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DAY FOUR: not in the building.

Logan didn't want to think of himself as a desperate person but already on day four he was dying to get Camille talking to him again and to earn her forgiveness. His desperation led him to doing something extremely drastic. Something he never thought he would do—He bought a stuffed animal.

It was a pink teddy bear and on the white belly it said 'I'm Beary Sorry'. Logan felt an enormous amount of embarrassment when he bought it, especially when the cashier started laughing as she rang it up. But he figured it would be worth it for Camille.

And now he was standing in the pool area holding a pink bear looking for her. He felt stupid for holding it but he reminded himself that it was for Camille.

He walked over to the guys when he could spot her. "Hey, guys." He greeted eyes still searching for the whacky brunette.

The guys all chuckled at the sight of the teddy bear.

"Dude, what's with the teddy bear?" James asked grinning with the others.

"Is he your new BFF?" Carlos asked and then the three of them busted out laughing.

Logan glared at them. "It's for Camille." He said pointing to the saying on the belly.

"Very cute." Kendall said and the three laughed again.

"Shut-up." Logan grumbled. "Have any of you seen her?"

"Nope." Kendal said and the other two shook their heads.

Logan sighed in aggravation. He didn't want to be carrying this stuffed animal anymore. He wanted to give it to Camille so she forgive him and talk to him again.

"I'll see you guys later." He said before walking away.

"See you later, sir Beary!" James called out and Logan heard them all laughing again.

He grumbled some inappropriate things under his breath before storming to the lobby. Once there he headed straight towards Mr. Bitters. "Do you know where Camille is?"

Bitters gave him an uninterested look. "Why would I know where she is?"

Logan shrugged. "Did you see her leave today?"

"I might have. Then again I see lots of people leave here." He stated mysteriously.

Confusion shone in Logan's eyes. "What do you mean?"

"Never mind." Bitters said rolling his eyes. "I don't know where your girlfriend is."

"She's not my girlfriend." He quickly corrected. The he took a moment to think that over. "Yet."

Right when he was about to leave the lobby Logan spotted Jo walking in.

"Jo!" He called out to her and she stopped so he could catch up to her.

"Hey, Logan." She greeted with a warm smile.

"Hi. Do you know where Camille is?" He asked not beating around the bush. He wanted to know and he wanted to know now.

"Oh, she's an audition." She replied.

"What time is she coming back?" He asked ignoring the little voice telling him that he may have sounded a little pushy.

"She's not coming back until late. She's doing a few auditions and then she's going out to dinner with her mom." Jo explained once again feeling sorry for him. He seemed to be trying so hard.

Logan cursed under his breath for what seemed like the hundredth time this week and then he left the lobby.

While heading towards his apartment Logan left the beat at Camille's door.

DAY FIVE: should've done better.

Logan was hoping that he'd be talking to Camille today. But he guessed that he should have known his teddy bear idea wouldn't have worked. He just had no luck whatsoever in this situation.

Today Camille had walked right past him without saying a word. If anything she looked angrier than before. Maybe she didn't like pink… Well, that's ridiculous. She wears pink. Logan thought. So what did he do wrong?

"Logan, I don't think Camille likes you staring at her like that." James said sitting down next to him.

As usual they were sitting by the pool. It was the best pool in the world after all.

"I know." He replied sadly. "But I just don't understand why she's still so mad at me. I gave her a really cool bear."

James chuckled. "Yeah, that bear was the definition of cool." He joked. "If you really wanted to impress her you should've given her a teddy bear… with my face on it."

Logan shook his head. Of course the obnoxious one of their group wouldn't be sensitive about his situation. "I'll try to remember that for next time."

James noticed the bitterness in his voice. "Hey… you want me to go talk to her for you and find out why she's still angry."

Logan lifted his head from his hand. "Would you?" He asked hopefully.

"Sure! Really, it's getting annoying seeing you two act like this. Not very mature." James said shaking his head as if disappointed.

Logan blinked. "This coming from you?"

"Hey, do you want me to talk to her or not?" James asked defensively.

"Yes!" Logan replied quickly. "Sorry."

"You should be." James huffed before standing from his seat. "I'll be back." He stated Terminator style and then scurried off in Camille's direction.

Logan waited… and waited… and waited.

By the time James came back, Logan was practically falling asleep.

"What took you so long?" He asked firmly. It didn't take an hour to get an explanation out of somebody.

"The girl likes to talk." James replied with a shrug. "Hope you'll like living with a chatter box."

Logan shot him a quick dirty look. "What did she say?"

"She says that she loves the teddy bear." He said and Logan beamed. "But she's still not talking to you."

And Logan's face fell. "What? Why?"

"She says it would have been more effective if you had hand delivered the teddy bear." James said using air quotes.

Logan groaned in aggravation. "I was looking for her yesterday! Then I found out she was doing auditions and going out with her mom."

