(And here is the ending)

(It's Man gets up from where we left him and runs back through the field again and barely avoids blowing up the mines)

(scene changes to 's lair where the author is at his computer)

Author: well that worked out well I think I'll start work on a sequel

(begins typing)

Colonel: halt

(Colonel walks in)

Colonel: I can't let you do this you'll do something silly and we can't have that now can we

Author: lay off runty I'm merely recording whatever the (beep) you idiots do and making it into a story so shove off

Colonel: I was afraid of this men attack(British soldiers rush in and The Author runs off with his computer)

Author: you'll never take me alive (stops a second) good grief I'm starting to talk like Izzy (turns back and sees the troops again) arrrgggh

(Author is seen running off with the troops in hot pursuit the screen goes black and the words THE END are seen)