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If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten

Jack was already speaking with Caterpillar when the message came that Alice was ready to work with them, and it didn't take long for the head of the Resistance to agree to have Alice brought to them. She not only held the ring, but was vital in her own right towards freeing Wonderland. While the order was sent out to commence with the retrieval of Carpenter, Caterpillar informed Jack that once they got word of Alice's confirmed location, he would be sent to escort her back to the Hospital of Dreams. If all went according to plan, they would have Carpenter in their custody by then, and while something would have to be done about keeping the ring from the Queen, they could at least prevent new teas from being developed if Alice could clear the man's mind.

It didn't take more than a half an hour for the messenger to come back with the location, though it felt much longer than that for Jack. She was staying with someone called Hatter on the edge of Tugley Woods, right outside the ruins of the Checkerboard Kingdom. Well that certainly explained some of the figures he'd seen fly past his window a few hours ago at the Casino. He'd been concerned about Alice's well being ever since he first saw her in his mother's throne room, and when he'd caught that fleeting glimpse of her holding on for dear life to someone on the back of a Flying Flamingo, it had only increased. Jack felt comforted to know someone was looking out for her, but knew he could do a better job of it and quickly took his leave to retrieve her.

Horses were provided to expedite his journey at a stable under the Resistance's control right outside the city, and Jack wasted no time in setting them to a hard gallop as soon as he was able. The faster he reclaimed Alice, the faster he could help his kingdom take a step out of the Queen's grasp. He'd never been happy with how his mother ruled over the people, but felt trapped by her ever watchful eyes to even try and do something about it until he'd been approached by Caterpillar with an offer. Help them get rid of the Oysters and free Wonderland from his mothers rule for good, and they would guarantee his security and placement as the new ruler of Wonderland. Refuse, and they would take him down with the rest of the Heart family. The choice had been one the easiest ones he ever made, though he had debated if that was still the case these last few days. Still, he had enacted a magical binding oath with Caterpillar to seal the deal, so it mattered little if he had second thoughts now.

Not long after he'd made his oath, they came at him with the perfect opportunity and mission for him. It had taken years of placing operatives in the Oyster world, but they had finally found Carpenter's family. The coincidence of his only child being a girl named Alice was not lost on any of them. Jack was given a false identity to use while on the other side, along with all their information on Alice and her mother, Carol, and swiped the Stone of Wonderland at his first opportunity. None of the Suits had even thought to question his use of the Looking Glass due to his station. He was also given a place to live at when he wasn't pursuing Alice Hamilton as well, though he had no intentions of staying for as long as he had.

Alice had shot down his initial advances faster than he'd ever experienced, and maybe it was that completely different attitude from what he was used to with women that drew him to her. He'd of course tired again after additional observation and successfully asked her out after joining her fighting class. Over the next two months, he slowly left the cares of Jack Heart behind, and embraced the simple life of Jack Chase as he courted Alice. She was had a sharp mind and a quick wit that he enjoyed, and often spent their dates in deep conversation with her instead of seducing her as he'd originally planned. Before Jack had caught the glimpse of a White Rabbit agent that last day in New York, he could tell he was beginning to fall for her instead. It had been a moment of desperation that he'd left the ring in her apartment in the hopes that she wouldn't discover it until long after he was gone.

He really should have known her better than that by then.

Now that she was here though, he would do what he could to stick to his oath and then see her safely back through the Looking Glass. Entering the forest rapidly decreased his speed, but hid him from any possible Suits that maybe looking for Alice since her escape. The location of the 'Lost Checkerboard Kingdom' was of course known to all those in the royal family, but well hidden from the citizens. This kept an outright rebellion from springing up as people felt they were stuck with the hands the Queen dealt them, though the Resistance was proof enough that not everyone was willing to believe this.

