'Means thought'

'Means voice inside head'

Sunset and New Dawn
Chapter 1: Secret Mates

Optimus Prime was driving toward one of his favorite places and one of his favorite people. He was looking forward to another meeting with his bondmate at the place where their relationship began.

The truck-former smiled to himself when he got to the spot and transformed from vehicle-mode to bipedal-mode. He looked around the area and saw that he was the first to arrive for the first time in a while.

Hmm…that was new. Usually his mate beat him here.

The Autobot Commander shrugged, thinking it wouldn't be long before his bonded came.

He smiled behind the mask again as he thought of his plans for his beloved. The area he was now in was a perfect, romantic scenery. He was close to a cliff that overlooked a beautiful, white sandy beach and the ocean. The beach was specked with the many sea shells that washed up onto and decorated its shores, along with multi-colored rocks. The ocean was a perfect shade of blue and looked so inviting from where he stood. The sky also complemented the scene with big, fluffy clouds that looked so comfy, you could sleep on them.

It was late in the afternoon and it wouldn't be long before the sun began its journey behind the horizon. The air was mildly warm and there was a nice cool breeze that whispered in the mech's audio. This place also had the best view of Earth's setting sun. And what made it even better was that neither the Decepticons nor Autobots knew about it.

So it was the perfect spot for Optimus and his bondmate to just be together, without the Primus damn war in the way.

The Autobot Commander went to a very flat rock that was big enough to put a few Transformer sized objects on. He took out several cubes of energon from his sub-space and put them on the hard surface. After he had everything set up, he leaned on a nearby tree that was huge even by Transformer standards, and waited.

He began to think over a few things. The main thought was how long it had been since his bonded had had a decent amount of energon. Optimus didn't have to wait long before he heard the familiar roaring of an F-15's engine.

He strolled out from under the tree casually and looked up at the sky in time to see the fighter jet transform into a Decepticon Seeker.

The fact that it was one of Megatron's Elite Seekers would've been baffling enough to any Autobot on-lookers.

However, because it was Decepticon Commander's own second-in-command would have put any Transformer into stasis-lock from shock if they knew Optimus was bonded to him.

Optimus looked at his mate longingly as he hovered in the air for a few moments. Starscream stretched out his limbs; they always felt stiff when he stayed in jet-mode for a long while. Then he landed with grace that every ground-bound mech; and many Seekers even, envied.

Without any warning, the jet-former lunged at the Autobot Commander and wrapped his arms around him in a tight hug. Optimus smiled behind the mask as he returned the gesture.

The truck-former's spark fluttered in his chamber at being so close to his mate. It sang a joyous song and pounded in his chamber. It had been over a month since the last time they had met. Far too long a time to him and the Seeker.

Starscream smiled and laid his head against Optimus' broad chest and just listened to the mech's sparkpulse. He sighed contentedly and tightened his hold. This was the one place that he loved more than anything else.

The semi chuckled and said, "I've missed you too." He stroked the back of the Seeker's dark helm. "Sorry I'm late," Starscream apologized, "Mega-oaf held me up."

Unconsciously, Optimus' hold on his Seeker became stronger.

"Did he hurt you?"

Starscream shook his helm. "He just tried to provoke me. The bastard's been more on edge lately and the only stress reliever he has is to take his frustration out on me."

Optimus sighed and shook his helm. "Why does he take such pleasure in harming you?"

The jet-former became rigid against the Autobot. "…Could we please…not talk about him?"

Optimus stroked the joint on the jet's back where his wings met his body. He felt an old scar from when Megatron shot him in the back with his fusion canon. He caressed the old wound, then answered, "As you wish, Love."

Starscream couldn't help the little smile that played onto his dark features at hearing the little nickname his mate had given him.

Optimus retracted his battle mask and placed a small kiss on top of the Seeker's helm. "Want some energon, Love?" he asked, quickly changing the subject. Starscream nodded and allowed Optimus to lead him to the rock with the energon cubes.

