Chapter 5- Moving on...

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Kelly was in a tight situation right about now. First of all, her Marill wasn't in a good position and well she was going to get beaten badly if she didn't do something. But what could she do? She's been begging her Marill to get up for the past few minutes. Nothing seems to be working though. She'll have to use another Pokémon for now...

"Okay Marill, return..." Kelly whispered as her Marill returned into its poke ball. She'll have to use it later that is if she feels that she should just give up.

Kelly's POV

Okay so right now Marill is resting and well I can't decide which Pokémon to use next. Silcoon and Cyndaquil are good choices. Silcoon can use its string shot to tie up Onix and Cyndaquil can use its speed. I do have a strategy but I'm not sure which Pokémon is best for it. I guess I'll have to use my instincts and choose the best one for this job. "Cyndaquil!" I cried as I threw a poke ball into the air only to reveal my starter Pokémon, Cyndaquil.

This is my only chance to take control of this battle. And believe me. I will win. No matter what, I'm going to win this and win my first badge. Watch out Paul you and your Onix are going down!

Normal POV

"KELLY! Hurry up and call out an attack!" Michael shouted snapping the girl out of her thoughts.

"Huh? Oh right! Cyndaquil use quick attack around Onix and keep it up!" Kelly commanded her Cyndaquil.

The small fire type caught onto what its trainer was asking for and proceeded with the command. Cyndaquil quickly used its quick attack and started running everywhere trying to tire out the big rock type hoping it won't be able to attack once it gets really tired.

Onix was just confused. It didn't know why the heck Cyndaquil was running around randomly but it couldn't keep its eyes off Cyndaquil. (Perverted Onix :O) It kept getting dizzy and dizzy and just plain tired.

Now Paul was just as confused as Onix. He didn't know what was going on but he didn't like it one bit.

"Okay Cyndaquil return!" Kelly said as her Cyndaquil returned into its poke ball. "Now Marill let's finish this up!" She said as her Marill appeared right in front of the dizzy and tired Onix. Marill appeared to have healed a bit.

"NOW MARILL! USE WATER GUN WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT!" Kelly shouted with all her might.

Marill let out a powerful water gun. Probably the most powerful water gun anyone has ever seen. Onix, well it just couldn't take anymore. It felt like it was getting hit by a huge wave and not being able to escape. After what seemed like forever, Onix finally gave in and collapsed right on the spot. Paul looked terrified, Kelly looked shocked and happy, and Marill and Michael just cheered.

"Onix is unable to battle, Marill is the winner. Therefore the victory goes to Kelly!" Reggie said.

"We won? WE WON! Oh my Arceus! Thank you so much Marill! I knew you could do it!" Kelly said as she quickly hugged her Marill. She took out her Cyndaquil's poke ball. "Thank you too...Cyndaquil"

Kelly, well let's say that she was on the urge of tears, but she kept it in.

Michael quickly ran out of the stands to congratulate Kelly on her first victory. "Congrats Kelly" Kelly looked up and smiled. "Thanks Michael!"

"Well I guess that's that...I lost" Paul said, reaching into his pocket for something as he walked over to Kelly and Michael.

"Well here you go Kelly...the Smash Badge" Paul said, handing her the black and grey coloured badge.

"Wow thanks Paul" Kelly said as she accepted the badge and cheered.


The rest of the day was pretty much the usual. Kelly and her Pokémon took a nap while Michael explored a bit.

Michael's POV

I was walking on the path towards the lake nearby; it was the best place to think.

Today's battle was pretty good. I actually enjoyed it. Kelly did great and Marill and Cyndaquil were awesome as well. Ha ha lately I've been feeling like a stalker but maybe I could travel with Kelly and help her throughout her journey. She needs a training partner after all. Maybe I should ask her if I could travel with her. No! She would never agree so I'll just go with her to the next town and pretend nothing happened. Yeah that's it. But would she even notice? I doubt it; sometimes she can be very clueless. Oh my Arceus, there I go rambling on again, and it's about a girl too! Okay I think I should shut up about Kelly now.

As I got to the lake I noticed something, there was fog everywhere. My vision became blurry and I couldn't see a single thing. Great just great! I think I should head back now before I get into trouble or even worse. Danger...


When I got to the Pokémon Center I decided not to disturb Kelly if she was still asleep so I went to the cafeteria instead. But to my surprise. Kelly was already there. I walked over to her.

"Hey Kelly, I didn't expect you to be awake"

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Uh-oh. I think I crossed the line.

"N-Nothing! I swear!" She started laughing, err what?

"Hahahaha I'm just playing"

"Oh..." Geez now I feel so stupid!

"Where were you anyway?"

"Oh I was walking around" She raised an eyebrow. Oh no...I got more explaining to do.

"Um well I was bored and stuff..." I added. Hopefully that was enough.

"Oh so you were bored without me huh? How cute!"

Oh no! No no no no no no! She took it the wrong way. Great just great! Now she's going to keep bothering me about this for the rest of the day. Ah jeez why does this always happen to little old, wait scratch that, little young me...?