Seeing what looked like a structure in distance, Jack dismounted and tied the horses to a nearby a tree and continued the rest of the way on foot. He made sure to straighten his hair and suit as he approached so he would look his best when he saw Alice. No doubt she would be worried and it would be best to present a strong front to comfort her. No sooner had he made it to the edge of the clearing that the primitive structure was located in, did an elderly man come rushing towards him with a sword held high to attack. Assuming that this was some random beggar living in theses old ruins based off his attire, he quickly made the decision to confront and detain the old man before searching for Alice. Drawing on the brief training he'd been able to learn in Alice's fighting class; Jack grabbed his attacker's hands with one of his own and punched the old man in the gut. This allowed him to knock the sword from the old man's loosened grip when he doubled over in pain, and kick it out of reach. There was some rope right near him and Jack quickly snatched it before going back to tie up his still unmoving attacker.

Believing that any immediate threats had been dealt with, Jack was caught completely off guard when he felt something smash into his lower back as right when he'd bent over to tie up the old man. Jack gasped in pain as he closed his eyes involuntarily, and attempted to press against his back to ease the pain somehow.

"You okay there Charlie?" a young voice moving in front of him spoke, and Jack could hear some shuffling as the old man stood, but before he could open his eyes to get a look at things, he felt a fist connect with his jaw and he finally fell over in pain. Just who were these people and how dare they attack him?!

"Nothing that would have kept me down for long young squire," an elderly voice that he assumed was Charlie spoke, "This scoundrel just caught me of guard is all. Now quickly, let us secure his hands and feet before he can attempt to flee."

Jack was only able to struggle sluggishly against his captors due to his injuries as they bound his hands in front of him and tied his feet together as well. "You don't know who you're dealing with," Jack tried to protest as he finally gathered his wits about him and glared at the pair above him. The second voice had clearly come from this child and it was highly likely that he was also the cause of the pain in his back now. The boy also looked familiar, but Jack couldn't place where he'd seen him before.

"I think I know a stick-in-the-arse Suit when I see one," the young boy wryly commented as he secured the final knot on the ropes on Jack's hands. The kid clearly had some experience in knot work, but Jack felt confident that he could escape them if he could just get away for a moment. He took a moment to look about the area to form his plan of escape when the boy spoke up once more, "Hey Charlie, let's move this git to your hammock so he can't roll away on us yeah? Wouldn't put it past him to do something sneaky like and try to run off." Apparently Jack hadn't been quite as discrete as he'd hoped, or this kid was used to dealing with shady individuals based on his comment and Jack increased the intensity of his glare.

"An excellent idea," the elderly man grinned in approval before bending down to grab his feet while the boy moved to lift him from under his shoulders.

He couldn't believe it; this was humiliating for someone of his station! Jack decided that this was quickly attempting to compete with his capture by the White Rabbit for the most humiliating moment of his life. "Release me at once and I shall leave you in peace," Jack stated in an attempt to appeal to their better nature while they hefted him up, "I must complete my mission."

The voice above his head scoffed, "Right, mission to come and capture all of us no doubt. Or maybe you're here to claim you've seen the light and want to defect from the Queen? That'd be a laugh."

"I have never been treated with such blatant disrespect before, and I demand that you release me at once!" Jack snapped as they dumped him into the cloth hammock and his lower back throbbed from the contact, causing him to grunt in pain. Well this was going not at all as he'd planned, and time was of the essence in his mission to retrieve Alice.

"I don't think you're in much of a position to demand anything," the boy stated as he dusted off his hands. The elderly man had walked over to grab a sword near the hammock and held the point towards his face.

"Go and gather Alice and the harbinger young squire, I shall keep watch on this vile vermin who dared to seek harm against her." the elderly man warbled and Jack's eyes narrowed as he focused on him. These two were with Alice? Well that was at least a step towards his goal. He could continue to allow these two to hold him captive until Alice got here. Then she would undoubtedly demand for his release and they could be on their way. Feeling secure in his position once more, Jack watched passively as the boy smirked at him before jogging off past his line of view. He'd have the last laugh in this in the end, and that was all that mattered.

Author's Comments: Here's the first one shot/alternate scene which was a request by my 100th reviewer on Tumbling into Madness - Sony Boy. ^_^ I only meant for it to be his thoughts while being captured but somehow turned into his thoughts and actions for other things as well. :shrugs: He's still a bit too stiff here for me to really get into his persona I think, though living in Hatter's head these past two months doesn't do much for my sympathy towards him I will admit :P. Hope you enjoyed the capture scene and the next one will be Hatter and Harry fluff most likely.