Sorry for not updating! I forgot that I never finished the story! Oops hehe. Hope you like it…

(Still Nico P.O.V.)

I woke up quickly, my eyes were dim, like looking through muddy water, my ears were dull like I just woke up, and my nose was not able to scent a thing. I looked around in shock, the thing that scared me, was that I couldn't feel the dragon inside me telling me what to do, I couldn't hear the voice telling me to run or fight. I whimpered against the thin cord that held me down. Thin cord, no problem. I wiggled my hands free and slashed it with my claw like fingernails, but the cord held, I slashed again and again but it didn't slacken, I cursed and focused on the dragon in me. I focused hard, and faintly felt it in me. I started sweating and finally my nails turned to talons. I slashed the cord to bits, and leaped into the corner.

In a instant my talon vanished, I tried getting it back but only a few scales came. I whimpered and silenced myself as the door opened. I remained silent as the form of Percy walked in. He froze at the bed.

"Argh, why does he always escape?"

He groaned. I silently closed the door.

"Because someone stabbed me in the arm with a syringe putting liquid fire into me."

I hissed deeply, he spun around getting out riptide. I got down low, I focused on the picture of claws, long hard claws. I breathed deeply and formed the picture in my mind, I felt them slice through my flesh and stay put.

"Don't fight Nico."

He said looking around. I growled and slowly got closer, before he could react; I flicked off the lights and was in darkness. Percy squinted in the darkness. The only light from his sword, I ran out of his sight but he was afraid I could tell. I got to his back, then waited, his breathing was loud, and easy to target. I leaped and my feet turned to talons, I felt my long lost wings break through my skin, I clawed and slashed, he ran around, screaming.

"Oh my gosh! Annabeth! Chiron! Help I have a crazed demon child on me!"

He screamed trying to slash me, I snarled and sunk my teeth into his neck. Annabeth burst through the door, she flipped on the light and gasped. I had my talons in him and my wings beating trying to get into air.

"Nico! Stop or I'll put more in you!"

She yelled at me, I froze and growled as I jumped off, I went to the corner, Percy just shook his head, with a yelp, my wings burned and was forced inside me.

"Good, he's almost done, maybe another day."

I whimpered as my talons vanished the burn was back in my, I saw my hands bleed as the claws burst back inside me. I stayed in the room watching as my dragon self was lost, after a few days time…I had no dragon. Sure Peleus liked me still but my senses were dull and weak, I missed my wings, and the Pegasus hated me still. I fled to the underworld, maybe one day I would have my revenge…..

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