He is my King, My Aibou

Chapter 1: My Body

Summary: Captured by Aizen, Hichigo Shirosaki wakes up to find himself out of Ichigo's mind and in a functional physical body! Escaping Aizen's terror, Hichigo asks Urahara for help. While waiting for Ichigo to wake up, Hichigo comes to the realization that he loves his orange haired king and will not stop to make him his. Full of drama, angst, fighting, and a whole lot of other shit you can't get enough of! READ!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach. If I did, It would be a world full of gay couples, Rukia would be dead, and I'd be best friends with Gin. But I'm not, so I will have to deal with it. Watch me run away crying!!!

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I'm submersed in it…

I feel heavy…

Where is my King…?

My body is sore…


My eyes are heavy…

I need to open them…


Where is my King…?

Open my eyes, where is Ichigo…!

I opened my eyes. I looked around confused. I was not in the mind of Ichigo Kurosaki. No…I'm in water. I turn my head right to left. I see a room. A large room; blurred by the water that surrounds me. There are a lot of machines. Some made weird sounds; other's were patiently waiting to be used. I twisted my head, wrapping my long white tail around my cold body. Wait, a tail?

I look behind me to find that I did have a tail with a red tipped color design on it. I also found out that I had long white hair that reached my waist and red horns. They were small, but very pointy. I felt around my face, feeling my hollow mask pushed to the side of my face. Looking down at my exposed body, I found a hole where my heart should have been, if I had a real physical body of course.

Ichigo! I yelled in my mind, hoping that he was still alive. Through our connection, I was able to feel a faint reply. It might not have been words, it might not have been a physical contact, but it was a feeling. Almost like as if he was simply tapping my head, but so soft, like a silent whisper to my ear.

It was a reassuring feeling, that meant Ichigo was safe, for now. Though, seeing as it was his only reply, it meant that he was, at this very moment, either asleep or unconscious. I believe it was the latter, though I prayed it wasn't. Of course, who am I going to pray to, God? I chuckled slightly and closed my eyes for a moment, before re-opening them when a familiar presence came into view. To my eyes, the person in front of me was blurred by the water, but I knew who the presence was. "Aizen…"

I growled at the man that seemed to be below me, seeing as I am currently floating in a big tub of water. Though I couldn't see it myself, I knew the man was smiling smugly. The way his aura that surrounds him feels, he was obviously smug about something. I scoffed at him, growling deeply in my throat. To think that I could see him, he could see me, and I was in my full hollow body, freaked me out beyond belief. I glared at the man before me, trying to pry open answers to my questions.

"What the hell did you do Aizen?" I glared at the man, my tail thrashing around wildly in response to my anger.

"What are you trying to accuse me of hollow?" Aizen asked his voice full of smugness.

I growled, "Hichigo" Aizen cocked his blurry head side ways, "Excuse me?"

I growled again, "My name is Shirosaki Hichigo, not hollow."

Aizen's sickening laugh made me shiver in disgust. "I wonder when Ichigo named his pet." I snarled at the blurry image of Aizen, slamming my fist against the glass. I barred my teeth, my golden eyes obviously burning in hate. He laughed again, "Watch yourself Hichigo-kun; you don't want your precious 'King' getting hurt now do we?"

I was going to yell and threaten his damn life when he dared to speak my first name, but when he threatened the life of my King, I controlled myself. He laughed again, knowing full well what could get me to cooperate. Cursing inside my head, the blurry image of Aizen spoke. "I'm glad you fully understand now. And as for your earlier question, you're right, I did do something."

"No shit Sherlock." I replied sarcastically

He simply waved off my comment and placed his hand on the glass that separated me from killing him. "A master piece you are, do you know that? Yes, it took quiet a while before I finally got you out of Ichigo. Though, both of you would have died, if the orange haired human didn't make it. I'm glad he survived but also quiet disappointed he couldn't die. He continued yelling on about how we couldn't take you, or that you were his and all this other nonsense."

He laughed, going over to one of the beeping machines and pressing a small blurred orange button. Seconds later, to my right, a blurry image of a black wall made a soft squeaking noise before rising, revealing a blurry image of a orange haired figure laying on a long silver table, lots of wires connected to his skin in many different areas all around his body. My eyes widened in realization to who the figure was, catching the faint feel of his low spiritual energy.


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