HA, HA, HA, HA good news everybody. I thought it over late at night only because I had a little (Six hour) cat nap once I got home from school. So anyway I thought it over and thoughts some more while in school. Then during Enrichment (I hate that period it's so boring and we do nothing it's like a study hall ) ( I actually use the time to do my homework that I didn't do at home) anyway so I went to the media center during enrichment to finish my outline I had to do for English. I'm pretty sure you guys are now wondering what the heck this has to do with the story…well I was on my yahoo when I saw the revised version of different me I was typing up and decided to read it and well…I feel like writing it again along with that other story (I don't have a name for it yet) and I figured if I write it then I can't use something from it and give it to the other so I decide to just do something different for the other story.

So now that's done I can get to write these stories.

On another note I have a poll up for my other story the one I told you about in the other Author note. Because I am stuck I want to know if I should put Ino or Sakura should go with Sasuke meaning they would also be on the team with him because well they would have the animal trait in their blood. I'm leaning more towards Ino only because of her clan jutsu with the mind. I think that's awesome but I could go with Sakura being with on the team and with Sasuke but well like I said I'm stuck and leaving the decisions up to you guys. Whoever gets the most votes is well on the team and with Sasuke. just vote when you see the poll up there

Now I think you guys would like the revised version of different me. I think it's funny and whatever but well you gets the picture right. Well that's all folks.

Ah I'm almost done with chapter one for Different me which is going to be called something different I guess. Different me I just put there well because I couldn't think of a title and my parents mostly my father was rushing me off the computer.

Ha well that all I have to say I'll try to upload the first chapter to the revised version of different me once I finished it and I'm like halfway (Or more) done.