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Title: Johan Andersen in Wonderland

Genre: humor, romance

Rating: T for language and implied sexual themes

Pairing: JohanXJudai (spiritshipping)

Summary: The story focuses on Johan Andersen, a European schoolboy who finds himself pulled into a nonsensical world populated by scantily-dressed males, who all look strangely alike, who want to have their way with him.

Me: Okay! This is the first kick-off of our "Spiritshipping Collection"!

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Chapter One: Johan Andersen in Wonderland

At about 7:29 AM on Tuesday, Johan Andersen, sixteen year old junior in High School was tossing and turning in his bed as one does when he is having a nightmare.

He groaned slightly and rolled over, gripping the sheets in his pale hands. He clenched at his blankets like they were a lifeline. Something strange plagued his mind, filling him with the feeling of terror.

Something wasn't right.

Seconds later, Johan awoke with a start and sat upright. His chest heaved with heavy breaths, and his body was covered in a cold sweat. He was shaking from the aftershock.

When he calmed down a few moments later, he took a chance to observe his room.

Nothing was out of the ordinary.

Johan breathed a sigh of relief and wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. "God, that was a bizarre dream," he murmured. "Wish I could remember it though."

He shook his head and drew the covers off himself. He reached over and grabbed his clock and eyeballed it. From sleeping so long, his vision was a little blurry.

When it came into focus, he saw that it now read 7:34 AM.

"AAAH!" Johan shrieked, throwing the small clock back on the table and grabbing his school uniform off the floor. "I'm totally late for school! Oh, Mom's gonna kill me!"

Johan threw his school uniform on, grabbed his backpack, and raced out the front door.

"Bye!" he called back.

Johan never expected anyone to answer him, since his mom always slept in late (since she worked the night shift), and his father was always gone off to work by the time Johan woke up.

The bluenette raced down the streets as fast as he could.

Cars zoomed by, but there were no other students walking to school. Johan glanced down at his watch and groaned. He was super late for class. His teacher was going to kill him long before his mom did.

"I'm so late!" Johan cried, trying to pick up speed.

As he ran, Johan heard something behind him. It was a faint whirring, like the sound of spinning skateboard wheels. Johan turned around and saw something coming up fast behind him.

When it came closer, Johan saw that it was a boy, about the same age as he was.

The boy was riding on a skateboard, but it looked as if he was having some trouble balancing on it. His hair was long in the front and short in the back, and it was a lovely brown color with a lighter patch of brown at the top. His eyes matched the color of his hair. His skin was a lovely peach color, but his clothing was strange.

He was dressed like a male playboy bunny. He had floppy brown bunny ears that Johan couldn't see the strap to, as if they were real ears. He was wearing the black waiter-like top that flapped long behind him, and if Johan didn't know any better, he'd think that the boy was going to trip on it if he walked, it was so long.

"I'm so fucking late!" the boy shouted, putting his foot down to pick up speed on the skateboard.

Now, Johan was a very bright boy, and should have know better than to get involved. But, he was also very curious, and couldn't resist finding out what was going on.

"E-excuse me," he said, waving to the rabbit-boy. "But where are you going?"

"I-" the brunette boy said. "-am" He put his foot down to gain more speed. "-going to see-" He swerved around an oncoming pole and almost fell off him skateboard. "-the King!"

"The King?" Johan asked. I didn't even know that we had a king here.

The brunette boy smiled at him and picked up speed. Johan had to run just to keep up. "That's right! But right now, I'm so fucking late! I'm going to lose my head!" he shouted.

Johan blinked in confusion. "Lose your-"

He stopped when he felt himself pitch forward. He glanced over and saw the brunette boy flying in the air next to him, surrounded by complete darkness.

It took Johan all of five seconds to realize that he and the rabbit boy had fallen into a massive hole in the ground.

Johan screamed as he fell, but the rabbit boy just whooped and waved his hands in the air, shouting about how much fun it was. Johan continued to scream as the hole above him closed, and he vanished into the ground.


Moments later, when Johan regained consciousness, he found himself laying on a mirrored ground. He sat up with a pained groan and glanced around the vast emptiness.