Optimus sat cross legged, and Starscream sat on his knees. It was more a force of habit than anything else. Sitting on his knees meant that the Seeker could get up easily and run if he had to. Not that he thought that Optimus would ever harm him. But it never hurt to stay on your toes, as the human saying went anyway.

Optimus handed one of the energon cubes to the Seeker and grabbed another for himself. Starscream shivered as he started drinking the glowing liquid. Energy surged through his being as he refueled with fresh, clean energon for the first time in Primus knew how long.

He only took small sips, so that he wouldn't overwhelm his systems. He was so used to refueling on stale, polluted energon. To him, this energon tasted like the finest in the 'verse.

Optimus observed his mate as he refueled. He remembered a time when Starscream would examine the energon before drinking it. He would always search for imperfections that would mean it was drugged.

The Matrix bearer had reassured him that he would never stoop so low as to spike someone's energon. However, Starscream had explained that, while Optimus would never do such a thing, quite a few Decepticons drugged each other's energon on a daily basis.

For fun.

Now, however, the Seeker drank the fuel from the Autobot Commander without a second thought. Optimus took a few gulps of his energon, his optics never leaving Starscream. The Seeker was at complete ease right now.

His guard was lowered and a sense of trust and calm radiated from his being. The truck-former knew for a fact that Starscream was never this open with anyone but his trine. He was the only ground-bound mech who had ever seen him like this.

Every Transformer knew Starscream as a traitorous little glitch, who would do anything to save his own neck. Not to mention he would cross several lines and would stoop lower than any other Cybertronian if it meant he would get what he wanted.

Optimus, however, knew that that wasn't the real Starscream and that many Autobots would bite their glossas if they knew who the jet-former truly was.

The Seeker may have been very particular about whom he let his guard down around to, but he wasn't that bad. He took several beatings for his trine, and managed to keep Megatron's attention on him instead of the two younger Seekers.

Thundercracker and Skywarp were like family to Starscream. He had known them since sparkling-hood. And they had always been together. Eventually, the two younger Seekers became bondmates.

Since he knew that it was deeply frowned upon in the Decepticon ranks to be bonded, and that Megatron would beat them both into bloody scrap metal if he ever found out; Starscream did everything he could to keep the tyrant's attention on him.

However, he really would kill the warlord if it gave him his position as Supreme Commander of the Decepticons. Starscream had always wanted to be leader; that was just about the only thing the Autobots were right about.

Optimus sighed at that. There was always room for improvement.

However, Starscream had promised that if he ever did become Commander of the Decepticons he would immediately call a truce between them and the Autobots and end this stupid, pointless, and endless war, once and for all.

The Autobot Commander began to think back on how all of this began.


Optimus was out exploring a forest. He and the other Autobots thought it would be best to investigate this new world they were now on.

The first battle with the Decepticons on Earth had been only yesterday and there was no doubt in Optimus' mind that they would be attacking again.

And soon.

So the Autobots would most definitely have an edge over their enemy if they knew the lay of the land and the locations of advantageous terrain.

The Autobot leader was admiring the beauty around him when he heard a loud shriek of anger and rage. Followed by much swearing and yelling.

Optimus looked in the direction from which he now heard a voice and raised an optic ridge. He could make out some of the words the voice was shouting, "Mother fragging son-of-a-slagging-glitch! Over bearing, egomaniac bastard!"

The Matrix bearer's optics widened slightly. He didn't know anyone with a vocabulary like that. Not even Ironhide.

His curiosity got the better of him, and the Autobot followed the voice to a clearing near a cliff. And there, he saw Starscream.

The Seeker's armor was covered in fist shaped dents and he looked like he could deactivate anyone just by starring at them. Optimus used the forest to stay hidden from the enraged jet-former. The Decepticon 2IC began shooting at trees with his null-rays. He didn't even notice when Optimus rushed to put out the burning trees.

Starscream stopped shooting and latched onto a huge tree and ripped it up from the ground, roots and all, with one good tug and continued yelling.

