I wrote this so quickly I have scared myself. This is the story I metioned thinking about in "Let It Go".

SPOILERS: Definate spoilers for the last chapter of the novel, which is actually the only chapter that I've actually read (Thank you The Smoose). This follows straight after Rhodey flies off.

For y'all who are interested, Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr were talking filming the kiss. Gwyneth felt it was slightly awkward because his wife AND her husband were both on set while they shooting it. Remember Pepper kissing the Iron Man helmet? They've cut it out. Damn you Jon Favreau!

I'm still booking tickets to see it though.

By the time Tony and Happy had struggled with putting the armor in the trunk of the car, (Pepper refused to go flying again), she was settled into the back seat, coming to terms to the fact that they had just shared their first kiss and (embarassingly) Rhodey had witnessed it. Though it had been comfortable on both their parts, the nagging "he's my boss" speech refused to leave her alone. Noting that she was lost in thought, Tony decided on a unconvention approach.

"Is she alright Mr Stark?" Happy voiced his concern.

"She's fine Happy, poor thing is trying to get used to the fact that we just made out."

"Tony!" That brought her back to reality. Happy to bite the inside of his cheek to prevent himself from laughing.

"Only stating facts Potts."

"It's bad enough that Rhodey saw, I'd ask you refrain from publicying it to the world. Or are we going for another 'I am Iron Man' train wreck?" That shut him up, kind of. "And if Happy must know, we didn't 'make out' as you so maturely put it."

"Alright, I'll humor you, just this once. What would you call it Ms Potts?"


"Care to explain your distinction, cause, last time I checked, they were the same thing."

"By definition, 'making out' involves my tongue down your throat or vise versa. Since both our tongues remained in our respective mouths, we were kissing."

Tony stared, completely stunned (and turned on) by her explanation.

"You put way too thought into that Potts."

"You asked sir."

"When I did become 'sir' again? You've only been CEO for a month Pepper, or do we have to go through that lecture again?"

"Twenty minutes ago, I became your PA, so I believe formalities are required."

"Twenty minutes ago, we were on the roof, 'kissing'" He went as far as using air quotes. "while my father's legacy burnt to the ground. We are way pass formalities." Pepper eyed Tony's longing "lets make out by your definition" look before turned to Happy.

"Happy, would happen to have a pin?"

"No ma'am. Can I ask what for?"

"I was going to pop Tony's ego." Happy allowed himself to smirk, while Tony put a hand on his arc reactor.

"You wound me. In fact, you can kiss again to make me better."

With a cheeky grin, Pepper leaned forward. Tony was getting excited when, at the last minute, she placed a quick kiss on his cheek, before turning back to their driver.

"Hey Happy?"

"Yes Ms Potts?"

"Wanna make out?"

Happy was so taken by the question, he momentarily let go of the steering wheel, almost clipping an SVU that was headed in the opposite direction. By the time he'd corrected the car, Tony had said something to make Pepper giggle then caught her lips with his. As they officially began their first "make out", Happy felt his stomach drop, wishing he'd brought the limo instead of the Lexus.