The sky was a sea of blackness, as was the world around him.

"Where am I?" he murmured to himself. "Huh?" Johan glanced around when he realized that he was all alone. "Mr. Rabbit?" he called, standing up painfully and looking around. "Where did you go?"

"He went this way, laddie!"

Johan paused and glanced around for the source of the new voice. He couldn't see anything except for a giant doorway. Taking a moment to look at it, Johan saw that it was a huge slab with a boy on it.

The boy looked almost exactly like the rabbit boy, but his hair was blond. He didn't have rabbit ears, but he was dressed in a similar way, though his outfit was bright blue, not black. His eyes were closed, and his head was limp, as if he were dead. His arms were out like a crucifix, and his legs seemed to vanish inside the bottom of the door.

Johan slowly advanced. "A door?" he said aloud. "What a strange statue. It's kinda cute, though."

The statue suddenly glanced up at Johan when the bluenette finished speaking and opened its eyes, revealing them to be bright blue. "Thank you, laddie!" he said.

Johan shrieked and backed up. "Y-you're real!?" he shouted.

The statue on the door chuckled. "Of course I am," he said, in the same voice as the rabbit boy had. "If you're looking for Jaden, he's gone through the door to see the king."

Johan blinked. "Jaden?"

"The rabbit," the statue said. "On the skateboard?"

"Oh," Johan nodded and laughed nervously.

The statue looked up into his eyes and flashed him a reassuring smile. "What's your name?" he asked. "Please forgive my rudeness for not asking it earlier."

Johan laughed again. "I-it's all right. It's Johan," he said.

The statue on the door laughed. "What a cute name that is!" he said. Johan blushed and shuffled his feet nervously. "Well, it's all right. You can go on in through the door now."

Johan looked at the door and all around, but he couldn't find anything to open the door with. He looked back at the statue with a confused look on his face.

"I don't see a knob or handle to open the door with," he said.

The statue on the door chuckled and murmured something about Johan being cute. "Of course there's a way to enter this door, silly," he said, pointing to his body. "It's through here."

Johan stared. "B-beg your pardon?"

The statue laughed again. "Nervous? Well, don't be. Just c'mere. I'll do it for you," he said.

The statue reached out and grabbed Johan's wrists and yanked him forward. He brought the bluenette close to his body in an almost seductive fashion. Johan turned bright red and started flailing and shouting, but that just made the statue laugh harder. Johan anime-cried to himself and demanded to be let go.

However, before he knew it, poor Johan found himself out of the statue's embrace and kneeling on the bright green grass of a strange and gigantic forest.


Johan took a moment to take in his surroundings. He was in a thick forest with the sun shining down on him. Johan sighed and rubbed his arms with his hands, shivering.

"I was molested by a door," he whispered.

Johan stood up and turned around, and when he did, he spotted two brown-haired boys standing near him.

Both boys looked exactly alike. They had brown hair similar to Jaden's, as Johan had learned the rabbit boy's name was, but their hair was totally brown, lacking the light part on top. They had the same brown eyes though. However, while they were both wearing revealing Chinese-like outfits, the one on the right wore a red one, and the one on the left wore a blue one.

"W-who are you?" Johan asked.

The blue one pointed to himself. "Oh, I'm Juldee, and he's Juldum," he pointed over to the one wearing red on his right. The one on the right pointed to the blue one, Juldee.

"Contrariwise, he's Juldee, I'm Juldum," he said.

Johan laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his head. He felt somewhat strange being near these two. "I-I see," he said. "Um, could you tell me where I am, please?"

"Oh," Juldee said. "You're in Wonderland."

Johan blinked in confusion at the name. "Wonderland?" he asked. The twins nodded. "B-but Wonderland is the name of a world in a kid's story book. It's not real."

"Does this seem unreal to you?" Juldum asked, eyebrow raised.

"No," Johan answered.

"Then it's reality!" Juldee said, twirling once and turning back to Johan with a grin that reminded Johan of the fabled Cheshire Cat. "After all, what's real in Wonderland is not real."

