Title: Avast Ye, Mateys!

Genre: romance, humor

Rating: T for language and suggested themes

Pairing: JudaiXJohan

Summary: After his ship was sunk by pirates, Johan Andersen was left to die in the ocean. He was rescued by another pirate ship, where he is both charmed and freaked out by the ship's charismatic captain, Judai Yuki.

Me: All right! After a while, we have been requested to write a fic where Judai is seme!

Lucy: And Judai is a pirate, along with his crew! And Johan is a noble that was attacked by pirates and was rescued by the crewmates on Judai's pirate ship!

Me: So with some hope, things will turn out good!

Lucy: Please enjoy this chapter! We had a lot of fun writing it and we hope that everyone had fun reading it!

Chapter One: Avast Ye, Mateys!

He was surrounded by darkness, he knew that for a fact. As much as he willed it, he just couldn't force his green eyes open. It felt as if they were welded shut. Most likely from the sea water that he had just been floating in for countless hours. He could taste it. It was still disgusting. All of the salt and all of the aftertaste that floated in the sea was now in his mouth, and it made him want to gag.

The darkness around him became even worse in certain sections.

"What d'ye think it be?"

The voice with the terrible grammar was speaking again. It almost hurt the bluenette's ears to hear someone talking like that. But then again, after being taught ever since he was old enough to talk everything there is to know about proper grammar, it didn't surprise him that the sound of someone speaking horribly made his ears hurt.

A soft humming came after the sentence was spoken. The bluenette assumed that he was being surrounded by people, all of them speaking with the same poor grammar as the first man had.

"Maybe it be one o' them merfolk the Cap'n was talkin' 'bout!" another voice trilled.

"He can't be no merman!" another argued. "He ain't got no tail!"

The bluenette coughed and became aware of the dull throbbing in the back of his head. The poor grammar lessons were not a big help to him. He tried as hard as he possible could, and after a few minutes of struggling, his eyes started to open. His vision was flooded with white light, but the ones surrounding him hadn't noticed that he was starting to awaken.

"Lookit his clothes!"

"He must be one o' them rich folk!"

The dull humming was a bit clearer now. The bluenette could make out just about how many people were talking. At least forty were surrounding him at the moment.

With a soft moan, the bluenette opened his eyes and was greeted to the sun.

He winced at the light and lifted his tired arm up to cover his eyes. This was a dumb action, since seawater dripped off his arm and into his eyes. It burned for a moment, but he had been adrift for so long that he seemed almost use to the burning feeling. The humming voices around him fell soft around him, all of the sources staring directly down at the bluenette. He could make out the shapes and shadows of the forty people standing all around him.

Once he was fully awake, he shot up into a sitting position.

He was surrounded.

The people around him were dressed in black and red and leather, and there were swords attached to their hips. Their teeth were nasty and old and yellow, and the majority of them ranged in ages from twenty to fifty. They were in all shapes and sizes- some fat and some malnourished. It sent a cold chill through the bluenette's body to see them all around him.


"What be your name?" one of them asked.

The bluenette shivered, but felt like he should answer. "J-J-Johan," he murmured. He cleared his throat and tried to issue a greeting that his dear father Joshua had told him just before-

Johan sniffled at the memory of his father.

He lowered his chin a little bit, enough to keep eye contact with the pirates. He drew in a deep breath, tasting the salty air that flew around the sails and the deck of the ship. He arched his back so that he was perfectly straight. He smiled at them, as was custom, though deep down, he was shaking. He was afraid of these pirates, but being a royal meant he had to show respect to everyone, pirate or not.

"My name is Johan Andersen," the bluenette introduced formally.

One of the pirates ran his tongue over his lips to wet them. "So, ye be one o' them rich folks from Europe, ain't ya, laddie?" he asked. He had a thick Scottish accent, and a look to match.

"I am." Johan tried to say this confidently.

"Well," the same Scottish pirate chuckled. "You're definitely a beauty, ain't ya?"


One of the other pirates came over and grabbed Johan's shoulder. "Yeah, he be!" he smiled. "It's been such a long time, guys." Johan didn't like where this conversation was heading. "Who wants to go at him first?"

