When Harry woke up, it was to Hermione's hair in his face, and his arm wrapped around her. Carefully he brushed her hair out of his way, and looked at his best friend sleeping next to him. They had ended up snuggling and talking all night, squished together on Harry's bed. When they had gotten up for a quick dinner, Harry had finally remembered Ron's letter, and showed it to Hermione.

Together they had sat down and wrote Ron a letter. It was vague to say the least, but Hermione refused to lie to Ron, and Harry didn't want to either. After a long apology to Hedwig, Harry finally got her to take the letter, and she flew out the window. For a long moment Harry watched her fly away, getting smaller and smaller in the darkening sky. He exhaled when Hermione's hands came around him, and she hugged him from behind.

"You alright?"

Harry nodded, "Yeah."

"What are you thinking about?" She whispered.

Harry turned and engulfed Hermione in a hug, "Us," he admitted," How...how we only have a few more days before this war changes everything again. And..and it's going to be dangerous and nearly impossible to find those bloody Horcruxes."

Hermione was silent for a moment, "Yes, it will change. But Harry it's going to end. Alright? You are going to make it through this, we will find those Horcruxes and defeat..."

"Voldemort." Harry finished.

Hermione responded by reaching up and slowly kissing him, and rather quickly dinner was forgotten. Harry smiled, still amazed over what had transgressed in only a few days between them.

Suddenly Harry sat up in bed, and Hermone woke with a start.

"What is it?" She glanced at the doorway, worriedly.

"You!" Harry said, "have you been...Your not..." Harry stammered, pulling back the blankets and motioning to her stomach.

Hermione smiled, and Harry glanced at her surprised, "Don't worry Harry. I have been using a spell."

Sighing, Harry collapsed on top of her, nustling his face into her abdomen, "Good. That would not make any of this easier."

Hermione gave him a look, and Harry decided to backtrack.

"You know what I mean, right before the war starting, and before we tell Ron...it just, it..."

Hermione sighed and brushed hair out of her face, "I know, I know."

For a moment neither spoke.

"You don't want a kid, do you?"

She glanced at him, eyes darting to the ceiling, 'No! Not now anyway, but someday..."

Harry nodded, "someday" sounded nice.

Finally Hermione poked him, and he sat up slowly, freeing her, "what?"

"We forgot dinner." She smiled.

"Oh, right." Harry realized he was starving, standing up he pocketed his wand and then pulled Hermione from his bed, "Come on."

Once in the hallway, Hermione's hand left his, and Harry turned.

She grinned sleepily, "I'm going to shower first."

Harry grinned, and playfully stepped forward, reaching for her waist.

"No way, Harry Potter!" Hermione laughed, ducking into the guest bedroom and closing the door, "Not today!"

"Fine, fine." Harry said through the door, laughing, "I'll have breakfast ready."

Heading downstairs, Harry paused at Dudley's bedroom, and shook his head. He was still amazed over what had happened, and even more impressed with Hermione. He thought her high moral standards would have prevented her from even entering the room. But he had certainly seen a different side of his best friend these past few days. By the time he got down to the kitchen Harry's stomach was protesting loudly to its lack of food, and he poured himself orange juice while he prepared scrambled eggs.

Someday. Harry paused in cracking eggs, would he actually have a someday? Would this war finally win without his own sacrifice? Hermione seemed to believe so, but Harry wasn't so sure. Not anymore, not since the night on the astronomy tower. But now, now, he wanted to have a "someday". And possibly with Hermione. These past few days were a glimpse of another world, a family that Harry could have of his own. A mix of muggle and magical worlds, that sounded incredible. He could be an auror, Hermione, well she of course would take the ministry by storm. Perhaps he would still play quidditch, and they would visit the Weasley abode on the weekends and holidays. He wondered how Mrs. Weasley would handle them, having lost a partner for her two youngest children. And how would Ron and Ginny take it? When Hermione and Ron had fought at Hogwarts, Harry had always worried about losing either of their friendship. And Ron was an incredibly jealous person. And then their was Ginny...

"Harry?" Hermione's voice seemed to come out of nowhere, and Harry snapped out of his trance, taking a step back.

"Harry, the eggs are burning!" Hermione's voice seemed to wrap around him the moment her arm did, and he watched as her wand directed the eggs from the frying pan over to a plate on the table.

Finally he found his voice, "Sorry...I was, err...thinking."

"Oh?" Hermione smiled at him, though her eyes were serious.

Slowly Harry sat at the table, "It was about...after..."

Hermione poured herself orange juice, watching him, silently. With a flick of her wand she served both of them a serving of slightly smoking eggs.

"It just got me thinking, this is the most "normal" I've ever felt, being with you. And the war...the prophesy..." Harry, "and I've never really considered what would happen after this. Sure being an auror would be nice, but that's only a profession, what about a life?...Will I have a life?"

Hermione set down her fork, "Harry...of course you will have a life," she paused, then said rather darkly, "You will be even more famous then ever...having a life will not be an issue."

Harry sighed, "But I don't want that. That's not what I mean..."

She glanced at him, "I know, I know. But that doesn't mean you cannot have a "normal" life too."

Harry just rolled his eyes, eating the remainder of his eggs.

"Harry James Potter, I promise you right now, not only will you survive this war, but you will finally have a life you deserve. Whoever it is with, and whatever you want to do, alright?" Hermione was giving him such a serious look, Harry swallowed and nodded, afraid she might actually threaten him with her wand if he didn't.

Suddenly she smiled, and Harry was once again blasted with her unique beauty, "Good," she said, "Now, how shall we spend the remainder of today? I was thinking we should start packing supplies, I also would like to research some more..."

"Hermione," Harry sighed, smiling at her surprise.

She blushed, "Well, Harry we do need to prepare..." then Hermione paused, "Fine. We'll split it in half."


"Every hour or so, after preparations, we can take a break..." She grinned. Standing, Hermione cleared the plates with her wand, and Harry stood after her.

"Oh?" Harry followed her into the living room, "And what would we do in these breaks?"

Hermione pulled him onto the couch, and taking his head in her hands, kissed him.

Biting her lip, she smiled at him, "You trust me?'

Harry Potter grinned, "Always."

Laughing Hermione pulled him in for another kiss, and for a short moment in time, Harry Potter forgot about the war, forgot about being "the chosen one", and focused on the girl right in front of him. It was by far, the best moment Harry had ever had.


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