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True friendship isn't seen with the eyes, it is felt with the heart.
When there is trust, understanding, loyalty, and sharing.
True friendship is a rare feeling, but when it is found
It has profound impact on our well-being, strength, and character.
True friendship does not need elaborate gifts
Or spectacular events in order to be valuable or valued.
To ensure long-lasting
quality and satisfaction,
True friendship only needs a few key
Undying loyalty, unmatched understanding, unsurpassed trust,
Deep and soulful secrets, and endless sharing.
These ingredients, mixed with personality and a
sense of humor

Can make a friendship last a lifetime!
This is just a thank you, my friend, for all the wonderful and colorful
Special ingredients You've brought to my life!
Pass this on to such a friend!

Chapter One


A six-year-old Kudou Shinichi had cried and yelled as his parents packed his and their bags. Tears were still running down his slightly chubby cheeks as they continued to pack. His mother wasn't quite sure what to do, in all her six years of raising her little boy; he'd not once thrown a tantrum quite like this. Then again, they've never directly left him with someone else for more then a day. So here they were, in the upstairs of the Kudou mansion trying to explain to Shinichi, that he was going to have fun at their friend's house while Mommy and Daddy went on a little vacation. Well at least she finally had proof that Shinichi took after her somewhat with all the dramatics he was pulling. Really, was it so bad that they wanted to get away for a while?

It was three hours after the screaming started that Shinichi finally stopped talking to them completely. This unsettled Yukiko as she looked over at the silent boy that glared at her back, but Yusaku promised her that Shinichi was just trying to get her attention away from the packing and back onto him. When it was finally to go to drop Shinichi off at their friend's house, Shinichi refused to move, even at the promise of a spanking he wouldn't budge.

"I blame you for his stubbornness." Yusaku said to his wife as he finally resorted to picking up his son from the ground and carried him over to the car. Thus, Shinichi started with the crying fit again, he was even rewarded with a light spanking. This shocked the crying out of him and caused him to sniffle. "Honestly, Shin-chan. That's quite enough! We're only going to be gone for a few weeks at best." Yukiko told her son as he was placed into the backseat of the car. He crossed his arms and refused to look at either parent. Yusaku and Yukiko looked at each other and shrugged, their boy was just so stubborn. They were sure that after a day or so he'd be fine. It wasn't like it was the first time they've left him with someone so they could go out to eat or have a night on the town. The only difference was that Shinichi would be staying with their friend the whole summer.

Yukiko got into the driver's seat as Yusaku got in on the passenger's side. Shinichi buckled his seat belt reluctantly, and then glared out at the window as the car took off at an outrageous speed. It seemed that his parents were more then happy to leave him at some random friend's house, to the point of getting there as fast as possible. He felt his eyes burn, it felt like his parents didn't care at all! Not that it ever seemed to matter to them. He was pretty sure that when he was old enough, they'd run off to some foreign country and leave him here to take care of the house. He leaned against the car door and watched as the speeding scenery passed in green, gray, and blue blurs. He blinked away the tears, he already knew that it wouldn't work, and focused on ignoring his parents as they tried to talk to him. They never understood anything. They were quick to run and even quicker at getting away from anything that required serious responsibility.

He seriously didn't see how it was so bad for him to come along on the trip to Hawaii. He could go off and play on the beach as his parents had their own fun! Didn't he show them what a responsible and good boy that he was on a regular basis? His mother tried hopelessly at getting his attention with little cries of "Oh Shiinn-chhannn" He just kept his head turned away from her, and didn't even let his father get a change to work his little mind control that he just knew his father did to him on a regular basis. If he let the older man get a good look in the eye, Shinichi knew that he'd instantly forgive his flaky parents.

