A Week Stay at…..

Camp Truth or Dare!

Somewhere in the Kanto region……

"Perfect…." A girl wearing a blue shirt and red mini skirt smirked, her blue eyes glittering. The other girl on the opposite end of the line smirked as well, and giggled, her brown eyes shining.

"Well, we better get some sleep…..Tomorrow is going to be a long day……" The girl giggled. The other one agreed, and told her good night, and they went in their beds.

The Next Day……

The forest of Viridian was blooming with flowers and youth, and a beautiful, blond haired girl was enjoying every minute of it. Playing with her Pokémon by the lake, another girl, rudely disturbed her.

"Hey Yellow, I got passes to an awesome camp and everyone's going!! Want to join in?" Blue asked excitedly, and then added, "Red's coming to." smirking. The blond haired girl, Yellow, blushed, her sweet amber eyes wide in shocked.

"B-Blue!" Yellow whined, while the other one, Blue smirked, and once again, asked "So will you come?"

"Of course I'll come!" Yellow said, whining again, and still blushing. Blue smirked, as if she had just won a game of strip poker, her opponent being a certain boy named Green. Yellow stared at her as if she had just done something she shouldn't have. Her Pikachu, named ChuChu, stared at her owner, her eyes filled with worry.

"Ok! Will be meeting at the train station at 10 o'clock tomorrow! Be ready with a sleeping bag, a pack of clothing that wills last 10 days!" Blue informed her, and walked away. Yellow, watched her leave, then went to her house, and stated to pack.

At the Train Station the Next Day, 10 o'clock AM……

"Everyone here?" Blue asked, in concern. Everyone looked around, checking. Once they were done checking, they all nodded. Blue smirked.

"Well, let's go!" Blue exclaimed, running into the white, snake like train. Everyone else followed, except Green, who just walked in, saying, "Annoying Woman". Silver, who heard, shot a cold glare at him. Green, shot a glare back. Yellow sighed, and stepped in between the two to prevent a fight, Red sighed, seeing that he probably won't get to talk to Yellow the whole trip. Green turned away, but oddly enough, he was smiling. Luckily, Yellow and Silver didn't notice, but Red did, and shot a glare at Green. Green didn't even care, in fact, he though he mind as well enjoy the time he gets with Yellow.

Red kept glaring at Green until Yellow turned to the left, there direction Red was in. Yellow stared at him in confusion, while Green grinned.

"So……Yellow-Chan how's your Pokémon doing?" Green asked, trying to be what everyone calls normal, emo self. Though, that's really not the actual him, the real him is a guy who is actually just hiding his true feelings, his feelings for Yellow. Even though its kinds mixed with his feelings for Blue as well, he only can reach his real self when he's with Yellow. Yet, he's knows his best friend also really like Yellow, and that Yellow really likes him, but he can't help himself too at least try to win Yellow over.

"They're just as bright and cheery as ever, and they're stronger too thanks to your training."Yellow smiled that smile that only she could make, which made even Green blush and turn his head and put his eyes under his bangs to hide it. Red was watching this and instead of his calm self, was about to send out Pika to use Thunderbolt on Green. He was filled with jealousy, but what he didn't was that there was another one watching the whole scene, clutching his fist. The other person who wanted Yellow was no other than Gold.

Ever since that day at she saved him, revealing to everyone that she was a girl, he started to have mixed feelings on whether he just wanted Crystal or not. But then again, 'Super Serious Gal' probably doesn't even like him all that much as a friend. Gold sighed. He knows he had a lot of compotation if he wanted Yellow, and he thought he should go for it. If he fails, then he always could go back to just Crystal. He smirked his pervy smirk. Let the game for Yellow began.

Blue frowned at what she saw was going on, looks like this was going to be harder than she thought. In fact, she was starting to worry that one week wouldn't be enough time to get Red and Yellow, Gold and Cyst, Ruby and Sapphire, and Soul and Silver all paired up. Oh and of course her and Green together, well maybe. She searched through her bag to find her cell phone. Eventually, her right hand came out with a shiny pink razor in its palm. She started to text to her friend, in addition, her friend texted back at the same speed.

Things weren't going to well in the second section of the train either. In fact Sapphire was in one of her fights with Ruby again, while Wally and Emerald tried to stop them. Eventually, they stop, but with both feeling a sting of pain in their hearts. 'Why?' The two of them though at the same time, as if they were twins and thinking the same thing even though they were diagonally across from each other. Wally and Emerald just looked at each other sighing, also thinking the same thing, 'Why can they just confess and stop arguing for heaven's sake?'

Only after a few minutes after Ruby and Saph stopped fighting, was when the train made its last stop. Everyone hurried out the door, waiting for Blue to come out of the train. Everyone stared at Blue wondering why in the world where they, and why they were at a dark and eerie forest-like place, by the ocean. Blue smirked, as she saw the train go farther a farther from her view. Yellow though Blue was planning something and stepped back. Red, Gold, and Green noticed this and all wanted to comfort her, but Red who was the closest, was the only one in reach that could comfort without anyone getting any odd thoughts.

As the train went out of Blue's keen eye sight, she turned around and looked at us.

Ok, now we just have to wait for my friend around here to show up and lead us to our tents!" Blue yelled happily. We all just stared at her like she was crazy, but in no time flat, a girl that looked silver's age with brown hair, wearing overalls and a big white hat with a red bow walked up to us, telling us that she was our guide and that her name was Soul. Blue smirked, and everyone head to where ever Soul was leading us to, Crys noticed that it was off path, but though she should trust the guide since in this situation, it would be the best choice.

Soon enough, they all reached a large circular open space that had a boundary of thick, tall, curved Maple Trees. In the open space was one large purple tent that looks like it could fit about 12 people in it. There was also a fire pit in the middle.

"This is the girls' tent. All girls will be sleeping, earning points, and living here for the next week." Soul informed. Everyone, but Blue stared at her, but she gave them a, 'I'll explain later look.' They all glared, Soul glared a meaner glare than Silver.

"Well I guess we better get settled!" Blue suggested, Soul nodded and all the girls started to go in the tent and unpack their stuff, well, except Soul who had to lead the boys' to their tent. The boy's tent was somewhat far from the girl's tent, but it only took about 15 minutes to get there.

Their area had the same boundary as the girl's tent; just the trees were Birch, and their tent was a navy blue. The boys copied the girls and went into the tent to unpack, but Emerald found something on the top of the tent's ceiling, back at the girls tent, Soul already finished explaining what she meant by points. As Wally started to read what the card said, all the boy's eyes started to widen.

-------------------------------------------------------The last line of the letter---------------------------------------------------

Play the games, score points, Win.

What games are to be played and tallied? Well that's a simple question.

~*Tonight's game-Truth or Dare*~