"How is any of this my slagging fault? It wasn't my idea to come to this wretched dust-ball of a planet! Ididn't crash land the ship and put everyone into stasis! Iwasn't the reason we lost that wretched battle! Why. Is. Everything. My.Fault?"

With every word, the Seeker punched, ripped up, blasted, or kicked another tree. This continued for several klicks.

Then the Decepticon 2IC stopped attacking and destroying the plant life. He just stood there. His intakes were hard; and, very slowly, his ruby gaze softened. His dark gray features turned from anger to sadness.

Starscream suddenly collapsed on the ground. He was sitting on his knees and he was laying his head in his folded arms. His shoulders shook as he cried.

Optimus was caught off-guard by what he saw.

He, like many other Autobots, didn't think Starscream possessed the ability to know or feel guilt, let only cry. But the sight he now saw before him proved otherwise.

The Autobot Commander also heard rumors about Megatron's habit of blaming everything that went wrong with his plans on his 2IC. Now, seeing the dents on the jet's frame, he knew those rumors were very much true.

Starscream's sobs brought Optimus back to reality.

"What did I do to deserve this?" Starscream asked himself as he continued to weep. Optimus looked at the Seeker sadly. 'That's a good question,' he thought.

The Autobot couldn't stand to see the Seeker in such misery anymore. He came from his hiding place and walked toward the jet-former, slowly. He was right beside the still sobbing Decepticon in only a few steps.

The semi knelt down on one knee and gently touched Starscream's wing in, what he hoped, was a comforting gesture. The moment Optimus' fingertips touched the surface of the wing, he was suddenly on the ground.

The Seeker had pinned him.

Starscream's optics showed rage, then surprise at seeing the Matrix bearer, then rage again. It was so fast, Optimus wasn't sure that he even saw the look of surprise to begin with.

Starscream snarled at the leader of his enemies, then barked, "What are you doing here Prime?"

Optimus was still in shock. He couldn't believe that the small flyer had managed to tackle him to the ground then keep him pinned. After he got over it, which was less than a few nano-klicks, he answered, "I was exploring the forest when I heard you screaming."

Starscream sneered at the truck-former then began to think. He had the leader of the Autobots under him. He had a chance to turn the tides in this war. Put the odds in the Decepticons' favor and most likely end this war.

Primus knows he and several other beings, both Autobot and Decepticon, wanted this war to be over. But then the Seeker got that gnawing feeling in his tanks. It was a sense that told him that he would later regret killing the Matrix bearer. And the Seeker also knew that he didn't have the energy or ability to kill Optimus.

The jet-former sighed, then got off the semi and sat on the ground and looked toward the ocean. The sun was now setting.

Optimus sat up and observed the Decepticon Seeker. His optics began to wander, however.

Starscream was slightly smaller than the rest of his trine. His frame was more lithe, all the better for speed and agility. That was probably what made him faster than his counterparts. But the fact that he was smaller than the other two flyers didn't detract from his looks by a long shot.

He was a very handsome flyer.

Optimus' optics traveled up the Seeker's long, beautiful, and powerful legs. The semi didn't know much about Seeker builds, but he knew a little. He knew that the legs were the strongest part of a Seeker's body. They had to be for takeoff and landing.

The mech's optics continued, stopping at Starscream's shapely waist. The bright red metal shined in the sun's light. He gaze continued up to his yellow cockpit. The glass glittered so wonderfully in the gathering dusk. The cherry red of his chest reflected the light and made the Seeker almost look as if he were glowing.

Optimus' gaze traveled to Starscream's sun and wind kissed wings. The razor sharp tips lent a decidedly lethal intent to the purple Decepticon emblem displayed proudly on the appendages. The semi could only imagine how wonderful flight was for the Seeker.

To feel his wings slice through the air so easily and to hear the roaring wind in his audios. It must be amazing.

Finally, Optimus' optics came to Starscream's flawless face.