After a while Yukiko gave up on trying to get her little boy's attention and focused on her driving. Yusaku just gave her a slight smile and looked back at Shinichi. Really, the boy was mature for his age, but he could really act his age when he wanted. Shinichi gave him a quick glare, and Yusaku wondered how they were going to make this up to Shinichi after they came back. He was pretty sure that the boy would put on an act of completely not missing his parents. Shinichi would be good at something like that. The older Kudou sighed as he racked his brain. "Shinichi-kun, I'm sure you'll love their son! I heard he's a real trouble maker though." Even this didn't seem to grab the boy's attention. Boy, were they going to get it when they get back. He turned back to look forward, and shrugged to his wife. "He'll forgive us eventually, besides I think this is good for him. I hardly ever see him with anyone his own age."

Yukiko completely agreed with her husband on this, but she really felt bad at making her Shin-chan mad at her. Though when it came to her, she was always making Shinichi mad at her. After all, he was a little daddy boy. She pouted, why couldn't he be a mama's boy? She glared at her husband, and he just wondered what he did now to get her angry at him. It seemed like the world was just after him today. The man sighed as he now received hidden glares from both his wife and son. How did that work out?

Shinichi wasn't really impressed by the houses that were now passing by, he'd seen bigger in the city. He was actually starting to feel nervous now. In a matter of minutes, his parents were going to leave him with some strangers and their son, who could possibly be a bully. This was just great! It didn't help that he was shorter then everyone else his age! Shinichi figured that he'd be able to avoid the other boy somehow…He blinked as the car came to a stop in a driveway of a rather normal looking home. He stepped out of the car slowly, trying to prolong this as long as possible, before aggravating his so-a-called parents again.

"Ohhh, they have such a nice house, don't you think so, Shinichi-kun?" Shinichi felt like sighing, and no six year old should sigh. His parents haven't even been to their friend's house before! Shinichi felt like crying again. His father grabbed the bag that they prepared for Shinichi, and closed the trunk of the car before walking up the sidewalk that lead to the house. As he looked up at the looming house, he just couldn't help thinking that his summer was going to be anything but fun. He really hated his parents sometimes. He slowly followed the two adults up to the front door and felt his stomach lurch as the doorbell rang.

A very happy but warn woman answered the door. "Yu-chan! I'm so happy to see that you got here okay!" He hid behind his father's legs; it was obvious that it was one of his mother's friends that he was going to get stuck with. Oh, this was just going to be so great. The two women hugged each other at the doorway, "Oh Chi-chan! It wasn't that simple, Shin-chan was just so distraught at us leaving, and he put up such a fight." He couldn't believe that his mother was going to pout about that! He knew he should have left out the waterworks, they never seemed to work quite right when his father was around. The other woman laughed as she led them to the living room, leaving Shinichi's bag in the hallway. "Kai-chan's been just the opposite! He's so excited to be having a playmate for the summer. He's gotten his room all cleaned up for Shinichi-kun so that they could share."

He watched as the parents gushed over this. Shinichi was so glad that his parents seemed so willing to leave him here. He rolled his eyes as he took a seat on the couch, with his arms folded. He was still allowed to pout in his world as long as the betrayers were still in vicinity. He was pretty sure that this was going to become an every summer thing if it hit off well between what the parents believed. It wouldn't matter if Shinichi were completely miserable or not. He was to busy in his own pouting that he didn't notice as another boy ran into the room all excitedly.

The boy's mother smiled and waved him over to her. His mother pointed to the grumpy looking boy on the love seat and said. "That's Shin-chan, it seems that he wasn't informed about coming here till about the other day or so, why don't you try to cheer him up." This made the messy haired boy light up, and give his mother a huge smile. "Okay, Okaa-san!" He bounced over to the grumpy boy that said on the smaller love-seat couch. He tilted his head, as the other boy didn't even seem to notice him. That wouldn't do at all, is Okaa-san told him to cheer Shin-chan up and so he will. He leaped onto the other end of the love seat making the other boy look over at him in shock. He made a rose appear out of nowhere in front of the other boy, "I'm Kuroba Kaito! I'm really happy to meet you!"

