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Warning: Suggestive. Femmeslash.

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The door opened and closed swiftly, with Willow barely even aware at all. She was engrossed in a book on archaic spells, a new find of hers at some old witching bookstore that she stumbled upon. But her focus wasn't kept on the book for long.

Kennedy swiftly moved over to the bed and slid onto it with a grin.

"Wha-? Oh, hun; you could have given me some warning."

"You look too cute when you are deep in concentration." Kennedy moved sensually with a cat-like prowl towards the red-head, swaying her hips as she went.

Willow raised her eyebrows and sat straighter up against the headboard. Kennedy's low tank top was revealing a dangerous bit of skin; and judging from that smirk on her face, it was on purpose.

"Ken-" Her breath hitched when the brunette crawled onto her and straddled her thighs.

"Hmm? You smell nice…"

Kennedy leaned in and licked the red-head on the neck, running her tongue over an exposed collar-bone. The other girl's breaths quickened and she whimpered involuntarily. "Ken…"

Her partner had both hands at her sides, but upon hearing her name, one of her hands went to the book that was clutched tightly in the grip of the red-head. Willow loosened her death-hold on the book after persuasion from Kennedy's tongue, and Kennedy tossed it onto the bedside table. Just like how she tossed away her inhibitions with the red-head.

"Ken, you could have…given me some… warning…"

The brunette stopped her voyage along the smooth sea of her partner's exposed skin and looked into her eyes with love.

"Sorry, adrenaline-rush. And you do know that I am a bit of a brat, love."

Willow shook her head with a smile and leaned in. Their lips met for a brief kiss.

"I do believe that I have the means to control a brat."

Kennedy laughed. "But do you know that the brat is a Slayer?"

"I do. And I will have the Slayer brat know that I am a witch."

"Ah, the witch. But can she bear to spell the brat away?" Kennedy let that out with a slight cringe. She was still getting used to the idea of having magic being used on her. She was fine with the art, but not when she becomes the target.

Willow grinned. She noticed the brunette's involuntary cringe. She knew how the girl disliked being personally involved with magic, and she was considerate to that fact.

"Of course she couldn't. But that doesn't mean that she cannot control the brat, does it?"

"Well…she can try. But fighting for dominance with a Slayer isn't such a good idea, my love."

With a smirk, Kennedy got onto her knees with her arms placed one on each side of Willow's body and leaned in for a kiss again, this time with her tongue battling for dominance. She grinned into the red-head's parted mouth when she elicited a soft moan from her.


Kennedy jumped and broke the kiss as she let out a moan herself with her eyes rolled back. Willow smirked as she continued to move her thigh slowly and steadily, pressing upwards.

"I have my own special magicks, love. So who's the dominant one now, Ken-honey?"

With one last evil smirk, she flipped them around so that Kennedy was lying below her, continuing her slow torture on the brunette.

"…Fine...you win, witch."

"And you," Willow grinned as she caressed her partner's cheek softly, "are my bitch for today." The red-head slapped her lightly.

Kennedy's eyes widened just as Willow's grin broadened.