The dark gray metal, stained with purple energon tears, was so handsome. The liquid on his face shined like gemstones in the giant star's illumination. His lips were thin, but looked soft from what the mech could tell. He had a nicely shaped jaw line and cheek plating.

The scarlet glow of his optics only brought out his beauty.

Optimus couldn't describe how beautiful Starscream looked in the fiery glow of Earth's sunset.

But…he also looked…sad.

When Starscream's ruby gaze met with Optimus' azure optics, he was snapped out of his thoughts. 'What are you thinking?' The semi asked himself, 'He's a Decepticon!'

'True, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the scenery' a voice in the back of his mind said, 'And you have to admit; the view is pretty amazing.'

Optimus agreed.

"So," Starscream began, looking down at his hands, "How much of that did you see?"

Optimus watched as the Seeker's face flushed a darker color.

"Are you that ashamed to let anyone see your true emotions?"

Starscream chuckled and answered, "Emotions like sadness and love; and things like mercy and crying will either get you seriously hurt or killed in the Decepticon ranks. Plus…"

Starscream looked Optimus in the optics and smirked before continuing, "It'll ruin my image as the sparkless Air Commander of the Decepticon fleet if someone goes around telling every other Autobot in sight that I cry."

Optimus smiled behind his mask. "Would it be so bad to let someone know you do have a spark."

"Again; that sort of things gets you killed with Megatron."

Starscream's smirk vanished and he turned his gaze back toward the sun. Optimus' optics traveled up and down the jet-former's body again, but lingered on the fist shaped dents.

"He beats you for no reason most of the time, doesn't he?" Optimus asked.

Starscream sighed. "Yeah…Imagine what it's like when he does have a reason."

Optimus cringed.

The Seeker's optics seemed distant as he continued to watch the yellow star. Optimus then asked the question he had been curious about ever since Starscream got off him and let him up.

"Why didn't you try to kill me?"

Starscream's gaze returned to the semi. "Why do you care? Isn't it enough that I don't try to kill you now and fly back to the Decepticon base?"

"Which brings me to another question. Why haven't you flown away? You have no other reason to be here, do you?"

Starscream froze. That was a question even he didn't have the answer to.

"I…don't know," he began, "I just don't have the urge to run away…I don't feel…threatened."

Optimus looked at the Seeker, who was clearly as puzzled as he was.

"Okay," the Autobot crossed his legs then continued, "What about my other question?"

Starscream rubbed the back of his neck and groaned in irritation. "What is it with you Autobots and wanting to stick your olfactory sensors in another's business?"

"It's how we are."

The jet-former sighed, "I just have a feeling that if I do kill you, I'll live to regret it." No way was he going to let on that he didn't have the ability to do so.

Realizing that was as good an answer as he was going to get, Optimus let the subject drop.

"So," the mech began, trying to change the subject, "You don't feel threatened by me? I would think I scream "danger" to a Decepticon."

The jet chuckled at the Autobot's small attempt at humor then answered, "You have a very calming presence about you. It doesn't give off the impression that you're about to do me harm. And…"

Starscream looked back at the sun, now three fourths of the way down, "You had an opportunity to hurt me when my back was turned. And you haven't tried to capture me since this conversation began."

Optimus chuckled, "Starscream, you aren't exactly who you seem to be on the battle field."

The Seeker smirked, "Have to be a good actor if you hope to survive in the Decepticon ranks."

"Why did you join them?"

The Matrix bearer could find no answer whatsoever that would explain why the jet joined the Decepticons.

Starscream's smirk turned into a frown and his optics became sad.

"…I joined for the same reasons many other Seeker's joined…"

"…Equal rights…"

Optimus knew that everyone born in Vos, or any of the other lower class cities, were treated like slag. They literally had to fight to survive and struggled to get a decent amount of energon to sustain themselves.

But out of everyone in the lower class cities, Seekers were treated the worse. Why? Because the senators and council in Iacon and the other high class cities feared them.

Seekers were treated poorly for no other reason than for what they were; seen only as soulless drones meant for nothing but lethal air to ground soldiers.

