Hello, I'm Bella Swan. I'm the type of girl friend, note how that's two words instead of one, that every guy has. I'm the girl who loves football and video games. The kind of girl that wears baggy shorts and a sports jersey and can swear at the top of her lungs instead of wearing skinny jeans and halter tops and being a master of manipulation. Instead of having a pocket pooch, I have a five foot Corn snake living in my room named Bowser. My only female influences are Angela who is a, excuse the stereotyping, nerd who made me stay home an entire weekend, missing a Red Sox game, to apply for colleges. And Esme, my best friend Edward's mom, who considers me the daughter that she never had.

Most of my time, though, is spent with my guys; Edward, Jasper, and Emmett. These are three guys who don't have much more in common than three things; sports, video games and boobs. I'd learned fairly quickly not to be offended for my fellow females when they make some joke about her body. My life was one long sexual innuendo that still continues to crack me up. Yet other than those three things, the only thing those guys seem to have in common is me. Usually, I loved their intervention when some jerk tries starting something, but it makes it hard to get a date when three muscle heads are standing behind me glaring at anyone who approaches.

Not that I have that many offers anyway. I'm a plain, brown haired and brown eyed girl with no boobs to speak of and a butt the size of Kentucky. Not to mention a complete lack of style and girly clothing. Its not that I don't have money for fashionable clothes, I've got a great job at a Sporting Goods store, and various other side jobs, I just have no sense of style. I don't know the rules of what colors match or what's in style and what's out of style. I dress for comfort and often to show off my graphic tees of my favorite game or sports team. My conversations with guys don't consist of hair flips and batting eyelashes, they're full of arguments about which is the best game or sports team, or how to beat a level, or how to fix some problem they're having with their computer.

There's another inglorious thing about me. Not only am I a tomboy, I'm a geeky one, at that. Give me three broken computers and I can make at least on decent one, good enough to run basic first person shooter games. Fixing and editing html and c++ on various websites and games is part of my everyday routine and also a way to earn money to pay for my website and support my technology addiction. My room, aside from Bowser's cage, is packed wall to wall with computers, servers and various parts; most in semi states of repair. I also run a sort of, unofficial business out of Charlie's house. Everyone around Forks brings me their computers whenever there's a problem and depending on whether I like them or not, I might charge a little for the time it took, on top of money for parts if I didn't already have it.

Yep, that's me. Oh wait, I can add one more cliché on top off all of this. I also happen to be in love with my best friend who sees me as "one of the guys." Uh-huh, my life is a goddamned movie cliché. Except for in the movie, the girl gets the guy. In real life, the guy goes to the girly girl with big boobs using advice from the tomboy. Enter Lauren, right stage, and try to do it without sleeping with the stage crew.

Meet the girl who is ruining my life singlehandedly. Bitch doesn't even begin to describe her. Why is it that girls can see a bitch for what they are but guys can't? Oh yeah, guys get distracted by the big tits. As much as I want to stop Edward from pursuing her, I want him to be happy. But even if he's not with me, I don't think Lauren can make him happy, but she's what he wants.

Damn it, guys can be so dumb sometimes.

This is the story of the summer after my senior year in school. A story of friendship, love, and heartbreak….fuck it, I am NOT even going to try and sound like some stupid dramatic girl. This is MY goddamn story, read it if you want. Peace out, fuckers. Bella Swan.

While taking a break from SoAaL, [which I completely intend to continue writing shortly, I've started the next chapter], I started writing this. I'll juggle both stories for now if people like this one. Reviews on whether it's worth continuing? Grazie.