"Hello? Is anybody there?. . . Hello?"

A 15 year old boy with brown shaggy hair walked through pure white nothingness, no doors, windows, nothing at all.

"Can anybody hear me?" he yelled, the wite abyss echoed back.

He kept walking, hoping to come across something more. Eventually, when he felt like he had been walking for hours, he saw two somethings in the distance and he ran toward them.

The closer he got the more clear they became and soon, he was standing in front of two doors. The first door had a man and woman holding hands on it. The second door had all of his friends on it. The point was clear.

He wanted to run to the door with all of his frriends on it so badly it almost hurt but he felt a strong, almost magnetic pull towards the other door, the one with the man and his wife. He had never met those two before but he automatically knew exactly who they were, his parents.

He knew he had to make a choice, and soon, but his head was saying one thing while his heart was saying another.

He made a choice and ran for the door with. . .

Halt was pacing. Again. And if he didn't stop soon Gilan was sure he was going do something violent. Anything would work really, he just needed to make. Halt. Stop. Pacing.

He couldn't put all the blame on Halt though, it was Will's fault too, infact the more he thought about the more he knew it was all Will's fault. Six days and he still had not woken up, not showed any sign other than breathing that he was even still with them.

He heard Halt sigh, stop pacing and sit down in the chair beside Will's bed. Gilan stifled a groan, he knew the pattern, Halt would sigh, sit down(for five seconds flat), give a growl of sorts when Will still wouldn't move, stand up and begin pacing(for ten minutes) and then start all over again.

This time though was different, it had been seven seconds(gilan was counting) and Halt still hadn't stopped studying Will, in fact, he was paying more attention than ever before. Gilan was about to ask if something was wrong when he heard a soft groan. Gilan knew immediately that it wasn't Halt, but the boy on the bed.

Gilan raced over to the bed and heard Halt say quietly, "Will?" Another groan. "Will, can you hear me? Open your eyes Will!``

Halt and Gilan almost jumped for joy when Will`s eyelashes fluttered and his eyes opened, ``Halt. . .``

``I`m here Will, your okay. . . your okay`` Halt was beeming from ear to ear, which actually gave Will the creeps. Gilan had never seen him so happy and relieved.

``Gilan. . . please tell me Halt has been kidnapped and replaced by an extremely happy look alike!``

Gilan laughed so hard his stomach hurt for hours afterward.

The three weeks passed by very peacefully for Will, too peacefully in fact, Will was getting very bored. The week after he woke up, Will was forced to stay at the healers, the next week was spent building up his strength again, slowly, but surely.

The third week was a bit more entertaining, King Duncan held a banquet in Will's honour, thanking him for everything he did for Redmont. He even tried apologizing but Will wouldn't let him, insisting that he wouldn't have wanted him to do it any other way.

Evanlyn and Will had grown extremely close, much to Alyss's displeasure but apart from that nothing in Redmont had changed.

Will couldn't have been happier to go back to the everyday lige of an apprentice ranger.

**!THE END!**

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