That wasn't true.

Seekers were no different from mechs living in Iacon. They had thoughts, feelings, and souls like everyone else. But it didn't really matter now. Seekers were dying out. In fact, if Optimus was correct, there were only about twenty or thirty Seekers left, Starscream and his trine included. Some of the Seekers had literally starved to death. Others died of sickness and dieses. And most had died because of the war. While some Seekers, like Starscream, had joined the Decepticons for equal rights, others had joined only for a roof over their heads and energon in their tanks.

However, most of the Seekers were Neutrals. They didn't fight because they didn't think that it would make any difference. Life would never be better for them until the council and senate members were replaced with more open minded mechs and femmes, maybe a Seeker or two, and until there was a cultural change as well. Starscream was part of a dying breed.

And before Optimus and his Autobots left Cybertron, things had been getting frantic in Vos. The Seekers were panicking because they knew of their coming extinction. They couldn't reproduce because their sparklings would only starve to death. They could do nothing to save their race. And no Seeker liked the idea of being the last of their kind.

But, before the war, there were a few Seekers who got lucky and found a way out of Vos. Some became bonded to mechs from Iacon. Others, because of their intelligence, were put through school and put into the academy. Mainly so the council and senate could suck their talents and gifts dry until they were of no further use. But this made Optimus wonder what life was like for Starscream before the madness of war came upon him.

"If you don't mind my asking," Optimus began, "What was your life like before the war?"

Starscream sneered and answered bitterly, "I don't like or trust you enough to tell you that."

Optimus flinched back at the acid in his tone. 'And thus returns the infamous Air Commander Starscream of the Decepticon fleet,' the mech mused to himself.

The sun finally disappeared over the horizon.

The Seeker got up and said, "If you don't mind Prime, I have to return to my proper faction. And don't even think that this conversation changes anything. The next time I see you on the battle field, I will try to kill you and every other Autobot I see."

Optimus propped one elbow on his knee, then rested his chin in his palm and asked, "What about off the battle field?"

Starscream didn't answer for a long moment. He just stood there, looking at the black, inky cloak that was the sea.

"If any members of my factions are around, I will fight you with the rest of them. But…" He paused contemplating what he would say next.

After carefully choosing his words, Starscream continued, "If we happen to meet here again…with no one else around…I wouldn't mind talking with you again."

"Okay Starscream."

The Matrix bearer stood up and gently touched the edge of a wing. "I'll make you a deal. Once a week, if nothing gets in the way, I'll come by and stay here until sunset. If you come, this place is a ceasefire area. I won't bring any Autobots with me to harm or capture you and-"

"I won't bring any 'Cons with me," the Seeker finished.

Optimus smiled and continued, "And if you don't come, it's alright. I'll still be here the following week. Okay?"

Starscream looked at Optimus and smiled. What shocked the semi was that it was a true, genuine smile.

"I'd like that."

Without another word, the Seeker took off into the night sky.


Just as Optimus promised, he came back the following week; and Starscream had come as well. As time went on, they became very close to one another.

They became friends; always eager for the next time they would meet.

Through their meetings, Optimus and Starscream learned a lot about each other.

The semi learned that Starscream and his wing-mates were anticipating the end of the war and that the other two Seekers had joined the Decepticons with their trine-leader for the same reason as him. Equal rights.

Optimus soon found out that Starscream and his trine really did care about one another. They only acted the way they did to protect themselves and each other.

Starscream had taken several beatings that should have been for his wing-mates. But he always made it seem like it was his fault. They weren't the cold Decepticons they pretended to be.

The red Seeker had eventually told Optimus about his life before the war. He had been one of the few lucky Seekers to get out of Vos. He was put into the best academy in Iacon. There he met his best and closest friend, Skyfire. The two became scientists and explorers. But one day, Starscream and Skyfire came to prehistoric Earth…It was here that Starscream lost one of the best friends that he had ever had.