The ship roared with agreement.

"I do!"

"Me first, you fools!"

"You think he be a virgin still?"

"'Course he is! Nobles like them never do anything like that till they be married!"

Johan swallowed the lump in his throat and backed up a step. There was no use fighting it. He was probably going to be raped and/or killed by all of these forty pirates, and though he would have usually screamed for help by now, there was no one who would come and save him. He was on a ship in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by pirates who wanted to get inside him.

"I wanna go at 'im first!"

"Maybe if we all-"


The entire crew fell silent as a loud voice tore through the ship from what seemed to be the crow's nest. They all glanced up, as did Johan, curious as to who had come to his rescue.

From the mast of the ship came a young man.

He grabbed onto the mast a few times and flipped through the air as he came down, performing tricks and flips that Johan had only ever seen in the circuses that his parents- before they were killed by pirates merely hours ago- had brought him to when he was a child. They were memories that he would carry with him until the day he died.

Once the young man touched down before the crew, Johan was speechless.

The young man had to be one of the most amazing looking individuals that the bluenette had ever seen in his whole life. He had brown hair that wasn't like the other pirates'. His hair was long in the front and very short in the back. Most of it was covered by a black hat that Johan imagined signified him as the captain. His eyes were a lovely shade of amber. He was smiling reassuringly down at the bluenette. The rest of his body was covered in pirate clothing, but it was more regal than the other pirates'. The young man winked at Johan and then turned his gaze to one of his shipmates and glared.

"And just what," he snapped. "did you all think you were doing?"

Johan noticed right off how every one of the pirates around him flinched. It was amazing, he thought, how the glare of such a young man could send such a chill through the spines of men much older than he was.

The pirates looked at one another, as if silently asking who would go and face the wrath of the new pirate.

"Speak!" the young brunette shouted.

The pirates flinched and looked at each other with more urgency than before. Johan got a strange sense of amusement from this. The pirates who had just been contemplating raping and/or killing him were now shuddering at the sight of a boy who couldn't have been much older than Johan, though it was possible that he was a year or two older.

"Speak!" the brunette shouted again.

"W-we were just-"

The Scottish pirate cleared his throat. He stared at the brunette with a growing fear, his eyes wide and his motions as if he was preparing for the brunette to strike him.

"W-we found 'im out in the ocean, Cap'n, and-"

"And you just thought that you could gang-bang him without me knowing about it?" the captain shrieked.

Every single one of the crew members flinched and ducked down, as if awaiting some punishment. They all started screaming how sorry they were and about how it was never going to happen again.

"Have you all lost your blinkin' minds?" the brunette, obviously the captain of the ship, shouted, his voice echoing through the ship. "You were going to pull this kind of disgusting shit on my ship? I swear to the goddesses Calypso and Sedna that you'll all walk the plank for this if you ever even fucking think of doing it again! Am I understood...?"

The pirates all gave a fearful nod. "Y-yes, Cap'n!"

"Good!" the captain shouted. "Now get out of my sight! Y'all make me want to puke!"

The crew rushed away to other parts of the ship without another word. Johan gulped and stared at the angry captain, who was glaring after them as they all ran away. He looked absolutely furious.

Once the crew was out of sight, the captain turned back to Johan.

His angry expression vanished, and he was smiling brightly down at the bluenette. Johan blushed and looked away, not wanting to show this off to the captain he had just met.

"I'm terribly sorry about my crew," the captain said. "Are you all right?"

Johan could only manage a nod. He was a bit happier now that he had been rescued by the captain. And it was easy to talk to him because he didn't sound or speak at all like the other pirates on the ship did. And he wasn't like the others. He seemed kind enough. And he looked as if he took good care of himself, unlike the filthy pirates that he had just chased off.

"I'm glad," the captain said with a smile. "You'll have to excuse their actions. None of them have had sex in such along time, and when a lovely man such as yourself comes by, well, heh heh, that one's understandable."

Johan nodded slowly. "Yeah, I understand... I guess."

