Warning: Mature content may not be suitable for younger eyes. Homosexual content in this story, if you don't approve, don't read.

Don't say I didn't warn you…


Long fingers trailed up his spine making him arch forward and gasp. "Hush," a voice whispered in his ear.

Harry didn't make a sound or move as the fingers repeated the same motion then settled on his hips. Why was it he could never get used to that? Draco delighted in exploiting his weaknesses every time. A single finger running up and down his spine was enough to send electric shocks and tingles through his body. Draco's long cool fingers wrapped around Harry's hips and pulled back until the two naked bodies were flush against each other.

Draco's hands slowly made their way up to rest on Harry's chest. Harry could feel Draco nuzzling his face into his neck, making small nips with his teeth. The hands started kneading Harry's nipples making them erect. Harry's breathing turned shallow as Draco's hands wandered up and down his torso, coming perilously close to his erect member. Draco's nibbling turned to soft kisses covering the area where shoulder and neck meet then moving to the nape of the neck before moving down the spine. "Draco…" Harry muttered.

"Hush, you promised," Draco whispered before brushing his fingers softly against Harry's testicles.

Harry gasped and closed his eyes. He'd promised Draco that he wouldn't move, wouldn't speak, wouldn't do anything except what Draco told him. He'd agreed, trusting his partner implicitly. After ten years of marriage, what else could he do? Draco moved to stand in front of Harry, his hands never leaving Harry's flesh. "Open your mouth and keep your eyes closed," Draco commanded.

Harry obliged. He felt cool fingertips brush along his lips and over his jaw. Then Draco's warm mouth clamped onto Harry's. Draco sucked on Harry's lower lip, biting it gently. Harry nearly jumped when he felt Draco cup and start to massage his testicles. His moan was cut off as Draco covered his mouth with his own, slipping his tongue inside. Harry let Draco control the kiss.

Suddenly there was cool air against his lips. Draco had moved away. Harry groaned as he felt Draco lick agonizingly slowly up the underside of his penis until he got to the head. He took the head in his mouth nipping it gently. Harry's breathing was becoming ragged as his erection was dying for more attention. "Open your eyes," Draco said.

Harry did and looked down. Draco smiled up at the pleading emerald green eyes then took Harry's member fully in this mouth, skating his teeth lightly up and down. His tongue deftly swirled around the pulsing member. Harry shuddered and groaned. Draco smirked and sucked harder, twirling his tongue around up the underside of Harry's penis again and again. The sudden exploding orgasm left Harry week in the knees. He sagged down to rest on floor. Draco wrapped his arms around his partner's neck, pulling him closer. He pressed his lips against Harry's then pulled back smiling. "Happy tenth anniversary love," he said before kissing Harry again.


Author's Note: My challenge to myself for this story was to make it as sensual as possible and as short as possible. Why so short? Because 1. it was a challenge to myself, 2. I have other things I REALLY need to be doing right now, and 3. this is my first story like this and I want to see people's reactions to it before I write anymore.

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