English Rose

Chapter One: The Prime Minister's Office


It was Felix holding me up, hooking his arms underneath mine to keep me somewhat straight. I wished he would drop me, leave me to despair on my own.

I stared at the Minister for Magic in front of me. He gave me a sympathetic look before turning his back away, muttering something like he was sorry before disappearing. My coven was stood, crowding around me like sympathetic vultures. It was only Felix who bared my pain; he cared for my fiancé as much as I did.

"She's dead." I finally said. Felix finally dropped me.

"She's not dead she's missing." He said flatly as he crouched down in front of me. I looked up at him. "Find her."

I closed my eyes at his words. "I can't, I've lost her tenor for weeks now. I just thought it was magic…" I looked up at Marcus. He was the man I was soon to become, an unhappy, emotionless vampire suffering with the loss of his mate. Finally I could see why Edward had come to die all those years ago.

"Fuck that." Felix said, also looking up at Marcus, almost reading my mind. He grabbed me and pulled me up. "She's not dead she's missing. It's Evelyn for Merlin's sake! I won't believe it!" He said angrily, pushing me towards the doors.

For years I searched with him and for years I didn't find her…

Authors Note:

Well! I hope you all enjoyed the sneak peak. I'll update the first chapter of English Rose in a couple of days. It will be rated T for the swearing, I decided to make it a bit more mature-ish. Ha!

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