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Recap: From Book

[ "Then, as my right before God," he said carefully, making sure he used the exact, ancient words of challenge, "and before all here present, I do so make my challenge to prove my cause right and just to…" He couldn't help hesitating and savoring the moment for a second. "Halt the Ranger." ]

There was only a stunned silence in the clearing. Halt began to urge Abelard forward but was stopped by King Duncan's "NO! Halt stop!"

"I will try, my Lord," Halt said to him grimly. But Duncan placed his hand on Halt's shoulder, to keep him from moving.

He turned toward Morgarath "You can't challenge Halt, he is not a knight," he said. "Actually King Duncan, I am able to challenge anyone, and anyone can challenge me. But as a knight I do not have to accept a challenge, unless it is issued by another knight. But I can choose to accept and I can choose who I will challenge."

"I forbid Halt to accept!" Duncan yelled.

[ Morgarath laughed thinly. "still slinking and hiding then, Halt?" he sneered. "Like all Rangers...". ]

He paused as an idea started to form in his head, "speaking of which… it was an apprentice ranger and a girl that burned my bridge," he said, turning toward his army of Wargals, "bring them forward!"

A sinking feeling gathered in Halts stomach.

The Wargals started to shift aside and form a path. Three Wargals, two holding a struggling Will and the other holding a stunned and petrified Evanlyn, moved to the front of the armies and beside Morgarath.

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