A/N: A poem for Saturn that came to me. Somewhat lyrical, but most of my poems are that way. I kind of quote Jewel's "Who Will Save Your Soul" so I may as well say I don't own that, even though it's not even a real quote. Eh, R&R if you feel like it but I think it's okay, not great.

Pale, delicate
like china
haunted eyes and long sleeves

Daddy dearest isn't himself
and neither is she
three people in one body
fighting for control
hunger for power

Misunderstood and ridiculed
with good and evil rampant
who will save your soul?
and if it is not saved
who will destroy and yet save the world?

Pale, beautiful, delicate like china
fine but with so many layers
layers of good and evil
like everyone else, but

with haunted eyes and long sleeves
hiding nothing
and everything
at once