Starscream had tried to find Skyfire himself, but had no luck. He returned to Cybertron in hopes of the council sending a search party to help him find his friend. But then he was accused of killing the shuttle-mech and was dismissed from the academy and forbidden from ever leaving the world of his birth again. Starscream was sent back to Vos with no hope of finding or rescuing his friend. He went into a deep state of depression and actually believed what the council had said to him. He actually believed that he had killed Skyfire.

Optimus found out more about Starscream's life when Skyfire was found and had joined the Autobots.

Starscream eventually told him what he and his trine wanted to do after the war.

Thundercracker and Skywarp wanted to settle down and have several sparklings and raise them in a happy and loving environment. Starscream wanted to be a scientist again, and start exploring distant worlds like he used to before he lost Skyfire. Optimus was sure that he could arrange something, especially since Starscream had been helping the Autobots since they landed on Earth.

Of course, there were times when one, or the other, or both could not make the meeting and they would have to wait until they both could make it. In this case, it had been one month since the two last saw each other off the battlefield.

Through their meetings, the Seeker discovered a way for the war to end sooner.

He started giving Optimus information. And the Autobot Commander, when he realized the knowledge was genuine, gladly used it.

Optimus and Starscream soon found themselves being attracted to one another.

At first, it started out as admiration about how the other looked. Then they started talking on a deeper level. Not just likes and dislikes, but also sparkling-hood hopes and dreams. Discomforts and doubts about themselves that they hadn't shared with their closest friends.

As time went on, Starscream realized why he hadn't killed Optimus when he had the chance.

It wasn't that feeling he had gotten in his tanks.

It was his spark.

It had begged him not to kill his future mate.

The first time they kissed, was…amazing. Optimus had felt like he had been waiting for Starscream for eternity.

And the first time that they made love with one another was truly wonderful. Starscream had felt free and at peace for the first time in billions of years. And Optimus had felt that as long as he had Starscream, he could conquer just about anything.

They became lovers, then they became mates.

Now Starscream had another reason for wanting this war to be over. He wanted a life with his mate. To not have to hide who they really were and to show their love without their factions getting in the way.

However, they soon realized that, even with Starscream helping the Autobots, it wasn't always enough sometimes. This point was proven true when the Decepticons managed to take Cybertron, forcing the Autobots to leave.

Starscream had felt horrible. He had apologized up and down to Optimus for not being of more help for months.

But most of the time, Starscream's help was enough. When Jazz had been captured by the Decepticons, he had no idea that Starscream helped him out a little.

The Seeker always knew how to push the Autobots in the right direction and Megatron in the wrong one.

As Optimus looked at his mate now, he was beyond grateful that he had found the jet-former that day.

He had no idea where the Autobots would be without him. The Matrix bearer didn't know where he would be without the Seeker.

And thanks to Starscream's information, they were in the final stages of this war. And it appeared that the Autobots would win.

Soon, Optimus could gladly tell where all those tips about the Decepticons' plans came from and say that he was bonded to Starscream with pride. Soon, they wouldn't have to keep their love a secret from everyone.

Well…that was only partly true.

Starscream, because he trusted them so much, told Thundercracker and Skywarp about these meetings and told them about his bond with Optimus.

There were several reasons the two other Seekers kept and protected their trine-leader's secret. The main reason being because they were close friends and because they were trine. And Starscream had protected them and their secret bond for so long, it was time for them to return the favor.

Starscream looked at Optimus and smiled as he finished his second cube of energon. Then he looked at the sun.

It was now beginning its descent.

As the day became night, the blue was replaced with bright yellow and fiery orange.

The sun was one-fourth of the way down.

The Seeker's gaze and face became sad.

"Optimus," the jet-former began, "I'm afraid I come bearing bad news."

Starscream got up and walked to the edge of the cliff. Optimus followed.

The mech's arms went under the Seeker's wings, crossed over the yellow cockpit, and held him close to his body.

"What's wrong?" Starscream sighed again and answered, "Megatron's finally realized that, even though he has control of Cybertron, if he doesn't act fast, he won't win this war."