The brunette captain flashed him a wide grin. Johan felt like he was going to faint. The captain was so good looking and so incredibly kind that it was hard to imagine that he was a pirate.

"Um, please forgive my rudeness, um, Captain, sir. But uh, I didn't, um, catch your name," Johan stammered.

"That's because I didn't throw it," the captain winked.

The rich bluenette's face flushed crimson. "Y-yes, well..." he murmured. The captain chuckled at him. "M-my name is Johan Andersen, son of the nobles Joshua and Andrea Andersen. If it's all right to ask, what is your name?" He didn't know why he was blushing so bad over someone he had just met a few moments ago.

The captain winked again. "It's Judai. Captain Judai Yuki."

Johan's eyes widened in horror and shock. "T-the Judai Yuki? Are you serious?" he murmured. "T-the son of the billionare Nerigon Yuki? You're the same Judai Yuki?"

The captain smiled. "The very same."

"But how?" Johan asked, still deeply in shock. "I-I mean, you're alive? How? I-I thought- well, everyone thought you were dead!"

Judai scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Geez, you disappoint your parents one time by choosing a life-style that doesn't meet their royal demands and they tell the whole world that you're dead," he sighed. "Guess I've always been a disappointment to them. My father wanted me to inherit all of his companies, but I've always wanted a life on the sea."

"I know I'll feel stupid for asking this," Johan said. "but why a pirate?"

Judai chuckled and then sighed. "I've always enjoyed how... free pirates could be. I always enjoyed the way they could do whatever they wished without ever having to answer to anyone," he said."

Johan frowned. "You... hated being a noble that much?"

"Are you kidding?" Judai asked. "Always having someone telling you where to go or how to dress or what to do?" He sighed. "It was horrible."

"I know what you mean," Johan said with an understanding nod.

Judai continued to smile and took Johan by the hand. "Well," he said. "now that we've made some formalities, let's see if there's anything I can get you to do on the ship, shall we?" He tugged Johan's wrist and led him across the deck, past the grumbling crewmembers, into the lower decks where there was a young woman with ratty blond hair and golden eyes working at a cast-iron stove.

The woman was thin and bony, her hair tied back by a filthy black ribbon. She wore a red cotton dress and her hands were cracked and cut from years of working with a knife.

"Asuka," called Judai, pushing Johan gently before him. "We have another member to the crew. Make sure to make more soup."

Instead of being cheerful, the woman got mad.

She slammed her hand hard on the counter top; Johan winced.

Fixing Judai with a wicked glare, she pushed her way around the stove and stormed up to him, wagging a bony finger at him. "I'll not have it, do you hear me, Judai?" she screeched, her voice high and kind, despite the tone she was using. "The soup's as thick as sweat as it is! If I add any other ingredients, Lord knows what will happen!"

Judai scoffed. "Is that any way to speak to the captain?"

Asuka surprised Johan by cackling. "Oh, so you're the captain now?" she screeched again. "Ha! When did you finally grow some balls?"

"You wanna go overboard?" Judai snapped.

"You wanna find yourself a new cook?" Asuka snapped back.(1)

She had him. Judai started to protest, but he saw that she had beaten him. He sighed and waved his hand at her, turning back to Johan. Over his shoulder, Johan saw Asuka stick her tongue out at Judai and then wink at him.

Johan blushed. Asuka chuckled and went back to the cast-iron stove.

"Well, this is Miss Asuka Tenjoin," Judai said with a sigh. "Her brother Fubuki works on the crow's nest. Which reminds me, I have to go yell at him in a few minutes. He's overdue."

"For what?" snapped Asuka.

"His daily bitch session from me!" snapped Judai. "I'm the captain- I don't need a motive!"

Johan rolled his eyes.

"Anyway," Judai turned his stolen attention back to Johan. "For the time being, I'll have to assist Asuka in the kitchen until I find something else."

"Is that safe?" Asuka asked. "You know how I get."

Judai turned back to her. "Aye," he said, shuddering at an old memory, rubbing his shouler where an old wound must've once been. "But a few of the crewmen tried to rape him a few minutes ago. I figure they won't bother him if you're around."

