He is My King, My Aibou

Chapter: Oh Death

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"You must die…"

Even with all the screaming, crying, moans, and wails, that one sentence made every sound meaningless. Looking up slowly, eyes wide and brimmed with tears, Shiro found Kisuke standing before him, far enough not to touch the wavering spiritual pressure. Scared eyes hardened and he gripped Ichigo tighter to his chest.

"Ichigo will not die! I won't allow it!"

The unknown spiritual pressure continued with its assault. Kisuke shook his head sadly.

"No, not Ichigo but you Shirosaki. You noticed I'm sure that Ichigo is dying. We tricked his body but not for long enough. He needs your soul in order to survive."

"Then take it!" Shiro yelled, tears threatening to fall. "Stop staring and put me back in Ichigo! He's dying!"

Urahara did not take a step forward. "Know that you'll run the risk of you forever disappearing if I do this Shirosaki."


"Your body is complete and full with only half a soul. It got used to it. So the sudden transfer to another body will affect it greatly. You'll be completing Ichigo because everything you have will go to him. Everything. You most likely will disappear…"

Shiro looked down at his love, watching him wither and whimper from the pain. His tanned hands gripped his kimono his face pressed desperately into his chest. Shiro wanted all this to go away. No hollows, soul reapers, or souls. He just wanted his aibou, strong, healthy, and alive. His heart clenched as another wave of pain hit Ichigo and his heart beat stopped almost for a whole minute.

With an iron hard resolve, Shiro looked up to Urahara. "I don't care what happens to me, its Ichigo that matters. Kill me Kisuke, please. I…I love him."

Shiro cried in the crook of Ichigo's neck and let his spiritual wall crumble. Urahara stood behind them in a flash and with a brush of his sword, he pierced Shiro's back. Shiro did not scream but only tightened his hold as he felt his body dying.

It was a lie you know. They say hollows don't have hearts. It's not true…

The beating of his heart stopped. Like water, Shiro felt the rush of life leave him through his fingertips. His body was slowly breaking down and his strength diminished. Another stab to his side and everything became fuzzy.

White static was the last thing Shirosaki Hichigo saw before darkness of death took him over.

Oh how wonderful a scene that made, I thought as I chuckled to myself.

It did not matter to me if Shirosaki Hichigo lived or died. As long as I have proof that he went back into the strawberry's body. Oh how Aizen would freak. Hmm, I also need to get a super mega coffee cup. Where to find one, where to find one~.

I watched as Urahara ran over to the berry and helped him to stand. He helped him up the stairs and into a room, where he began checking over his body. I watched the scene for awhile before disappearing. There was a coffee cup I needed to find before I go back to collect the soul reaper.

"Oh Death, how wonderful you are~!" I sang joyfully.

A/N: What the freak? What about Hichigo?

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