Title: One Track Mind
Author: JenF
Challenge Word: Soak
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: I do not own the Winchester family, their property, their friends or their enemies. If you recognise something, it's probably not mine.
A/N 1: Happy Birthday Supernaturalbuffy. A little delirious Dean for you, as ordered.
A/N 2: I had great trouble keeping this down to 100 words. So much so I had to abandon my first attempt which will appear at a later date as a much longer snippet.

"Stay down, Dean," Sam orders, resting a firm hand on his brother's heaving chest.

Dean shakes his head frantically, grabbing Sam's hand. "I can't," he pants, eyes beseeching in the most pathetic way that pulls at Sam's heartstrings. "I have to find Sammy."

Sam sighs. "I'm right here, dude," he soothes. "You found me. You got me out."

He feels Dean relax and takes the opportunity of removing his brother's blood soaked jacket and shirt before Dean flies up off the bed again.

"Sam?" His eyes dart round the room, unfocussed and scared. "I have to find Sam"

And Sam could cry.