Optimus chuckled and playfully asked, "Still hasn't found out about that information leak?"

"No," Starscream answered sternly, "And if I want to continue drawing intakes, he better not find out."

The Seeker shivered in fear at the thought of how horribly Megatron could hurt him. Optimus hugged him closer to his frame.

The semi knew that, despite how Starscream talked about and acted around his leader, he was really and truly afraid of him. Although his pride would never let him admit it.

Starscream had even said that the silver tyrant could be very creative with his punishments and tortures. He had suffered under almost all of them, and still bore several scars from Megatron when he was in a particularly bad mood.

Optimus kissed the top of Starscream's helm and whispered, "I'm sorry," into the Seeker's audio. Starscream sent the command for his shoulder vents to fold down. When he heard them click into place, Optimus sat his chin on Starscream's shoulder, and the jet-former nuzzled his face.

He liked seeing the mech's very handsome face, without that blasted battle mask in the way.

"'S okay."

Starscream remained silent for several moments.

The sun was now half way down. It flared brightly and beautifully. The giant orb of light was now a dark orange and the sky looked as if it were on fire.

The Seeker leaned back into his mate before continuing, "Megatron has gotten wind of you plans about the Autobots' upcoming strike against the Decepticons."

Optimus looked at his mate, shocked.

"How?" he asked, "We've done everything we can to keep it under wraps."

"It's not easy to keep anything from Megatron for long."

"Then I can only imagine how hard it is to keep our secret from him."

Starscream shivered. Then continued, "Megatron knows, as well as several other Decepticons, that if your strike succeeds, you will cripple them and be able to take back Cybertron and, most likely, win the war. Megatron's next move is more an act of desperation than anything else. But if he succeeds…If he succeeds I fear that several of your soldiers…and you…will die."

Starscream clung to Optimus' forearms for a moment before he continued, "Megatron plans to ambush the ship that will be taking energon to your city here on Earth to power the Autobots up. Then…he will use the ship to sneak into Autobot City and attack it from the inside. He wants to destroy your city and every Autobot in sight."

"That's a suicide mission if he and his Decepticons aren't prepared."

"You do realize this is Megatron we're talking about? He's willing to sacrifice anyone as long as he survives and wins. He believes that if he takes down Autobot City, then the war is an easy win for him…"

Starscream remained silent for several long klicks.

Optimus could tell that the Seeker was scared. But it wasn't just fear of Megatron's plans succeeding. It was something else.

"Star?" the Autobot leader began, "There's more isn't there?"

The jet slowly nodded his head.

The mech stroked the glass of his cockpit and nuzzled his gray helm. "What else is he planning?"

The Seeker continued to watch the sun. It was now three-fourths of the way down. The sky was now turning darker. Night was almost here.

Starscream stroked Optimus' arms as he spoke, "Megatron told me…if he saw you…and met you in battle…only one of you would walk away this time….Optimus, he's going to kill you. If you don't finish him this time, he will kill you. And he will destroy anyone who gets in his way."

Starscream, when Optimus loosened his grip, turned around to face his mate. He placed his hands on Optimus' broad chest and looked into the older Cybertronian's optics.

"I fear for you."

The Seeker's optics told the semi everything.

Starscream continued to speak, "I fear for your life and the lives of your soldiers."

Optimus cupped the side of Starscream's face. His dark blue thumb stroked the line that went from the bottom of Starscream's optic and down his cheek.

He smiled at his Seeker and said, "I'll be careful. And thank you Star. Everyone in Autobot City will be placed on high alert and I will tell the crew of the ship that will be dispatched to keep a sharp optic out for any trouble."

"But just in case that doesn't work, have the docking bay guarded where the ship's supposed to land."

Optimus nodded.

Starscream smiled, "Thunder, Warp, and I will do everything we can to help you and your soldiers."

Optimus returned the smile.

"Thank you Star. But whatever happens, promise me you'll stay out of Megatron's way. I don't know what I'll do if he harms you in order to get to me."