You know what's funny? My parents always said I needed a girlfriend but I was like "HELL NO!" But now I still don't agree! And you want to know why? Because every girl I meet always bugs me a lot and teases me. It's annoying.

Normal POV

"Um Michael? You okay?" Kelly said, obviously concerned as to why he stopped talking.

"Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine!" Michael said.

"Oh okay..." She said then sighed.

"Hey how about we call it a night?" The brunette raised an eyebrow.

"At 2 o'clock in the afternoon?"

"Um actually forget that, how about some training?"

"Sure! I could use some more practice before I leave this town and head off to the next one"


"Okay Kelly, which Pokémon will you be using?"

"This one!" Kelly said as she threw a poke ball into the air only to reveal her grey bug time Pokémon, Silcoon.


"Yeah, I would like to train it a little bit more. Plus I can't wait for it to evolve!" Kelly happily cried. Michael chuckled.

"Okay Kelly, I'll be using Staraptor again. Let's test your skills!" Michael said as his Staraptor appeared in front of him, obviously out of its poke ball already.

"Okay and I'll go first. Silcoon use string shot!" Kelly commanded.

Her grey bug type Pokémon quickly let out a fast string shot, hoping it would reach Staraptor in time. Sadly, this had to happen.

"Staraptor, fly!"

Staraptor barley moved an inch and the string shot went right by it.

The brunette started to get a little pissed off, but she held it in. "Okay Silcoon use your best Tackle attack!" Her Silcoon quickly attempted to jump into the air to catch up with Staraptor but failed. Kelly grew angrier. And she was getting a little impatient as well. Arceus knows why she's beginning to feel this way.

"Staraptor use Ariel Ace!" Michael's Staraptor quickly hit Silcoon with a powerful Ariel ace. Luckily, it didn't get knocked out yet.

Kelly's POV

Oh my Arceus! I'm losing! I was expecting to win in this battle...urgh what's wrong with my Silcoon? Why can't it attack properly? This is really pissing me off! I feel like getting into that battle myself and getting rid of that Staraptor on my own. My Silcoon is becoming more and more useless by the second.

"Umm Kelly...? You there?" I heard Michael ask, geez boys don't know when to shut up do they?

Normal POV

"Shut up!" Kelly shouted. Michael was taken aback by her words and was feeling a bit of concern for the brunette, but he shrugged it off for now.

"Okay Kelly I think we should end this battle for now..."

"Fine! Have it your way!" Kelly snapped at him.

"Holy Arceus, Kelly what has gotten into you lately?" Michael asked. Kelly paused for a moment.

"To be honest I'm not sure what is going on with me...I feel weird now every time I battle. When Silcoon kept missing its attacks, I kept getting angrier and angrier. I felt like ripping your Staraptor and my Silcoon apart. I feel like Paul. Ha ha it's like his coldness is rubbing off on me or maybe it's some sort of affect that trainers get after battling him" Kelly said.

"Kelly you know this isn't good, right?" Michael asked.

"Yes I do know that, Michael. I guess I'm not ready to leave this town just yet..."

"Yeah, maybe you're right. Stay here for a little while longer. Maybe that will help get your mind off things. Especially battling"



The rest of the day wasn't very exciting. Kelly went to bed early and Michael was thinking about what happened earlier with Kelly.

Hmm...I wonder why Kelly was acting and feeling that way. That never happened to me when I battled Paul last year. Something's up and I guess I'll have to ask Kelly tomorrow. Right now I need to get some sleep. Michael thought before he quickly went to bed.


Kelly sighed. What happened earlier? Why did I act and feel like Paul? Why is this happening? To be honest I don't know what happened out there. I just started acting all cold and mean. It's really weird...I don't get it. I JUST DON'T GET IT! It doesn't make any sense. From what I know, this hasn't happened to any other trainer who has battled Paul. So why me? It just doesn't make any sense and I don't think I'll ever figure it out but hey maybe it's a one time thing? I'll have another battle later on to see if it was just something else. But yeah I don't think I'll be able to freaking sleep with all these thoughts going through my head...

In the morning... (Kelly's POV)

My eyes started to open but I quickly shut them closed because the sun was shining directly at my face. How I hate it when that happens. Don't you hate it when this happens? Ugh kill me...Now I don't feel like getting out of bed. Oh well. I guess I could sleep in, unless Michael tells me to get up. He's so annoying you know? Like oh my Arceus, what's up with him? Okay um instead of listening to me complain and all that stuff. Why don't you go see what Michael is doing?


Michael was just...well let's just say he wasn't himself this morning. He was on the floor, Arceus knows why. And he was awake, but deep in thought. And we all know why. So let's just leave him alone.


I looked at the time. 10:30 AM. Oh no. Lunch is in 2 hours and I still haven't eaten breakfast. I better hurry.

Kelly quickly got up, took a shower, got dressed and headed downstairs to the cafeteria. But she was stopped by...

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