"Why didn't you just wait to give it to her today?" James asked.

Logan opened his mouth to reply but then quickly clamped it shut. Why didn't he do that? He should have known that Camille would have appreciated the gift much more if he had given it to her himself. He realized that he tended not to think things through. Just like that time in the all girls school when he was trying so desperately to see Phoebe Nachee… He shuddered inwardly at the memory.

"I… I didn't really think about it." He said defeated.

"Hey, at least you only have to put up with it for two more days. The week's almost over." James said optimistically.

"True, but I still don't know if she's forgiven me by then." Logan said.

James looked thoughtful for a moment. And then he shrugged. "I guess you're just gonna have to wait and see." He said then went off to go do whatever he usually did, which probably involved a mirror or flirting with some girls.

Logan sighed deeply. He wasn't so sure if he could last a few days with that sort of suspense.

"You should write her a love letter." A voice suggested.

He looked over to see that Katie had taken James' place in his seat.

"What?" He asked wondering if he heard her correctly.

"Try writing her a love letter." The young girl repeated. "Girls like Camille really like a gesture like that. Since you can't tell her your feelings in person tell her them in a letter. I think Camille would appreciate that." She explained to her brother's friend.

Logan thought that over. "That's a good idea. How did you think of that?" He questioned the youngster.

Katie rolled her eyes. "I've told you before; I'm a girl, I'm not made of stone."

"Right." He said trying not to grimace at the remembrance of that traumatic photo shoot day. "I think I'll write that letter now." He said standing up.

"Don't give it to her until tomorrow." Katie warned.

"Okay… why?" He inquired.

"Because she needs the rest of today to cool off. Tomorrow when she reads it in a calm mood she'll be swept off her feet." The girl explained wondering how Camille liked a guy who was this smart and stupid at the same time.

"Okay." He said then noticed Katie walking away. "Wait, Katie!" She stopped and gave him an impatient look. "Will you help me write the letter?"

She sighed deeply. "Logan, just write what's in your heart. I have better things to do." She said and with that she stalked away.

Later that night Logan wrote a letter that he never thought he would ever write in his life time; a love letter.

DAY SIX: perfectly folded letter.

Logan didn't think he could write a more perfect letter. He was up almost all night writing it. He had listened to Katie and he put his heart and soul into it.

On the morning of day six, he slid the envelope containing the letter under her door.

Camille's mother had found it.

"Camille, this was by the door this morning. It's for you." She said when Camille sat at the kitchen table to eat her breakfast.

Camille raised an eyebrow and took the envelope from her mother. Her name was indeed written on the crisp envelope.

She almost didn't want to open it. It just looked so beautiful. But curiosity got the best of the girl and she carefully opened the flap of the envelope and pulled out the perfectly folded paper and unfolded it.

Dear Camille,

I have to admit, the first time I met you I thought you were insane. I still kind of think that you're a bit off.

Rude! Camille gripped on to the paper a little tighter not caring that she was creasing the perfectly folded letter.

But you've definitely grown on me. Maybe all those times you slapped and kissed me knocked some screws loose in my head. But honestly, I don't want to be sane if it means that I can't be with you. I love that you're so out there, that you're different from anyone else I've ever met even in this unique town.

My actions at the party were completely unjustified, and I'm so sorry about that. I'm so sorry that I had hurt you. I promise you that it wasn't my intention. I'm coward and I guess I'm easily talked into doing stupid things, but I'm not going to bother you with my sad excuses. I know what I did was wrong and just know that I'm sorry that I haven't been doing things right lately. I can promise you that it'll never happen again. I promise with all my heart.

I haven't been able to breathe. A week without your beautiful personality in my life seemed to just knock the air out of me, as cliché as that may sound it's the honest truth. You've made a huge impact on my life, Camille, in just the short time that I've known you. For that I thank you so much because I really didn't think I'd survive in this town until I heard your optimistic voice making me never want to give up. Please, I need your optimism in my life or else I think I just may die. Okay, maybe not die but something close to that.

I'm a teenage boy, Camille, and I never thought I would say this to anyone at the age of sixteen, but I need you in my life. I feel like I can't breathe.



By the end of the letter, Camille was in tears. In the back of her mind, she was so glad that her mom had left for work just before she read the letter so she wouldn't have to see her cry and question her.

No one's ever written her a love letter. Heck, no one's ever even written her a letter! And this was the most beautiful thing she's ever read. Of course, some of it was cliché but there was no love letter in the world that wouldn't have cliché in it.

But he couldn't breathe without her? It was just plain beautiful.

After cleaning herself up a bit and getting dressed in more suitable clothes than her pajamas, Camille headed down to the pool. All she wanted to do right now was find Logan and kiss him until he could breathe again. Okay, that didn't make sense. But she wanted to kiss him and let him now that he was completely and utterly forgiven.

