Chapter Seven: Silly Kitty, Catnip is Bad!

Hinata's Pov:

Rex and I watched, as Fujakam and Doll flirted with each other. Rex would bump me with his tail whenever Fujakam would make a corny or cheesy comment. I did not have anything against Doll but she had this awful meow-laugh. It would sound like she is throwing up a hairball. The first time she laugh, Rex and me was trying to soothe her and tell her it will be ok. Fujakam was lost for words but in the end, we only figured out, she was laughing.

"If I hear him make one more cheesy comment, I think I might give my nine lives up." Rex whispered into my ear. I giggled softly at Rex. He sure did remind me of Naruto for a sec. I looked into Rex's teal eye and navy blue eye. I felt the heat reaching my face a little bit. Rex would be a good-looking human, if he were one. Rex looked at me from the corner of his eyes, started purring, and started nipping my ear. I giggled and meowed lightly while smacking him with my paw lightly. I padded at him lightly while my tail swished back and forth.

Fujakam and Doll turned to look at us play. "Awwww, look at the cute kitty. Hinata sure is adorable." Doll purred lightly, as she sat down with her tail curled neatly around her. Fujakam rolled his eyes, "Yea she is but you're cuter."

Doll rolled her eyes and lightly hissed at his ignorance. "You're just so stupid sometimes… I want some catnip."

I froze as Rex rolled on his back and wrapped his arms around my hind legs. He was nipping at my thigh lightly. He stopped though, when he saw that I was still as fake ice. He stood up and looked at Doll then me. Doll had this nonchalant look on her face. Fujakam chuckled, "Are you addicted to cat nip? My, my, Doll I didn't expect you to be a nip-addict."

"Oh, shut your mouth! I like it time to time, but I haven't had it in a while that I was just craving for it now." Doll hissed at Fujakam and turned her head the opposite way.

"W-What's cat nip? Is t-that stuff t-that gets c-cats high?" I asked looking worriedly at Doll. Rex nodded his head, "Yea most cats only take it because it makes them feel invisible. But in the end it only makes them dumb."

Doll stood up and started walking again. Fujakam was the first one to start following her. Rex hissed lightly, "I don't like where this is going." I nodded my head. I had the same feeling as well. We looked at each other for while but then started to follow Doll and Fujakam.

I just hope Sasuke is achieving his task….

Sasuke's Pov:

I stopped in front of Lady Tsunades office doors. I knocked three times, waiting for her reply to come in.

"Come in."

I walked into her office, Lady Tsunade was standing up and Sai was in her office with a scroll. My eyes traveled from Sai to Lady Tsunade.

"Lady Tsunade, I would like to have a word with you." I said standing parallel to Sai who looking at me with a slight smirk. "Lady Tsunade and I were having an important discussion." Sai said looking at Lady Tsunade then me. I glared at him and felt my eyes change to sharningan. I didn't have time for Sai and his dumbness. It's bad enough I don't like his pale ass.

"I don't care what you two were having. This is more important than that. The mission Hinata went on…. She did return." I said sternly trying to get my point across.

Lady Tsunade eyes got a little bigger, "You saw her Uchiha? Where is she, we been looking for her for the past couple of days."

I felt Sai's eyes on me as I focused my gaze on Lady Tsunade. How can I explain that Hinata's a cat and she needs our help to get her back to normal? Why in hell do I care so much? I'm the cold hearted Uchiha; I don't give a damn about anybody but myself. However, I feel this new awareness within myself to help Hinata….The little kitty cat named Snow. I felt my lips tug into a smirk. I'm going to tease her to death with that name. I shook my trying to break the train of thoughts and focus on the present.

"She is a white kitten…" I said waiting for Lady Tsunade reaction.

Lady Tsunade gave me a light glare, "You're telling me Hinata is a kitten…..If you can give me proof then I'll believe you Uchiha."

I was about to leave when an idea popped up in my head, "Kiba…I'll get Kiba to say if that it's Hinata. I'm sure that the mutt will come in handy for this one time."

I smirked at my own idea and left the Hokages building without waiting for Lady Tsunade approval. Now all I had to do was…..I stopped walking when I was a couple of blocks from the Hokage building. Where the hell is Hinata? She can't speak human….Damn, now I got to find her. I'll go get the mutt's help first then I'll look for Hinata…ha, little kitty named Snow… I smirked as I hopped buildings to the vet center.

Hinata's Pov:

I frown to myself when Doll and Fujakam walked through this whole under a bandit house. I looked at Rex for any signs but that was no help. He looked annoyed to the max. I bit the back of his neck, "Rex let's not go in there. I got a horrible feeling about this. My cat senses are tingling to the maximum." Rex gave me a worried look, "I feel you to Hinata but….I knows this may sound crazy. Maybe my brother is in this little joint. Can we just take a look in then leave?" I couldn't say no to Rex pouty face.

I crawled into the whole, happy that I was so flexible. I flinched at the smell of catnip. I back up only to back up into Rex's furry chest. I felt Rex chest vibrate from purring. He was trying to make me calmer. It was kind of helping, knowing he was there beside me. I walked further to see all types cats rolling and licking each other. It was a line against the wall, it seem to lead to another part of the under passage.

