a demon? If I hadn't explained to you before that demons are loveless creatures, I would think that you were in love with him, or even more ridiculous, that you think he is in love with you! He isn't in love with you, he is using you! I know you were with him today, but -"

Grell shouted, "I wasn't with Sebastian! I was with Ronald!"

William shouted in response, " - then you are a whore! I should have never created you!"

William regretted it the moment he said it. He paused, and after a moment of contemplation, he turned to face the wall. There was silence for another moment, before William heard Grell run out of the room and slam the door behind him.

Grell had been hurt various times before by the things William had said to him, but never before had he felt as much pain from words as he did right now.

There was no doubt about it, William hated him. Grell had betrayed him, it was true – he broke the most highly enforced rule pertained to the Ministry of Hades, and at the same time ignored William's warnings and bitterness towards demons – all so he could satisfy his selfish desires for love and affection. Grell didn't get enough from William, even though Grell knew that William had loved him, William hid his emotions behind a cold attitude and a stiff tone, and sometimes it was hard for him to remember that.

Now, it was clear that any love William had previously harboured for him was gone. He had said he regretted ever creating him – meaning that Grell was better off dead – in William's mind. Grell felt lost without William, because without William, Grell had no purpose. He didn't know where he was running to, but he knew that he couldn't stay at the Ministry, he didn't belong there anymore. The Ministry of Hades was sure to find out eventually now that William knew, and Grell would most likely end up dead. William had taken the blame for him once already, there was nothing he could do he help him now, not that he would want to help him anymore. William hated him! William didn't love him anymore!

Grell had run outside of the barrier that shielded the London Division of the Ministry of Hades from the rest of the world, and he made it deep into the forests that surrounded the barrier when Grell stopped in his tracks, panting. He felt weak and his heart ached.

"Oh William, I am so sorry…" Grell whispered.

He felt tears building up in his eyes. William didn't understand Sebastian; he was different from other demons! "I don't know what demons have done to hurt you in the past, William, but Sebastian is different. I trust him, he wouldn't hurt me…" Grell thought, while blinking hard to let his tears drip. "I know you think I'm naïve, but I can feel the connection between us, I can feel it in my heart, and I can sense it in his… It is like the connection I felt with Eric, although we were not able to express it to one another. It is like the connection I felt with you, when you still loved me…" Grell clenched his fists. "When you loved me!"

Grell began to run again, he ran without stopping, unsure of where he was leading himself – until eventually he found himself standing in front of the Phantomhive Manor.

How had he ended up here? It must have been fate - it was a sign that there was still a small bit of hope left for him. "Sebastian, you still love me…" Grell managed a small smile, despite his tears, and the pain in his heart. "Yes, he does, Sebastian can take care of me…" Grell had decided - he was going to live here from now on.

Even if William didn't love Grell anymore, Grell would love him forever, and he would always harbour a special place for him in his heart that even Sebastian couldn't fill…

Fortunately, Grell kept the key that Sebastian had given him in his vest pocket. He knew that the child was probably awake, and that Sebastian could sense his presence – so he decided that the best option was to unlock the back-gate and wait for Sebastian to let him in. Grell normally came to see Sebastian at night, when the child was asleep, so he wasn't sure how things were going to turn out in this situation. He only hoped that Sebastian wouldn't be mad at him.

Grell unlocked the back-gate that led to the Phantomhive Gardens, and seated himself in the grass before a flowerbed, which harboured many bright red poppies. He couldn't resist his temptation – and picked one. Holding the flower in his hand, he remembered a particular girl-child he had been friends with in his human life, when he was young. She had told him that the red poppy flower looked a lot like him, and made a ring out of one as a gift. Grell sobbed, that had been over two-hundred years ago – so why did he still remember it? What impact did that girl and her comment have on him? He twirled the flower in his hand. It was bright red and beautiful.

He had always wondered what had happened to her after that, she just disappeared. Grell had assumed she was kidnapped, because she hadn't said anything to him about her going away; but maybe that was a bit extreme. He remembered that he was planning on giving her a flower ring made out a yellow daisy, because of her yellow hair – but he never got to.

His father was probably the cause of her disappearance; he was always good as destroying everything that gave Grell any sort of happiness in his life. Like that stray puppy he found and tried to take home. He found it dead the next day. His mother, he eventually dispatched, but that was more for his own personal reasons than because of Grell's fondness of her. And, of course – Eric. Grell had loved him the most. But Grell thought to himself again, why did he hold on to the past? Why was he constantly reminded of people and moments from his tragic, human life?

Grell had been sitting out here for a while, and he noticed the poppy flower he had picked was wilting. He could feel its pain; the reaper thought that if he were a flower, he would be this one. He wondered why Sebastian hadn't let him in yet; couldn't he still sense his presence? Perhaps by not coming to get him, he was trying to tell him to leave. Grell knew he shouldn't be here during the day, but he had nowhere else to go…

As Grell had almost lost all hope, he saw Sebastian open the backdoor that led to the garden, step outside, and close the door behind him. Grell stared at Sebastian as he approached, he was so beautiful, and he wished his sight wasn't so blurred with tears, so that he could see the demon better.