"Contrariwise," Juldum said, stepping up and twirling next to his twin brother. "What's not real is real in Wonderland. You see?"

Johan laughed nervously at the two bizarre twins and said that he did. They both laughed and said that was a good thing, and then they turned to Johan with a big grin.

"What's your name?" they asked at the same time.

Johan calmed down a bit when they asked him a normal question. He noticed that both of them were smiling happily, their eyes closed, and reminding him of greeters at a store.

"I-it's Johan," he told the two brown-haired twins.

The two twins smiled and then lifted their hands up. "What's your reason for coming into Wonderland?" they asked. Johan couldn't help but feel himself shaking.

"I-I came in search of Jaden, the rabbit," he said.

Juldee and Juldum turned to one another and nodded once, then back to Johan. "He's gone to see King Judai. You may never see him again if he's late, you see," Juldee said.

"Contrariwise," Juldum piped in. "If he's late, you may never see him again."

Johan frowned. "But why-"

"Enough chattering!" Juldee snapped, waving his hand, silencing Johan. He grinned like a cat and leaped into a fighting position. "We must Kung-Fu fight!"

"I agree, brother!" Juldum shouted.

Johan squeaked and tried to dodge as the two twins came flying at him. He managed to dodge most of their attacks, but Juldee managed to land a blow to the bluenette's spine.

Johan cried out and fell to the ground, only to find that the ground wasn't there anymore.

He cried out as he was swallowed by the ground once again, and looking back, he saw Juldee and Juldum laughing and clapping their hands, but then the ground swallowed him whole again.

And Johan was plunged into darkness.


This time, instead of awakening on the ground like he had the two times before, Johan found himself free falling through the air towards a huge field of flowers.

He shouted and tried to cover his face before he hit the ground. If anything, he didn't want to get wounded, so he tried to curl up into a ball to cushion the impact that was rapidly approaching.

Before he hit the ground, Johan felt a hand grab him.

He felt the hand lower him to the ground safely, and when he looked back, he saw something fly from behind him and land on the low branch of the tree that seemed to appear from nowhere.

Perched like an animal on one of the branches was another boy.

His hair was very similar to how Jaden's had been, only it was much shaggier, and it was pure white. The boy looked like a mirror image of Jaden, only his skin was a pale mocha color. His eyes were the color of white wine, and he was dressed in a seductive, black leather outfit. It was revealing, and from his back sprang a huge pair of black bat wings. A small fang poked from the right side of his lips, and Johan imagined that there was another fang on his left side as well.

"Um," Johan rose to his feet. "T-thanks for saving me."

The demon-boy perched on the tree cocked his head to the side and blinked his wine-white eyes. "¿Quién es usted?" he asked Johan, his tone spiked with curiosity.

Johan was truly confused. He didn't speak Spanish, but he imagined that the demon-boy had asked him who he was. "I-I'm Johan," he answered, softly.

The demon-boy ran his tongue across his lips.

Johan wasn't sure if the demon knew what he had said, so he decided to mimic what the demon-boy had first asked him. Maybe he'd be able to get the creature to speak English.

"Um..." Johan cleared his throat. "¿Quién es usted?"

The demon-boy perked up and smiled at Johan with a toothy grin. "Yo soy el Jabberwock," he told Johan with a bigger smile. Then he seemed to become confused. "¿Qué estás haciendo aquí, en las maravillas?"

Johan frowned.

He had understood that this demonic boy was called the Jabberwock, but he didn't know what else he had said. Johan frowned and thought of what to say, but all he knew was English and a bit of German.

He turned back and shrugged at the Jabberwock. "I-I'm sorry," he said, shaking his head. "I don't speak Spanish."

The Jabberwock tilted his head to the side with a pout. "¿Tú no hablas español?" he asked. It was at this time that Johan understood that the Jabberwock could understand English, just couldn't speak it.

The Jabberwock tapped his mocha-colored chin and tried to think of what to do. He smiled after a moment and snapped his black gloved fingers and turned to Johan.

"¡Tengo una idea!" he shouted.

