Summary: Hinata goes on a mission but don't remember nothing……..Hinata then finds herself waking up as a cat and now she have to survive as a cat. Naruto and the gang don't know that she is gone. Only one person knows that she is gone, the Uchiha. He finds Hinata as a cat and takes her in, as his own. Hinata needs remember what happen during that mission so she can get back to her normal self. With the help of some new furry friends, will Hinata find a way back to her normal self? (Everybody is at least 18 or 19)

Chapter One: Being a Kitten is Gonna be Hard

'Cat talk'

'Human talk'

'Cat thinking'

'Human thinking'

Hinata's Pov:

It was early in the morning, and birds chirping away the day. I yawned and I stretched every muscle in my body. As I sat up to rub my eyes, I froze when I felt a paw touch my face. I looked down to see a white paw. I placed my hand back down in my lap. I froze again as I watched the paw lay on the carpet………OMG!!!!

I raced into the bathroom, which was in my room. I hopped onto the sink and looked into the mirror. Only to meet eyes with a sky blue eyed cat.



I froze and placed a paw on the reflection. My heart was beating 10 times faster then what it should.

"Hinata, it's time to get up. Hiashi-sama wants you to get ready for a meeting." Niisan voice broke the silence into pieces.

My fur stood on ends. I can't let him see me like this. I hop from the sink and ran back into the room. Everything looked so big when you're a cat. I almost ran under the bed by accident, forgetting that I wasn't human. I found my balance and looked up at the bed. I heard Neji knock on the door again. I jumped on top of the bed and ran to the window. Lucky for me, my window was open. I liked the feeling of the night's cool air.

I leaped into the next window sill beside mines. Which was Hanabi's window, I hop onto the next one. That was the bathroom window and finally I jumped onto the tree that was right next to the window.

Once inside the tree, I slowed made my way down to the ground and landed on all four. I looked up at my window and I saw Neji looking around in my room.

'I'm sorry Niisan, but I must find a way t-to turn human.'

I ran outside the garden of the Hyuuga Mansion.

0. O.0.o

I never thought being a cat would be so difficult. I mean, I thought cats had it easy but they seem to have it worse.

I got chanced by:

15: kids

6: Adults

11: Old People

5: Dogs

0: Cats

I sighed as I sat down under a tree in an empty training field. If I see one more human, dog or anything that can kill me. I'm going to go and just jump off a cliff nine times.

I felt my ears pirk up I heard something in the bushes. I hissed and growled.

"What's your fucking problem?"

I heard…..wait…..if I could hear him then that means….

I saw a midnight blue cat walk out from the bushes. He titled his head and looked at me with a confused feature.

"S-Sorry, I wasn't born a c-cat." I mewed to the cat.

"You mean a 'kitten'" the male cat spoken when he walked to me.

As he walked closer I saw that he was a little bigger than me. I looked at him and he rubbed his fur against mines. I kind of liked the new company. I felt myself purring.

"You said you wasn't a born a cat. What did you mean by that?" the male cat spoken as he started to lick the fur behind my ear.

I mewed, "The only thing I can remember is that I was on a mission. Then I had woken up in a body of a kitten. What's your name by the way?"

"Fujakam is my name. My owner died a couple of years ago. So you're new to this cat game. Why not stay with me? I mean if you want help, because you won't have a chance of surviving on your own." Fujakam said walking toward the middle training post.

I watched as he walked away. I would need him in the future and I don't know how to survive on my own… this body. I gave a soft smile through my eyes, "Hinata Hy-…..Hinata is my name."

I followed Fujakam and he looked at me with a gentle look, "Let's go look for some food, Hinata."

I mewed in agreement and walked beside him, as we left the training ground.

Normal Pov:

Soon as Hinata and Fujakam left the training ground, team 7 came to it.

Naruto grinned, "Let's get to it Sai. You said let's see who the better ninja- Ow!!!!" Naruto held his head as Sakura slapped him across it again.

"Sai didn't say that!!!" Sakura glared at Naruto and then looked at Sai and Sasuke. Sasuke sigh, "I'm going to relax in the shade. Tell me when you are done training." "You not go to train Sasuke-kun." Sakura asked worried. Sai raised his eyebrow and looked at Naruto who was now frowning at Sasuke.

"Why not train teme!" Naruto yelled in questioning.

Sasuke yawned, "Because you were the one who dragged me out my house 6 in the morning just to train with you, yesterday. So you guys train while I catch up on my fucking sleep, dope."

Sasuke walked to a tree and sat in the shade not knowing that Hinata and Fujakam weren't far away…….