Starscream nodded his head in understanding, then wrapped his arms around the mech's neck and hugged him. Optimus returned the embrace.

"I love you," the Seeker whispered into his mate's audio before kissing it.

Optimus smiled and whispered, "I love you too."

The semi looked into Starscream's beautiful ruby red optics, then kissed him.

He ran his glossa over the jet-former's bottom lip, asking for entrance. Starscream smiled as he parted his lips slightly to allow the glossa in. He groaned when Optimus began exploring his mouth.

The mech ran his glossa up and down the Seeker's inner cheek, over his dentals, the roof of his mouth, and then began seeking Starscream's glossa.

The jet nipped playfully at Optimus' bottom lip before allowing his glossa to join in the kiss. The Seeker groaned when the semi's hand went from his face to his waist and the other hand started stroking the small of his back.

The mech purred as he brought Starscream's body closer to his own.

One of the jet's hands went to the back of Optimus' helm and pushed it forward to deepen the kiss. When he was sure that the mech wouldn't pull back, the Seeker began tracing the finials of Optimus' helm. The jet's other hand went to stroke an antenna.

Optimus moaned into Starscream's mouth as he continued to play with his sensitive antenna.

His hands went from Starscream's waist and the small of his back, up to his wings. His fingers stroked the under-edge of the sensitive surface, causing his mate to shiver and moan.

The Seeker could tell, just by the way Optimus was stroking his wings, where this was going to lead.

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Optimus' golden spark was hidden behind his windshield and Starscream's behind his cockpit. The mech removed himself from the Seeker's port, then closed both their cod-pieces.

He reversed their positions, so that he was lying on the ground and Starscream was laying on top of him.

The jet-former had his audio on his mate's chest. He listened to the steady and strong pulses of the other's spark.

The Seeker smiled.

He was tired, but satisfied and happy. He sighed contentedly and started stroking the mech's windshield.

Starscream's optics were only on-lined a fraction, the equivalent of a human having half-lidded eyes. Optimus' optics were fully off-lined. He only wanted to feel Starscream on top of him and to bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

He gently ran his hand up and down the jet's spinal column, drawing another contented sigh from his lover. Starscream moved up a little.

Deep azure optics on-lined to meet with beautiful ruby ones.

His hand went to Starscream's face and caressed his cheek. The Seeker leaned into the touch and purred.

"I love you," Optimus whispered. He smiled up at the jet-former.

Starscream returned the smile and answered, "I love you too." He leaned down and kissed the mech, sending his love and adoration to him through their bond.

Optimus returned the kiss and the feelings of love and adoration tenfold.

When the kiss was broken, Starscream nuzzled Optimus' cheek then returned to his original position and laid his head on the semi's chest with his arms wrapped around him. The mech chuckled as he returned the Seeker's embrace.

He held his Seeker close as he looked up at the night sky.

The moon was full tonight and the stars all shined brightly and beautifully. But none of them could hold a kindle to the Seeker he now held in his arms.

He knew in his spark that he would soon be able to show his mate to the Autobots and that they would welcome him once they realized that he was their informant and had helped almost all of them in some way or another.

He, Optimus, would be able to hold Starscream close in his berth. Recharge all night with him. And constantly feel their bond.

That's what he hated the most about parting.

Once Starscream made it back to Cybertron and he returned to, one of the Moon Bases he was stationed in or the Autobot City, he could no longer feel his bond with Starscream.

The farther the distance, the harder the bond was to feel.

But, for now, he could only spend a few mega-cycles of the night with him. Once those mega-cycles were gone, they would both part and return to their factions, waiting for the war to end. Waiting for the day they could be together.

For now though, these few mega-cycles he had with Starscream were enough.

Starscream felt a small twinge within his spark, but thought nothing of it. He felt it again twenty klicks later, only it traveled down to his abdomen.

He ignored it, focusing on his mate. Neither had any idea what was happening within Starscream's body.