The Jabberwock immediately flew down from the tree and grabbed onto Johan's body. He drew the boy forward and pressed his mocha lips against Johan's pale ones.

Johan's emerald eyes widened, and he struggled to get away. The Jabberwock tightened his hold on the boy, and Johan tasted something strange in his mouth. When the Jabberwock drew back a moment later, Johan felt his body tingling, as if it were on fire from the inside. He gasped and hugged himself, sinking to his knees in pain.

"O-owwww," he whimpered, almost like a faint moan. "W-what did you do to me?" He glanced up and found himself face-to-face, well, not face-to-face.

He found himself face-to-bootwith the Jabberwock.

Johan glanced up and saw the Jabberwock kneeling down and smiling at him. The Jabberwock scooped Johan up in his leather gloved hand and smiled at the boy.

"Ir a visitar a Su Majestad, el Rey Judai. Él va a ser muy feliz de verte," he said.

Johan didn't understand, but before he could ask that Jabberwock what he meant, the Jabberwock blew on Johan hard enough to send the now tiny boy flying into the air again.

Johan cried out and went flying until he landed on the ground hard, a couple hundred meters away from where he had last been. He groaned and rubbed his head, sitting up and glancing around for the Spanish-speaking Jabberwock. But, he couldn't find it anywhere. Johan looked around and saw himself in a tall mess of grass and flowers.

Exhausted, Johan collapsed to the ground and rested.


"Hey!" a voice called from up above. "Are you still alive in there, mate?"

Johan groaned and sat up. "Ohh, let me sleep," he murmured, rubbing the exhaustion from his emerald eyes. "I haven't rested once since I got to this damn place, and I-"

Johan glanced around and saw that he wasn't in the same place he had been before.

He was at a tiny table where there were three other people sitting near him. Johan glanced around and saw that they all were similar to how Jaden looked, but they were different as well.

The one in the middle wore a huge top hat and a seductive bar-tender's outfit. Unlike Jaden, who the Hatter looked like, however, he had bright orange hair. The one on the right had brown hair and wore a pair of rabbit ears, and Johan thought it might be Jaden, but it wasn't. He was wearing what looked like a tube outfit. He was smiling and chugging a large amount of tea out of a cup and was twitching slightly. The final one was asleep, and wore a pair of mouse ears and a S&M outfit.

The one in the hat, which Johan decided to call the Hatter, smiled at Johan and offered him a cup of tea. "Care for a cup of tea, mate?" he asked in an Australian accent.

Johan laughed nervously. H-he reminds me of my friend Jim. Johan shook his head slowly. "N-no thank you."

The Hatter set the cup down and slid over so that he was behind Johan. He grabbed the bluenette into his arms and started to slip his gloved hand up the boy's shirt to his chest.

Johan blushed bright red and moaned at the feeling. It felt good, but at the same time, he wanted it to stop. He didn't even know who this person was!

"S-stop," Johan whispered. "Please, don't..."

The Hatter smirked and tilted Johan's head back so he had access to the boy's neck. "Don't what, mate?" he asked. Johan whimpered and tried to draw away, but the Hatter wouldn't let him. Johan could feel the Hatter's breath on his throat. "I thought you were looking for someone. Who would that be?"

Johan moaned softly and opened his eyes halfway. "I-I'm looking for Jaden," he whispered.

The Hatter smiled. "Jaden's gone to see the King."

The bluenette whimpered as the Hatter continued to feel up his shirt. "W-why do you all look so alike?" Johan whispered without thinking. "Why do all of you slightly resemble one another?"

The Hatter stopped feeling Johan up and removed his hands from the boy's shirt. "Because the King wills it that way," he said with a smile. "This is the King's world. He's just letting us all live here."

Somehow, that sounded strange to Johan.

He looked back up and saw the Hare, which he had named the one who looked so similar to Jaden, holding a cup of tea to him. Johan was about to refuse it, but before he could, the Hare shoved the cup to his lips and poured the liquid down Johan's throat.

Johan gagged and drew away with a cough, but before he knew it, the Hatter shoved him far away from them. Johan glanced back as he flew and saw the three people waving at him.