I turned to face Rex questioning. "You see all those cat's lined up…I wonder where they're going?" I asked lightly. Rex growled lightly, "They are getting the catnip from that room." Rex sniffed in that direction and hissed a little louder, "It's also a … how you say…..Sex room."

I stiffen up and turned my head to this dim lit hallway. I started to walk down the hallway, forgetting if Rex follows me. I peeked in the room to see Doll and Fujakam sniffing smoke from a catnip flame. Other cats were sitting around talking. I walked to one of the empty cloth spots. I sat there trying to keep to myself. Yet it's hard when you're a pure white cat.

I felt my fur on edge when I saw a dark brown cat with intense orange/ brown like eyes. I was going to leave when I the cat stepped in front of me.

"Excuse me, but I haven't seen you around here…" the brown cat light purr was almost like acid to my sensitive ears.

I tried to hold my voice steady but I failed, "I-I'm….y-yes you can ummm s-say I'm new h-here."

The brown cat purred happily, "They call me Dirt. What's your name, kitty?"

I winced at his name, why have a name like that? Maybe because of his fur color but it could be called something else. I flinched when I smelled the awful catnip lingering on Dirt's breathe. I took a step back but he only stepped forward. Those orange/brown eyes showing no signs of good, I wanted to run from the way he was looking me.

Dirt got closer and his purr got louder. "P-Please don't c-come any closer." I meowed out as sternly as I can but again it failed. Dirt only laughed at my actions.

I couldn't help myself I felt my paw reach out and swat across Dirt's face, my claws digging into his face. I heard a fierce his come out his mouth. I flinched back and closed my eyes waiting for Dirt to strike back at me.

I didn't feel no impact in fact I heard a loud hiss. I open my eyes to see the back of Rex. Rex's back was arched and his ears were lying against his head.

"You wouldn't dare touch Hinata! You lost your damn mind! A cat like you shouldn't even have nine lives to waste on nothing but catnip! You filthy piece of creature! Now I see why they call you dirt!" Rex hissed out, I flinched as I watched his claw come out.

Dirt wasn't backing down either. He stood up and hissed. I watched horror as he limped at Rex. Rex rolled on his back biting Dirt's neck. Rex's hind legs were digging into Dirt's stomach. Dirt was trying to get free from Rex's death grip but he was failing. I always hated when cats fought because it sound so awful.

I crawled out the way when they pushed my way. I felt Doll eyes on me. I turned around to see her approaching me quickly. "What is going on? Hinata, what happen between Rex and the cat?" Doll asked looking annoyed.

Was she mad that I ruin her getting high? My eyes were a little shocked, "N-Nothing….D-Dirt was t-trying s-s-something."

Why was I nervous about telling her what happen? Was I afraid that Doll was going to get angry at me?

I watched in shock when I saw Doll give me an angry expression. "You are ruining me getting my catnip! Why couldn't you just allow him to mess with you for a bit and then none of this would happen!" I felt my eyes get watery and I couldn't help but feel a pain of remorse going through me.

That's when I felt anger go through me. Doll was making it seem like it was my fault.

"Excuse me but I didn't do anything! I only c-came in here because of you and Fujakam! I d-don't want to be anywhere near catnip! Especially if it's like drugs! I w-wasn't around a-any when I was h-human and I damn sure won't be around any now that I'm a cat!" I hissed out.

I looked around when I realized everyone was staring at me. Doll was fuming and I could tell she was going to pounce. I looked over at Rex to see if he was done and I noticed that I couldn't find him in the room full of cats. I turned around and ran to the exit before Doll was about to pounce.

I could hear her chasing be down the hall. I crawled out the exit before she could catch me. I hopped over a fence and landed into a garden. I was back on the main street trying not to get ran over by wagons and horses. This world was so big and I was so small. I hated this; I ran into an alley and curled up into a ball in a side box.

I didn't move when I saw humans dump trash into a dumpster not too far from me. It was night time and I felt so alone and cold….

"Hinata I know you are awake….May I join you?" Rex soothing meow came. I looked over my shoulder to meet those teal eye and navy blue eye. I felt this warmth grow over me. I felt so safe when I was around Rex. "Y-Yes, you may." I felt myself meow back to him lightly.

"I'm sorry about everything. Dirt was such a jerk! Next time I'm going to trust your intincts ok Hinata! I promise you I'll protect you till your back to your human self!" Rex meowed lightly at me. I purred lightly in agreement.

He crawled into the box with and cocooned himself against me. I purred in delight. Rex laid his head on my shoulder and I placed my head over my paws. We lay there peacefully. I felt him purring lightly. I felt a blush creep over my face.

I closed my eyes. I can't be having these thoughts about a cat. Especially if I am human….I felt a blush creep up on my face when my thoughts trailed back to Sasuke. I wasn't home…I bet he's worried about me. I wonder how things will be between us once I'm back human. Will he still show that caring side of him? Or will he shelter me out like everyone else?

I felt myself drifting into the darkness of sleep. Rex purring not helping me fight the peaceful monster. I will just have to go to Sasuke's once the sun rises again.