So, that's that, my first ever completed fanfic. Thanks to all the support I got throughout, whether you reviewed my work, or subscribed to my story, or me in general. As I said in my previous OOC update, I am already planning my next story and it's going to be a much darker, horror-type adventure, both in terms of the setting and the plot. And I will be running with the highly-original, cliche title of 'The Longest Night'.

It will take me a few days to write the first, few chapters, where I will see if it works. If it does, I'll publish it, but if I find myself running into dead-ends, then I won't. So, if you enjoyed my first story and want to hear more from me, then put on Author Alert, or keep your eye on the DW section.

Again, thanks for encouraging me to finally finish a story and watch this space.