When Johan hit the ground, after learning that he had been up on a flower petal, he started to grow again.


He grew until he was the size that he had originally been. Johan blinked and glanced around, and noticed right off that it was nighttime rather than daytime, as it had been a few seconds ago.

Johan sighed and leaned against a tree. "Where do I go now?" he asked aloud.

"Mmmm," a voice cooed from above him. "That all depends on where you want to go, and when you want to get there."

Johan flinched and whirled around, expecting to see something like the Jabberwock in the tree again. To his shock, it wasn't the Jabberwock, but rather, a boy who looked very similar to Jaden with bright orange-blond hair and eyes. He had cat ears sticking from his head, a cat tail, and wore a one-piece striped uniform.

"Meow," the boy said, winking. "Hi."

Johan squealed and whirled around, covering his body with his hands. "W-who are you?!" he shouted. "What the fuck is going on here?" He covered himself since everyone who saw him seemed to be wanting to have sex with him or feel him up.

The boy with the orange-blond hair smiled. "I am the Cheshire Cat," he said.

Johan lowered his arms. "C-Cheshire Cat?" he asked.

"Yup," the Cat lowered himself from the tree and grabbed onto Johan's body, clinging close to him. "I really wanna get to know you better, my dear sweet thing." Johan whimpered and tried to draw away. The Cheshire Cat giggled. "Ooh, you're shy. Don't worry, dear. I'll be gentle with you for your first time."

"M-my what!?" Johan shrieked.

The Cheshire Cat pinned Johan to the ground and crawled on top of him. Johan whimpered and tried to pull himself from underneath the Cat, but found that it was almost impossible.

"No!" Johan called desperately as he felt the Cheshire Cat start to unzip that black jeans that made up his outfit. "Don't! Someone, help! What's going on here?"

Johan kept his eyes closed until he felt the weight vanish off his body.

He opened his eyes and found that the Cheshire Cat was gone. Johan sat up and zipped his jeans, looking around and seeing that he was in front of a large garden in which a large castle rested in the center of. Johan didn't know how he knew, but for some reason, he was sure that he was in front of King Judai's castle.


Johan stood and glanced around the massive garden. "How odd," he murmured to himself. He glanced over and saw a group of young men and other men standing around a bunch of white rose bushes.

The bluenette moved towards them and saw that the boys were all young ones(1) with similar hair to what Johan had seen Jaden with. They all had red buckets of paint and were scrubbing the white roses red. The boys all wore white with a red number painted on their chests. All of them were about the same age.

Johan walked towards them and advanced on one of the ones who was the closest to him. This one wore a umber 8 on his chest. They boy seemed really focused on his painting. "Um, I, uh," Johan said. "Excuse me."

"Sorry," the little boy said, dipping the paintbrush and continuing to paint. "I'm a little busy right now."

Johan laughed nervously. "I-I see, but, um, could you tell me where the King is right now?" he asked. The boys all seemed to drop their paint brushes and turn to the bluenette.

"We don't know," another one with the number 7 painted on his chest said. "That's why we have to hurry and paint these roses before the king sees that they were white once."

Johan stared at all the painting young boys. "What'll happen if he does find out?" he asked.

The boy with the number 3 painted on his chest turned to Johan with a big grin. "He'll punish all of us if he finds out," he said. Johan stared at the boy like he was nuts.

The other boys started cheering. "Yeah!" one of the ones with an A for ace on his chest shouted. "I wanna get punished by His Majesty! Isn't that everyone's dream?"

"Totally!" the others shouted.

While they were all laughing, and Johan was freaked out and confused, no one heard the branches that crunched underneath the pair of boots of the approaching figure.


"What is going on here?!"

Everyone stopped and whirled around. Johan flinched and turned slowly, half expecting to see some cynical tyrant standing behind him with a weapon to take his life.

He was afraid and yet-

Wow, Johan thought with a shudder.


Standing behind him was a young man who looked exactly, and I mean exactly, like Jaden, without the ears though. His hair was the same style and color, and his eyes were the same as well, just a bit more seductive. His skin was a lovely peach color.