Shinichi took the rose and looked down with a slight blush, looked like all his musings on the other boy was completely wrong so far. The rose looked a little messed up, it seemed that the other boy hadn't quite mastered the trick to make the rose appear completely fine yet. Shinichi glanced over at the other boy, who started forming a pout when Shinichi hadn't given his own name yet. Shinichi glared at his parents who were beaming knowing looks at him. He'd make it up to the other boy later for his curtness, but it was needed since the betrayers were still in vicinity. "Kudou Shinichi." This was all it took to bring the smile back to the other boy's face. It was getting harder to be mad at his parents with the other boy around. He leaned over to the other boy and whispered. "sorry, but couldn'st you go ands hide? The betrayerers are still here."

Kaito blinked owlishly at the other, betrayers? Where? He looked around and only saw his mother and the boy's parents. Then again, what was a betrayerer? Oh the boy brought in big words! He asked the boy, not so quietly. "What's a betrayerer?"

Shinichi felt like crying again when his parents started laughing. It seems that they now know exactly what he's been thinking since they've left. That was never a good thing in Shinichi's small book. He looked up at the spunkier boy, as he honestly looked confused. "It's…uhh.." Shinichi wasn't quite sure how to explain it since even he didn't really know the complete definition. "I'll tell you later, okay." The boy seemed happy with that answer and continued to sit next to him on the couch as his parents gave emergency numbers and such, acting like good responsible parents, that they weren't.

Kaito wasn't quite sure what to make of the quiet boy, he wasn't sure how the other could just sit still like that as he fidgeted in the seat. He just wanted to get the other boy to get up and go play upstairs with him. There were more interesting toys up there, but he guessed that he had to wait for his parents to leave before they could have fun. So there he sits, bouncing in the seat, not even noticing that it kind of amused the other. "can't you sit still?" Shinichi asked him as he continued to bounce in the seat.

"uh nah"

Shinichi refused to give into laughing at the other boy. He wouldn't until the betrayers left, which were now approaching him. They both smiled warming at him as he pouted and frowned at them. "Be a good boy for Kuroba-san, Shin-chan. We'll be back before you even notice we're gone!" His mother said with a smile before crushing the unwilling boy in a bear hug. His father did his mind control as he stared into each other's eyes. Yes, mind control, cause that was the only way he could explain why his father knew every thought that was on his mind. "You'll see, Shinichi-kun, it won't be that bad." Shinichi ended his pout with a childish sigh, and then looked up at both parents. "Fine. I'll see yous when yous get back. I's don't wanna hear about how yours …uh.." Shinichi thought of the word he was looking for before saying it. "editingors finds yous."

Yukiko couldn't help but envelope her son in another hug at his cuteness. "Aww, your so cute, Shin-chan!" She gave him a huge kiss on the cheek before letting go. He watched as the adults headed to the door. Aw. He'd let his father's mind control work…drats. He looked up as the other boy leaped off of the couch and onto the other one, trying to watch as the adults leave. "Isn't this just so greatest?" Kaito said happily. "It'll be you and me and Okaa-san all summer long! I justs wish Otou-san was heres too! That's'd be so much fun!"

"Wheres your Otou-san?" Shinichi asked curious.

"He's in Ameriica, He's gotsta pro…pro…uhh..hmm…Ah! Proformance!" Kaito answered happily ready to brag about his father. After all his father was such an awesome magician, who wouldn't want to know about his father?

"oh what does he do?"

"He's a magician!"


Kaito frowned at Shinichi's answer; didn't everyone like magic? How could Shinichi not be excited about his father being a magician? Thus, Kaito made the decision that Shinichi was just weird. After all only weird kids knew really big words. He's never ever heard of the word Betrayerer before. Oh well, it was okay if Shinichi was a little weird, he could just get the other boy to like magic, it wouldn't be that hard! Maybe his mommy and daddy just never took the other to a magic show! Yes that's what it must be! After all, everyone in his class though it was so cool that his dad was a famous magician!

