Chapter 1- A new beginning!

The sun was shining brightly in Daydream Town. Everyone was playing happily. The wild Pokémon were prancing around with each other. Everything was just perfect. Here in Daydream Town, everything is at ease and there is hardly any noise. They say it's the most peaceful place in all of the Mira Region.

In one particular house, in Daydream Town. A young 10 year old girl is about to start her journey. Let's see what's happening right now in the house of the girl and her family.

"Honey!!! Time to get up! Or you'll be late!" The girl's mother shouted from the kitchen.

In the young 10 year olds room. She wasn't having the best morning. She simply lay in bed without a care in the world, she knew what today was, she just didn't want to get up.

"HONEY!!!!!!" Her mother shouted, but this time from the stairs.

"Alright mom! I'm up!" The girl shouted in an annoyed tone as she got up from her bed and ran to the bathroom.

After brushing her teeth, taking a quick shower, and brushing her hair. She quickly got dressed in the best clothes she could find.

Her hair was brown and straight, it went a little past her shoulders. She also had a white hair band with a pink butterfly on the side of it. She wore a magenta coloured blouse and a black skirt (sort of like Dawn's) that went to her knees. Her name was Kelly.

Kelly quickly stared into the mirror, giving her outfit a thumbs up. She always does this...And so she headed down for breakfast. (finally)

"Okay Mom I'm ready!" Kelly said as she sat down, ready to dig into whatever her mother made.

"Great, your knapsack is all packed as well. I can't believe your actually starting your journey..." Her mother said wiping away a few tears of joy.

"Yeah, and I can't wait to get my starter Pokémon"

"Have you chosen which one you want?" Her mother asked as she handed her daughter a plate with toast and eggs. Along with a glass of juice, of course.

"Not yet, it's just so hard to decide" The brunette said as she glanced at a postcard with the three starters on it.

"Don't worry, as long as you get a starter, you'll be fine" The brunette didn't know what her mother meant by that, but she just let it slide.

As Kelly finished eating her delicious breakfast. She waits outside for her mother to come say goodbye.

"Jeez what's taking her so long?!" The brunette yelled, pacing back and forth while looking at her watch.

"I'm going to be late!" She added. Just then her mother came running out of the house. Like finally! She thought.

"Okay honey be careful, remember that Professor Maple's lab is on the other side of Daydream Town so please be careful sweetie" The older woman said as she gave her daughter a hug. (Professor Maple has nothing to do with May Maple or so on lol)

"No worries mom, I'll be fine"

"Are you sure you don't want to take your bike?"

"Nah, I'd rather walk"

"You sure?"

"Yes mom" Kelly said as she started to walk off waving her hand as a goodbye.

"Okay well remember to call me!" Her mom said doing the same.

"No worries, I will!" And so Kelly disappeared into the Town.

The brunette kept walking and walking, she knew the lab was exactly on the other side of the town. Very close to the Daydream Forest. She glanced at her watch and started running. If she didn't get there by noon, she would have to wait until they get 3 more starters. She wanted to start her journey today!

She glanced at her watch again. "11: 45, I can make iiiiit!" She yelled as she fell to the ground. Aw crap I bumped into someone...

"Oh sorry Kelly! I wasn't watching where I was going" Another girl said, she was the same age as Kelly and also lived in Daydream Town. They were the best of friends.

"Oh hello Erika, it's alright, neither was I..." The brown haired girl said sheepishly.

"Hey did you get your starter?" Kelly added.

"Yeah but it wasn't from the original 3 starters"


"I didn't want any of the 3 starters, so Professor Maple let me catch one. Want to see it?"


"Okay Eevee come on out!" Erika said throwing a poke ball.

"Eevee!" The brown coloured Pokémon said.

"Wow! Cool"

"Yeah well I have to go now; I'm in a hurry to head to LittleRock Town! See ya!" Erika said while running off with Eevee in the same direction as to where Kelly was heading.

"Okay bye!" Kelly waved goodbye and glanced at her watch again. "11: 55! Oh shit!" The brunette yelled as she started running like crazy while the other towns' people just watched her in confusion.

She kept running and running and running...Until she finally reached Professor Maple's Lab. She took a quick glance at her watch while she ran into the building. It was exactly noon, she made it. Although Professor Maple and his assistants were looking at Kelly in confusion. "What, did I do something wrong...?" She said, totally confused to why they were confused. (LOL)

"Well hello there Kelly" Professor Maple said. He had black hair, tanned skin and wore a big white lab coat over his blue shirt and black pants.

"Hi there" The brunette said, walking over to the Professor and his assistants.

"Are you ready to pick out your starter Pokémon?" She nodded.

"But I must warn you though..."

"Huh?" Kelly said, confused as to what he meant by that.

"One starter has already been chosen by another trainer, so you only have 2 to pick from"

"WHAT!? NO WAY! Which one was chosen???"

"Eh...Treeko was chosen"

"Oh okay, I wasn't really planning on getting Treeko anyway" Everyone else in the lab, including Professor Maple fell to the ground anime style. They could have sworn that Kelly wanted Treeko.

"Oh okay well which one would you like?" He said releasing two Pokémon from their poke balls.

"Cynda!" One of the Pokémon said. "Squirtle!" The other cried.

"Umm....Cyndaquil... NO! Squirtle...NO! Ughhh I don't know" She said hanging her head in shame.

"Well I'll let you decide" The Professor said, leaving the room with his assistants.

"Um well I've always liked Fire and Water types. But I don't know which one of you to choose. Can you help me?"

"Cynda!" The fire type agreed while it ran around Kelly. It seemed to like Kelly a lot.

"Squirtle...." The water type didn't seem very interested at all. I looked like it was bored. Oh gosh.

"Well Squirtle doesn't seem very happy. But Cyndaquil seems to like me a lot. You know I've always liked Cyndaquil. Okay..." The brunette said picking up Cyndaquil.

"I choose you Cyndaquil" She added.

"Cynda Cynda!!!" The fire type cheered.

"Squiiiirtle...." The water type yawned and fell asleep. So much for Pokémon that love to be active.

"Well I see you've made your decision, Kelly" The Professor said while walking back into the room.

"Yeah, I've chosen Cyndaquil"

"That's great, well here you go" He said handing her a Pink Pokedex, 5 poke balls and a Pink badge case.

"Thanks" She said, taking everything and putting them into her knapsack.

"Ah yes here is Cyndaquil's poke ball" He said handing her another poke ball.

"Thanks, okay Cyndaquil, return" The brunette said. Returning her very first Pokémon into its poke ball, for now of course.

"Have fun on your journey Kelly! I suggest you go to LittleRock Town!" Professor Maple shouted as he said goodbye to Kelly.

"Okay thanks!" Kelly shouted as she started heading into the Daydream forest.

"Alright Cynaquil I choose you!" The 10 year old girl said as she threw a poke ball into the air.

"Quil!" The fire type cried as it jumped up and down. Apparently happy to see its new trainer.

"Let's go!" The brunette said as she and her new partner Cyndaquil headed deeper into the forest.

And so their journey begins...

Sorry I just had the need to stop it there, other chapters will be longer. So um what did you think guys? girls? I personally thought it was great. A little bit boring in the beginning and stuff but it came out good. Although I think I put too much dialogue....but I'm actually really excited to write this story. It's going to be a long one so please have fun reading it and enjoy yourself. I'll be accepting OC's but later on...well maybe, I'm still not sure yet. Anyways thank you for reading.

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