The young man was wearing what looked like a seductive version of armor. It was black and gold, but there was only the top, and he wore shoulder armor with huge spikes that stuck high into the air. The armor top was long enough to cover any private areas, but his legs, up to his knees, were revealed. He wore a pair of black boots that came to his knees, and at his hip was a sword(2).

The boys with the numbers squealed happily and dropped their paint buckets.

"Your Majesty!" they shouted.

Johan stared at the boy that he realized must have been King Judai. Judai glanced around and laid amber eyes on Johan. His lips drew back into a fine smile.

"And who are you?" he asked.

Johan swallowed the lump that formed in his throat. "M-my name's Johan," he whispered.

The King seemed to make a face at the name. "Johan?" he asked, and Johan nodded. "Then you are the one that my dear Jabberwock spoke so fondly of."

Johan blushed and shook his head. "I-I don't think-"

Judai turned around and whistled to the Jabberwock. Johan saw the familiar creature appear on a tree branch; mocha skin, fluffy white hair, seductive leather clothing, and giant bats wings. The Jabberwock looked down and smiled at Johan, leaping up and down and waving his hands at the bluenette.

Judai turned back and smiled at Johan. "Seems my Jabberwock does recognize you," he said.

The king then looked and saw that the roses were half painted, half white. He frowned and turned his attention to the boys who had been painting them a short while ago.

"Who is responsible for this?" he asked, pointing to the flowers.

All of the boys started jumping up and down and waving their hands in the air. "It was me, Your Majesty!" they were all shouting. "It was all me! I did it, Your Majesty!"

"Quiet-!!" Judai yelled, and they all fell silent. "Since I cannot know for sure whose idea this was..."

His gaze swept across everyone, and everyone fell silent. Judai turned his gaze on Johan and smirked. Johan gulped and shivered. Judai smiled wider and grabbed the boy's arm.

"I'll just take it out on you," he whispered, his tone seductive and dangerous.

All of the boys started shouting that that wasn't fair and how lucky Johan was. Johan turned bright red as the King grabbed his arm and yanked him forward.

"My dear Jabberwock," Judai said to the demon-boy. "Make sure to punish the others, okay?"

The Jabberwock smiled widely. "Sí, Su Majestad!" the demon-boy shouted. He leaped from the tree and landed before the boys. The boys started squealing that being punished by the Jabberwock was almost as good as being punished by the King.

Judai took Johan's arm and smiled at him. "Don't think you can escape now," he said to the bluenette with a wink.

Johan whimpered as the king dragged him towards the castle. Johan stole one last glance at the Jabberwock, who was advancing in on the boys, all of them squealing with want.


The poor bluenette found himself thrown on a huge bed in what he imagined was Judai's bedroom. It was a regal room indeed, and the bed was much bigger than one person would need. There was enough room for at least seven people in the bed. Judai smirked and started unlatching his armor, letting it fall to the ground. He kept some of his clothing on, but for the majority, most of it was off and out of the way.

The brunette turned to Johan and crawled on the bed towards him. "Don't worry," he said, leaning down to Johan. "I'll be gentle with you, since the Jabberwock tells me this is your first time."

Somehow, the way that the king said it sounded strange, as if it were a joke. Johan blushed and closed his emerald green eyes, looking away from the king.

T-this is wrong! I-I don't even know this guy! I can't have sex with him! This is wrong! I can't have my first time with someone I don't know! Johan could feel tears filling the corners of his eyes. He didn't know why, but he felt wrong for some reason.

But he felt wrong because for some reason, doing this felt right.

Johan felt the king reach down and touch his cheek. Johan glanced up and saw the king smiling down at him. It was around this time that Johan noticed his jeans had been unzipped, yet again.

"You need not be nervous around me," Judai reassured the bluenette. "After all, one should only do things like this with the one you love. So there is no problem."

Johan glanced up at the boy. "N-no problem?" he whispered. "I don't even know you!"

Judai smiled at the bluenette, though it looked a bit painful, and reached down, capturing the boy's lips. Johan struggled for a moment, but Judai pinned the boy's hands down to the bed, keeping Johan from moving.