Shinichi yawned widely as the other boy started nodding to himself. Gezz, here he thought that the boy was going to be some overgrown bully; here he was just a little weird. Who nodded and talked to themselves? Looked like his summer wasn't going to be as horrible as he thought. The boy looked hyper enough to have fun for the both of them. He wondered absently if his parents packed him any of his books that he had wanted to read over the summer. He blinked as the woman from before walked up to him with a smile, "You look sleepy, Shin-chan, come on; we'll get you all set up in Kai-chan's room!" He wondered if all this bright and happiness ran in the family as the older woman dragged him up stairs to Kaito's room. He was really tired from being all mad and grumpy at his parents. He yawned cutely attempting to cover his mouth. Kaito had following or that bounced after them. A futon and covers were all set up for him as he entered to room with the two Kuroba's.

"You can sleep here, we thought that'd it'd be easier if you slept with Kai-chan in his room. Hope you don't mind, Shin-chan." Shinichi looked up at the older woman and gave her a smile. "No, Nee-san, it's okay." He knew better then to call older woman "auntie" or such, after all his mother was always on him about it. Even sometimes went as far as to get him to call her Nee-san instead of Okaa-san. That was only when she was feeling really spunky. "Aww, your so adorable." Kaito giggled from the doorway as he watched his mother put their guest to bed. It seemed that he'd have to wait for a bit.

He backed away as his mother shut the door to his room and took his hand to get him to follow her to the kitchen. "Kai-chan, You'll be nice to Shin-chan, right?" He nodded. "Good, He had a hard time coming here, so make sure you take very very good care of him."

He promised that he would. After all he did everything his Okaa-san asked of him.

Well, when he wasn't attempting to copy his father's magic trick that is.


It had been almost a week and the Kudou's still haven't phoned her. Kuroba Chikage was starting to get worried about them as she watched the two boys' play out in the yard with Aoko-chan. They had promised to call after their plane reached Hawaii. She sighed; those two could be so irresponsible some times. She was amazed by how well behaved Shinichi-chan was compared to his childish parents. He smiled when it was needed, and that was all. Other wise, the boy always had a curious look to him; almost as if he was analyzing everything around him, and then putting pieces of a puzzle together.

It was even worse when Shinichi had started Kaito on the question game. Shinichi would literally ask about anything and everything he could. From what it looked, his parents probably answered him truthfully usually, where on some of the questions she wasn't quite sure how to answer. She was sure the boy was teasing her when he had asked her why the sky was blue, and when she had answered wrong, he'd given her the correct answer. Of course, in the question game, Kaito found it fun to test how much Shinichi knew. Which would then result in really baffling questions, that normal adults wouldn't even know the answers too.

When she had looked back out the window she found her son completely tied to a tree with a rope, that she assumed that Shinichi stole from the shed out back. She wondered how Shinichi had managed to catch her boy long enough to tie him up. She sighed tiredly and went to go start on lunch. She knew her boy well enough that he'd get out of the ropes in no time, after all he was just like his father. A professional escape artist. She slightly wished her husband was here to reign in the children, but she would bet a million yen that he'd probably join in. She listened as the children laughed in their games as she chopped some veggies for a salad.


Shinichi really hated playing hide and seek with Kaito and Aoko. They always cheated by hiding together, and Kaito always hid in ridiculous places. The last time he was the seeker, it took him two hours to find them! Know where he found them? In the top of a tree in front of some random neighbor's house; and the only reason he found them was because the said neighbor got tired of the children in her tree. He fell to the ground as he bumped into something rather solid. He looked up an saw the meanest looking kid ever. So much for no bullies this summer. Shinichi thought as the older looking kid gave him a twisted smirk.