But once she got down to the pool she didn't see Logan anywhere. In fact, she didn't see any of the guys around. The pool was their main hang out place… maybe she should have went to his apartment first. She turned around and saw Jo just walking into the pool area. Camille ran over to her.

"Jo, have you seen Logan?" She asked immediately.

"Hi, Camille. It's good to see you too. I'm doing great, thanks so much for asking." Jo said sarcastically and a smile played at her lips.

Camille rolled her eyes. "Have you seen Logan?" She repeated urgently.

Jo was serious now. "Yeah, he and the guys just left to go rehearse –I don't know when they'll be back." She got in the last part before Camille could ask, because she honestly knew the girl was going to ask.

Camille let out a frustrated sound that Jo thought was a mixture of a scream and a growl, if that was at all possible (Camille would probably somehow make that possible). "Damn it!" She cussed and stomped her foot on the ground much like a child would when they didn't get their way.

Jo went wide eyed. She never heard Camille cuss before. "Um… what's going on?" She questioned almost cautiously.

"Oh, I need to talk to Logan!" Camille stated crossing her arms over her chest, letter still plastered in her hand.

Jo was confused now. "Wait, I thought you weren't talking to him?"

"Yeah, but then he wrote me this beautiful love letter. Oh my gosh, Jo, it's just so amaz—"

"Wait, wait, hold up!" Jo said raising her hands in a stop motion. "Logan wrote you a love letter?" She asked disbelievingly.

Camille nodded vigorously and handed the letter to Jo. "Yeah, I couldn't believe it either. But he did, Jo! He really did." She said happy tears filling her eyes again.

Jo finished reading the letter and being a romantic girl that she is, some tears stung her eyes too. She looked up at Camille and gaped. "He can't breathe without you!" She cooed putting a hand to her heart.

Camille nodded. "I know! It's just too sweet. God, I love him!"

"Woah, you just said you loved him." Jo said seriously but a smile formulated on her features.

Camille smiled too. "Yeah, I did."


The guys walked into the Palm Woods rather late and they were beat.

"Man, I'm getting sick of Gustavo making us rehearse until these late hours. I don't know if I can take it anymore!" Carlos complained, voicing everything that the other boys were feeling.

"Seriously!" James agreed with his comrade. "All I want to do right now is sleep and—is that Camille?"

Logan's head nearly snapped to look at where James was pointing. It was indeed Camille. She was curled up on a chair in the lounge. Her head rested on the arm of chair, her shoes were kicked off and her feet were tucked under her legs. That actually looked uncomfortable.

He wondered how long she's been there.

"She's been there all day."

All the guys jumped when Bitters seemed to show up out of nowhere right next to them eating a bag of chips.

Logan quickly shook off the weird feeling. "Really, she has?" He inquired.

"Yeah, waiting for you." Bitters replied.

Logan felt like his heart was about to burst. She was waiting for him. She got his letter! "Really?" He asked joyously.

Bitters rolled his eyes. "Yes. She wouldn't even leave when I threatened to kick her out of the Palm Woods." He said annoyed that he felt like he had no authority over these kids. He was the manager! He's supposed to have authority.

Logan wasn't really listening. He was just so overwhelmed that Camille was waiting for him. Does this mean that she forgives him? Man, he hopes so.

"Um… don't worry, Bitters, I'll take her to her room." Logan stated walking over to the slumbering Camille.

Bitters raised an eyebrow, but said nothing and then moved on to go to his room so he could get some sleep. The only reason he stayed up so late was so he could watch over the girl. No need for the Palm Woods to get sued or him getting fired.

The rest guys began heading upstairs while Logan kneeled down in front of Camille. Kendall looked back at Logan with a sly look. "Do behave, Logan." He said with a grin.

Logan gave him a quick glare, but Kendall had already turned around and headed upstairs. Logan shook his head and then put his attention back to Camille.

He gently nudged her. "Camille." He whispered and she didn't budge. "Camille, wake up." He said nudging her with a little more force now.

Camille moaned and started waking up. "Mmm, Logan?" She inquired opening her heavy eyelids. When she saw his smiling face she immediately sat up. "Oh, Logan! I've been waiting for you all day." She told him still very tired.

Logan chuckled lightly. "Yeah, I heard." He said brushing some of her hair out of her face. "Let's get you to bed, Camille."

"But I need to talk to you." She pouted.

He smiled big. "We can talk tomorrow." He said taking her hand and helping out of the chair before leaning down and grabbing her shoes.

They held hands the entire way to her apartment.

Camille grabbed her key out of her pocket. She turned around to say goodnight to Logan, but she was stopped by his amazing smile. He leaned over and kissed her forehead.

"I'll be waiting for you tomorrow by the pool." He told her when he pulled away.

She nodded with a tired smile. Logan gave her one last look before heading to his own apartment where he could finally get the sleep that he needed.

They both had a good feeling about tomorrow.