Their first kiss was an accident.

Penny leaned up to place a kiss on his cheek, Sheldon turned his head to chastise her for the same.

Two pairs of lips met and, to their shock, a tingle started.

Penny jumped back so hard she almost knocked over the tray of chocolate brownies that Sheldon had made; the reason for this predicament in the first place.

Sheldon stared at her with bright blue eyes shining in wonder and confusion.

"Penny-" he started but she held up a hand and, grabbing the tray, bolted back to her apartment slamming the door behind her.

Their second kiss was carefully planned, plotted and deviously manipulated.

By Sheldon.

The feeling of her mouth on his had been the catalyst for his 'deal' to suddenly become of paramount interest to him.

With the press of her lips on his he had been flooded with feelings and emotions and his mind had gone wondrously blank for the first time in his life. For once he'd been able to feel without thinking and the sensation had been... miraculous.

Now he was left with desire- the main one being to recreate that blessed sensation as soon as possible.

It had taken a few days before Penny could speak to him properly again, and even longer before she could look at him without blushing.

Sheldon, like the gentleman his Meemaw had brought him up to be didn't mention the kiss.

But he thought... and plotted.

Their second kiss looked like an accident; Sheldon leaned down to whisper in Penny's ear as she turned to see who was touching her because it couldn't possibly be Sheldon; he didn't do touching.

And yet as she turned her head and his lips grazed her cheek, landing fully on her lips, it was his hands that spanned her shoulders and didn't let her pull away.

Sheldon did do touching. Except for when he wanted to.

This time he allowed her five full Mississippi's before he let go and stepped back. Penny's eyes were glazed and she gaped at him for several seconds.

Sheldon smiled to himself as she babbled and all but fled back to her apartment.

Big ol' five indeed.

Their third kiss was unexpected and really not an accident.

Having reestablished their equilibrium and ignored the secret side long glances and casual looks, they had settled back into the routine of Laundry night.

Penny kicked her feet against the drier and Sheldon pretended to scold her whilst secretly wondering how someone's eyes could really sparkle that much.

He admired pretty much everything about her as she talked about her day and he edged closer and closer, enthralled by the shapes her mouth made, if not the noise they produced.

Suddenly he reached forward, slid her to the edge of the dryer and cut off one of her stories mid-sentence by plastering his mouth against hers.

Their third kiss was sloppy and unpracticed.

Their fourth kiss was perfect and then they lost count.