Asuka's eyebrow shot up. "They tried what?" she screeched. "T-they tried to r-r-"

"To rape him- yes." Judai growled softly. "I scared 'em, though."

Asuka scoffed. "Well, that ain't gonna be nearly enough, Ju!" She turned to the pot of soup she was making and grinned evilly. She inhaled deep, making a nasily noise in the back of her throat, and then spat a glob of black and yellow into the soup. Johan shuddered; Judai just snickered and shook his head. The blond wiry woman clapped her hands together and eyed the soup as if it were her best masterpiece- looking at the whole kitchen, Johan wondered if it really was. "There! Let 'em eat that!"

"Good on ya, Asuka," called Judai with a whooping laugh.

The blond woman walked over and tucked her arm with Johan's. "Well, come along, sweetie. Let's go."

Shooting Judai one last smile, she dragged Johan off toward the back of the kitchen.

Johan looked back and saw Judai give him a reassuring smile. Then he shifted his hat, put on what Johan imagined was an "evil expression", and the stormed up the stairs.


CRASH! Johan jumped; Asuka just shook her head.


"Don't drop the fucking spyglass, you fucking dumbass!"

"You scared me! What was I supposed to do?"

Johan looked to Asuka, wondering if he should be afraid, but when she smiled at him, he knew that this must've been normal. He just shrugged his shoulders and asked what he was supposed to do.

"What can I do to help you?" Johan asked.

"Nothing very much just now," said Asuka. "The water is all I needed. Unless you want to start peeling the potatoes for the stew, which would be all right with me." She went back to stirring the boiling water.

Johan sighed softly. "No, I didn't mean that. I mean, yes, I will if you want me to, but I was talking to Ju- the... captain. I mean, when I talk to him, that's what I keep saying."

"Peel a few of the potatoes," commanded Asuka softly. "It'll give you something to do."

They were in the kitchen of the massive ship, a dank little room smelling of turnips and fermented beets. A dozen earthenware dishes were piled in one corner, and a very small fire was shivering under a tripod, trying to boil a very large pot of gray water. Asuka sat at a rude table, which was covered with leeks, potatoes, onions, peppers, carrots, and other vegetables. Johan stood before her, rocking slowly along his feet and twisting his hands together.

"They found another treasure chest this evening," he said.

"That's nice," Asuka answered. "That's fine. How many does that make it now?"

"Six," Johan answered proudly. "They've always-"

Asuka interrupted him. "Sit down, Johan, and stop doing that. I start to twitch all over when you start figetting like that." Johan sat down on the other side of the table. He drew a knife, one Judai had given him, and started moodily cutting away at one of the potatoes. Asuka regarded him with a small smile and went back to chopping the other vegetables.

"It's really strange," Johan murmured, rather to himself than to her. "I try to do the best I can. I call him 'Captain' like all the others, yet lately, he seems like something's bothering him. He is always smiling, but then he looks at me and his smile vanishes. He looks hurt." He sighed and nicked his finger with the blade. "Ouch! Dammit." He sighed. "I don't mind that he doesn't smile near me, but I just wish that I'd known why. He seemed to be happy with me when I arrived. He even tried flirting with me a few times, but I guess he does that with all his crew mates. I just wish I knew what was bothering him. I wish I knew!"

He slashed at another potato and wounded himself again.

"Cut away from yourself, not toward," Asuka scolded. "I've noticed it, too. When did he start to seem depressed?"

Johan shrugged. "I think a few months ago?" he said, though it was more of a question. "Oh, I remember. It was when I was officially accepted as part of the crew."

"I see." Asuka smiled, her eyes full of secrets. "What did you do differently that day?"

"Nothing," Johan admitted with a sigh. "I brought him dinner like I always do, in his bedchamber, and he tried to flirt with me always. You wanted me to get back quick- you remember?- so I said, 'Sorry, Captain, Asuka needs me to go'. He suddenly stopped flirting with me, frowned, and just... let me go. He didn't even try to stop me, to make me stay, like he did every night before."

