Author's notes :

Special big thanks to fickleanactoria (over at lj) for her extra fast beta job, and her incredible insight into what I've written.

I would like to thank tigriswolf (over at lj ) for her help, along with other people whose name I've lost. If you are one of these people, please stand up and I will add your name on this post :)

This idea jumped in my head a long, long time ago, back when I first discovered season 1. Seeing the Winchesters impersonate cops, firefighters, doctors, etc reminded me of the amazing show that first got me into fandom : the Pretender. I've had many crossover ideas, but the idea of studying the dynamics between Lyle and Dean made me chose this plot over any other.

I love the idea of Dean being smarter than he thinks, something Kripke led us to believe early on in season 1. I've talked with Anactoria about the way Dean should break, and how. From what I gather from the show, Dean is a true hero, and is defined by his deeds. The ability to do good and help others is what defines him, and I think you could do anything to him without breaking him, only bending, if he can hold on to that. This may be somehow poorly approached in the story, but Dean doesn't break until he loses the illusion of being "the good guy".

I also talked about the sexual content with her. At first, I thought about labeling it as dub-con, but to her it feels more like non-con than most non-con she'd red, and I started realizing that the two scenes are indeed quite violent psychologically. I hope the scenes didn't bother you too much, and I do realize they don't feel necessary for the story, but I assure you they are for later installments.

Speaking of which, I have 2 other stories about this size that I want to write before I feel like I'm done with this verse. I have no idea if it'll take me a year, two or 5 to write the next one (I've already started but am having a lot of trouble). I do know that harassment from readers would help, though !

I've had a lot of music to listen to during this writing. Among other things, Joan Baez's version of "And it's all over now, Baby Blue" (written by Bob Dylan) was a huge inspiration. EZ3kiel's "Lethal Submission" also gave me a lot of insight into what the story will become, about the show in general, and the boys on the road. You should definitely check it out now.

I'd love to make a video trailer for the show. I already have the song and the ideas, but lack the skills and the software, so if anyone feels like giving a contribution, I'd love that !

And that's about all I've gotta say for now ;)