The bluenette started sinking into the feeling and whimpered. It felt good. That was the bad thing. It felt right. Johan felt like he had done this before, with this boy, in this place. He struggled no more and laced his arms around the king's shoulders. He felt Judai slip his hand up his shirt, and though Johan tensed, he calmed down moments later.

Judai took his lips from Johan's. "Of course you know me," he whispered with a smile. "After all, you have always come to this place. Every night, and we have always done this."

Johan was confused. "W-we have?"

Judai smiled at him and kissed the bluenette's neck, earning another moan from Johan. "You don't remember me when you wake up. That's how I planned it, because I don't want you to seek me out in reality," he said.

"W-what?" Johan asked.

Judai said nothing more and tore Johan's shirt open. The bluenette gasped and looked away, embarrassed. He heard the king chuckle, and then he felt something that he wasn't sure what it was, but it hurt and felt good at the same time. "N-no!" Johan struggled a bit, tears at the corners of his eyes. "J-Judai, don't..."

Judai smiled down at Johan. "But you know you like this," he told the bluenette. "You always have. Every time we do things like this with one another, you always like it."

"Who are you?" Johan panted, the pain subsiding. "In reality. Who are you?"

Judai smiled again. "In reality, the world you are from, I'm in a coma. I probably won't ever awaken from it. But I fell in love with you long before that, and I want to be with you, Johan. But this is the only way that I can. Please forgive me."

Johan couldn't say anything more.

He just leaned back and accepted whatever Judai did to him.

He cried out in both pain and pleasure, calling the king's name, and sometimes, he even said that he loved him. He heard Judai whisper loving words back to him, and for some reason, it made him happy. Johan closed his eyes and accepted what was happening. He wrapped his arms around the king as his memories came back.

Every night...

Johan remembered that every night, ever since about two years ago, he had the same dream. He had a dream in which he and the King, Judai, were in love, and they would have sex with one another.

Judai and I meet like this...

Johan cried out Judai's name, and the king called out Johan's. The pain had completely subsided, and it was total pleasure now. Johan's hands gripped at Judai's back.

And we'd do things that we will never be able to do in reality.

When they were done, Judai drew away from Johan and rolled over so that he was next to him. The bluenettepanted weakly. He was exhausted, but it was worth it.

But I know when I wake up...

Johan glanced over to Judai, who was laying beside him with his eyes closed. Johan leaned over and pressed his lips against Judai's cheek. He didn't see the king smile.

I wont remember him anymore...

Johan collapsed against the bed and closed his eyes, letting his mind slowly drift back into reality. He willed himself to stay awake and stay with Judai, who he remembered that he loved, but the exhaustion took him over.

Until I see him again.

But I will always miss him, even if I don't remember.


Johan groaned and awoke with a start. He glanced around and found himself back in his bedroom. The sun was shining through the curtains, and for some reason, there was a dull pain in his body.

The bluenette glanced around and noticed that he was all alone.

"That's strange," Johan murmured aloud, rubbing the sleep away from his eyes. "I could have sworn that there was someone here with me a moment ago."

The bluenette sat up and looked at his clock.

"Oh my God!" he shrieked, leaping to his feet as fast as he could. "I'm so late!"

Johan leaped to his feet and ran away from his bedroom after throwing on his school uniform. He called his goodbyes to his parents, and then he raced down the street as fast as he could.

"I'm so late!" he shouted. "My teacher is gonna kill me!"

A strange noise caught his ear. Like the rolling of skateboard wheels. Johan slowed down when he heard it. Something was familiar about that noise, though he couldn't place it.

"I'm late!" a voice called. "I'm so late! King Judai will kill me!"

Johan gasped and glanced around, his memories of the world that he entered in his dreams returning the moment he laid eyes on the skateboarding rabbit boy who was his ticket in and out of the world.

Somehow, he couldn't help but smile.

Judai, he thought, running after the rabbit boy named Jaden as fast as his legs could carry him. I'll be with you shortly! And this time, I do remember you and everyone else!


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