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Not so pure

Chapter one: Meeting

It had been a while.

A while since he went there, since he ate there, since he met her.

The black haired man closed his eyes as he sank deeper into his first class seat. He opened his eyes and took out a locket from his jacket. It contained a picture of him and his sister. He smiled and stroked his finger over his sister's image. He inhaled and slipped the locket back into his jacket.

"Sir, we'll be landing in about an hour." The maid informed him.

"Oh, I see then, thank you." He replied.

"Not a problem at all sir." She said smiling.

She walked away to inform the other first class guests. He just sank deeper into his chair and looked out the window. He saw the beautiful Earth with all its blessings. You don't really notice that…not when you're in war.

Footsteps came from behind him coming closer to him. He didn't bother turning around he knew who it was.

"Hey there long time no see," The brown haired man started, "Lelouch."

"Mind your manners lieutenant." Lelouch said to his childhood friend, " That's Colonel Lelouch to you."

"Geez, fine then Colonel." Suzaku teased, elbowing him, "So why are you coming back after so long?"

"Not sure, the army gave me a break, what's a better way to spend it then visiting home?" Lelouch said, his gaze still affixed outside.

"So how is…she?" The black haired man asked.

"Well, you'll be surprised." Suzaku replied, practically sighing.

Lelouch turned to him for a moment before returning to staring out the window.

Why would he be surprised?

He stepped off the plane and took in a deep breath. Man, it felt good to be home. He waited for his buddy before starting towards his V.I.P car.

"Lucky, you get a V.I.P to everywhere." Suzaku said, jokingly.

"It's kind of what you get by being the youngest man to reach such a high rank." Lelouch said winking.

It was true, Lelouch joined the army at the age of 15, he had served 9 years and in that time was made a Colonel, even though he was only 24. But every General agreed that his performance was outstanding and that he deserved the promotion. Lelouch didn't see any reason not to, so he took it.

His butler opened the car door for him as him and Suzaku slipped inside.

"Man, even your limo is loaded, check this, a fridge, cable, nice seats, man I wanna be a Colonel!" Suzaku whined.

"Do you remember the first time you killed someone?" Lelouch abruptly said.

It was cold silent for a moment until Suzaku spoke up.

"Yeah, stabbed him with a knife." Suzaku whispered.

"Shot him through the chest," Lelouch told.

Suzaku looked at the bandanna around Lelouch's neck, the first person he killed let him kill him. He saw Lelouch's strength, and had faith that he could end this unnecessary thing of 'war'. It's been Lelouch's goal ever since.

"It's honorable, what your doing that is." Suzaku said, before grabbing an apple and biting into it.

Lelouch didn't respond.

The rest of the trip was mostly silent, except for the butler asking where they want to go and such. Suzaku gave all the directions and they got to their first destination fairly fast.

The Graveyard.

Lelouch walked over to a grave and kneeled down. He placed his flowers over the grave and looked at it for a while.

The words in scripted on the grave stone were what made him go to war in the first place. He ran his fingers along them, they read: Nunally Lamperouge.

He shivered for a moment before getting up and back into his car. Nunally died when he was 14 due to a terrorist attack. She was the only family he had left. He enrolled in the army to fulfill his sister's last wish, to protect all their friends and family. Lelouch would not, under any circumstances, let anyone else get hut, and he's been doing a pretty good job.

"You okay buddy?" Suzaku asked.

"I'm fine, thanks." Lelouch responded, smiling to ensure him.

Suzaku grunted, but left him alone, he continued reading his book until the driver asked him where to go next.

"Oh yes, Ashford academy please."

They were greeted with hugs on entrance, Milly hadn't changed a bit. She didn't stop with bombarding them with questions, How was it? Did you make friends? Where did you go? Did you meet noble men? These and many more came out of her mouth in rapid fire. Lelouch and Suzaku just smiled restlessly, they had been on a 12 hour flight, the last thing they wanted to do was to answer a million questions.

"Leave them alone, come on!" A familiar voice said.

Lelouch looked over Milly to see another good friend, "Long time no see, Rivalz."

"Long time indeed, so how have you two been?" Rivalz asked.

"Good enough." They both replied in unison.

The group was quiet for a moment before they burst into laughter, and starting walking to the great hall.

"So Rivalz you're a detective now right? And Milly runs Ashford now?" Suzaku questioned, walking alongside his friends.

"Yep, I wanted to do something exciting and Milly…well, sorting out papers is fun right?" Rivalz joked.

Milly playfully hit him on the shoulder, and said it was hard but fulfilling. The group laughed again as they entered the main hall.

"Alright, you guys do what you want; I'll sort up around here." Milly announced, walking towards some tables.

"I'll help." Rivalz assisted, following Milly.

Suzaku sat into a chair to get some rest, Lelouch stayed standing and looked around.

Where was Shirley?

He walked around until he heard some noises coming from a room, it was the voice of two people, one of them he recognized, he couldn't forget that soothing voice, Shirley's voice.

Quietly he opened the door and walked in, but what he saw surprised him. Shirley was kneeling down to be eye level to a little black haired girl. Shirley let out a gasp when she saw him, and immediately stood up and fired a generous greeting and him; he greeted back, but looked back at the little girl. Was she babysitting her?

"Well, sweetheart, why don't you meet up with Aunty Milly and Uncle Rivalz"? Shirley told the little girl, kneeling back down to her.

"Okay whatever you say," The next word she used cut Lelouch's mind in two, surely he was mistaken, no he wasn't,"mom."

The girl walked to him and smiled, "Nice to meet you Uncle-san, but I have to go, see ya later!"

She ran past him and closed the door behind her, leaving only Shirley and Lelouch. Lelouch however, didn't know what to say.

Mom? Did she say mom? Lelouch scratched his head lightly, but decided to be mature with the situation.

"So…you have a daughter then" He started smiling.

"Yea-…yeah." Shirley responded, staring at the floor.

"So then, who's the lucky father?"Lelouch asked, smiling and giving her a cheerful expression.

"Lelouch…I…I'm sorry…" Shirley apologized, not answering his question.

"Oh, come on for what? You don't have to tell me who the father is, probably a super model noble duke to win you over, right?" Lelouch said, laughing.

Shirley remained quiet and continued looking at the floor. She wished she wasn't here right now. Oh, she wished a lot of things.

"Come on, Shirley? What's with the cold shoulder? It's not shame to tell who the fath-"

"Lelouch, I was raped and the rapist left me pregnant."


So yeah, I'll write romance, no it won't be full of the beginning at least.

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