"You ran in to me! Apologies right now." The boy demanded, making little Shinichi rather mad. The smaller boy picked himself off the ground and went to keep walking but the bully grabbed his arm and threw him back onto the ground, hard. Shinichi winced. "I said Apologize, midget." Shinichi had scrapped his hand and knee on the pavement of the sidewalk, and tears burned his eyes. He refused to say sorry to some meanie. He got back up and frowned at the bully. "Why should I? You're nothing but a big bully!"

Apparently the bully didn't like that as the bigger kid took a step foreword towards him. He didn't start crying until he had managed to twist his ankle. The bully gave a satisfied smile till Kaito appeared out of nowhere and tackled the bigger child. Shinichi continued to cry as Kaito chased the older boy away. Kaito scratched the back of his head as he turned and saw his crying friend. "Aww…Shin-chan, it'll be okayz" Kaito said as he hugged the other boy. "Come on, we'll go to Okaa-san and she'll make you alls betters." Shinichi sniffed and let the other help him to the Kuroba household.

Kaito could tell that his mother wasn't happy at all at the state that Shinichi was in. He couldn't get Shinichi to smile at all either. He felt like crying, he failed at protecting Shin-chan! When the other boy was all bandaged and fixed, Kaito hugged him again, not letting go. "I sorry Shin-chan, I should have been there."

Shinichi shook his head and smiled at Kaito, "It's okay, you did chase him away! Thank you, Kaito!" Kaito hugged Shinichi tighter, he'd never let anymore bullies hurt his Shin-chan! After all Shin-chan was one of his newest bestest friend.


Shinichi was trying to watch his favorite detective show, as Kaito started getting bored again, he could feel his newest friend start fidgeting as the commercials started. He really needed to get Kaito a chill pill for the evening hours. He liked laying around the house after playing all day. Especially after he's been attacked by a big bad bully, even though Kaito had managed to chase said bully away before he did any more damage to Shinichi. He laid on the floor of the living room looking up at the big T.V screen as the pointless commercials aired. He really wished they'd get back to the story before Kaito exploded from unused energy. He wasn't quite sure if that was possible, but Kaito could probably test that theory if he got him to sit in one place long enough.

"Shin-chan, is this almost over?" The boy next to him whined.

"You don't have to sit here with me, Kaito. I's don't mind if you go off an play."

"But I want to play with you!" Kaito pouted.

Shinichi smiled, that always seemed to be the problem, "But Kaito I really want to watch this!"

Kaito nodded, "Okay…" He always gave up when Shinichi smiled it seemed. The other boy rarely smiled, so Kaito let him get away with more things when he did. He saw his mom smiling at them from the doorway before going off to do what ever it is that adults do. He really wished he'd understand them more sometimes. The only adult he ever understood was his dad, then again, his mom always said that his dad was just a kid in disguise. He decided that Shinichi looked like a good pillow and went and laid down, putting his head on Shinichi back.

He fell asleep before Shinichi could even complain about him laying down on him.


Chikage looked down at the number, making sure that it was correct before pushing the send button. She heard several rings before the answering machine picked up. She sighed at Yukiko's long-winded answering machine message, before being able to leave her own.

"Yu-chan, It's me Chikage, I've just wondering what's happened. You've haven't called like you promised. Please call back when you get this." She hit the end button and put the phone back on it's holder. She glanced back in on the two boys and saw Kaito using Shinichi as a pillow. She smiled and took a picture with the camera that was hidden in the drawer of the phone holder. It was defiantly a picture worth being in the album. Her little Kai-chan could be so adorable when he wanted to be!

All worry about the older pair of Kudou's was washed away for the night.


A friend is like a flower,
a rose to be exact,
Or maybe like a brand new gate
that never comes unlatched.
A friend is like an owl,
both beautiful and wise.
Or perhaps a friend is like a ghost,
whose spirit never dies.
A friend is like a heart that goes
strong until the end.
Where would we be in this world
if we didn't have a friend.

- By Adrianne S


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