Alataya-Since I have a lack in normal imagination, I'll be taking OCs for the creators. If you want to summit an OC/OCs, leave a review.

Dash-WUT? Can't I be one? I can be forceful!

Starhida-Too forceful…..

Ferrito-Oh shut it you two. Yesterday you two were complaining on who's special, be we all know the special one is me because I'm always her-*pie was throw into her face*

Alataya-Shut it.


Dash-Well then, to summit your OC, follow this chart.






Love Interest (but only if he/she has one)



Alataya-Here, this is an example on how to fill it out, 'cause I want to make this chapter longer. XD



Personality-Quiet, but Outgoing.

Appearance-She has short red hair that is similar to Hinata's in Naruto, and wears a bright green tank top. She wears a dark green skirt with white stars and red knee-long socks with panther strips. She wears black flats.


Love Interest (but only if he/she has one)-No one.

Fear-Animals. (Except for baby ones like kittens)

Starhida-*blushing in embarrassment*Y-Y-Y-You d-did m-me?

Alataya-My bio is too complex, Ferrito's on my profile and dA account, so I don't want to spoil her, Dash's my screen name, enough spoiling there. You're the only one left. 3

Starhida-…oh. XD

Alataya-I own nothing of the chapters before me, all characters belong to their characters, except for Starhida, Ferrito, Rikazaki (which was supposed to be Rikasaki), and Dash.

…I will eat you for lunch.