Nico's wings

I was walking through the forest. I passed the creek where Percy always went and kept going. The sky turned to night but I could still see. My legs locked up and I fell onto the ground. Pain shot up both my legs and I groaned. I clamped my teeth shut to not scream, the pain spread to my arms. I groaned and curled into a ball. I saw the pale ghostly form of my sister appear.


I screamed. What was happening? Her form came closer and knelt by my side, telling me it was okay. I screamed.

"It is okay Nico; you are only taking in the gene."

She said. My arms felt as if they were on fire.

"What gene?"

I hissed. My throat burned in pain.

"Our mother's father had a gene called a Syris. It changes all males with it into a half being. It is okay, it will soon be over."

She soothed, and I screamed in anguish, pain. Free me from this fiery prison. Eventually I fell asleep. But the dreams were not kind. I woke at night screaming and screaming. Bianca came every night. Scaring away anybody that dares to come. After four days, the fire died away in my limbs. My red eyes scanned the dark forest. My nose smelled half bloods, and I heard them.

"Think of yourself Nico and you will change back."

She said smiling. I thought of myself and quickly felt myself change. The only difference was that my fingernails were pointed, and a faint scar was on my shoulder. It was a lean black figure, the black dragon hybrid I had become.

"Do not be frightened, or in rage or you shall change. Beware; the Syris is a gene that makes you take a soul mate. You will attack anybody in chance of taking your mate."

With that I trudged forward. I could see in the night better than any Half blood, and smell better then a hell hound. I hear people calling my name to the north. I followed behind them silently. They had flashlights and I hid by a bush.

"Nico! Nico!"

They shouted. I recognized the sound of Grover's voice.


I replied calmly from behind them. Grover yelped and spun around. His flashlight landed on my figure.

"Nico! Where have you been! You have been gone for days, and we heard screaming at camp."

He rambled.

"Come on goat boy, camps that way."

I said pointing in the opposite direction. Grover nodded and we started walking the right way. In minutes we arrived on the outside of camp.

"Chiron! We found him!"

Grover said running to the big house. Groups of people were up and all around.

"Nico! Where have you been?"

Percy said running up to me. I looked at him darkly.

"Nico, are you okay, your eyes flashed red and turned black."

He said worried. Dang I need to keep under control. I shrugged and soon everybody went to sleep. I woke in the morning well rested, and thinking of my powers. The next morning I had the climbing wall. Percy was there, he wasn't the best at it, but he made it to the top. The bell went and we climbed up the wall. Surprisingly I could climb really well. My pointed nails hardened and dug in when I was climbing. I reached the top when Percy was only a meter off the ground. I grinned and scampered down the wall. I waited for Percy and his questions.

"How did you do that!"

I shrugged.

"I have sword fighting next, want to come?"

I nodded and followed him. I inhaled deeply and smelled something really good. Like vanilla and lavender, the sounds or her cry. Nico shook off the thought. But he couldn't. His soul mate…..his Annabeth….