"And what have you done differently since then?" Asuka prompted.

"Nothing," Johan admitted again. "I say the same thing. 'Captain, here's your food', or, 'Captain, I have to go'. But he's always frowning. I thought he liked being called Captain."

Asuka smiled softly. "He does, Johan," she said. "But not by you."

Johan frowned, hurt. "What...?"

"Don't misunderstand," Asuka added quickly. "It's not that he dislikes you. He likes you too much, which is why he hates you calling him that. You see, to pirates, being called Captain by your crewmates symbolizes that they don't feel close to you. It means that you are their commander and nothing more, the one in charge of them. There's no closeness is calling someone Captain when you're a crewmate. But if you notice, I'm like an elder sister to Judai, so I call him by name. You, before all this, called him by name. He liked that. He liked you. Have you ever imagined what he was like before you? Recall how happy the crew seems now? That's because Judai's not yelling or being angry all the time. But when you, you Johan, the one he secretly loves, call him 'Captain', it just ruins him."

Asuka placed a potato down and touched Johan's hand.

"He loves you," she said.

Johan stared ahead. Judai... loved him? "B-but..." He sighed and glanced at Asuka. "Why didn't he tell me?"

Asuka smiled softly. "Maybe you should ask him that yourself."

The crew nodded their heads approvingly toward Johan as he passed by. He smiled and waved to them, and as expected, they all waved back. It had been like this ever since he joined the crew a few months back. They use to glare at him, but when he became one of them, they patted him on the back, smiled at him, and were as polite as any other gentleman.

But it's only because of how I make Judai act, Johan thought with a soft sigh.

He stopped in front of the door to Judai's chambers.

He raised the back of his fist and knocked twice on the door, as he did every night.

Shuffling came from inside, and then the door opened slightly. "Come in," Judai's voice said, chipper and happier than Johan had heard it in a long, long time. He opened the door, and Judai turned around, smiling wide.

He saw Johan, and the smile faded.

The same torn look appeared on his face, and he turned away. "Oh, Johan, is it dinner time already?"

"Not yet, Captain," Johan said, wincing to himself.

Judai nodded slowly. "Then you came for...?"

"We need to talk," Johan said quickly, his tone urgent and eager. "Judai."

The brunette tensed at the name, his breath catching in his throat. Johan smiled softly, but Judai returned to his sad demeanor before Johan could be truly happy. "Okay then," Judai said, waving his hand to usher Johan over. "Take a seat." Johan sat on the chair across from Judai's desk. Johan frowned when he saw Judai still refusing to look at him. "Speak."

"Look," Johan said, his tone exhausted and scolding. "If you were so upset by me calling you 'Captain', then why the Hell didn't you say anything to me about it?"

Judai turned around and blinked, confused. "Hah?"

"Oh, don't 'hah' me, you know what I meant," Johan said with mock sterness.

Judai frowned and looked to the ground. He muttered something under his breath, which Johan inclined to hear. "I don't know... I didn't want you to be forced into a relationship with me. I didn't know if you felt the same, so I didn't force you into anything. But, it hurt to realize that you didn't feel the same about me. That's why I avoided you."

Johan frowned. "You stupid captain!"

Judai glanced up. "What?"

"If you were worried that I didn't feel the same way, then you were wasting your time worrying!" The bluenette sighed and folded his arms. "You are so stupid, Judai. Even for a captain, you're a first class moron."

Judai glared. "Hey! I'll toss you overboard."

Johan grinned. "Oh yeah." He leaned forward and kissed Judai quickly on the cheek. "I bet you will."

Judai flushed bright crimson and turned away. Johan smiled and moved to the door. "I better be getting back before Asuka kills me," he said, his back to the brunette. "Oh, and Captain?" Judai turned and stared at Johan with wide eyes. "You don't need to worry about being rejected. 'Cause I love you too, you idiot."

The brunette smiled slightly, closing his eyes. "Get out," he said. "And bring me my food."

Johan laughed and closed the door behind him. "Whatever you say, Captain."

For once, Judai grinned when he called him Captain.

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