I do miss my real name from time to time, but I knew that I had to change it to live a proper life. Amazingly enough people seemed to have forgotten about my little stunt all those years back, but there was still some danger in saying the name Claire Bennet. There was always someone who remembered, even though all the trouble everyone had gone through to make it seem like it never happened. I have to confess that I did look the other way when some innocent people had been "disposed off" and that for a long time I was the most hated person in "our" community. If only that video hadn't been hidden away from us, and if only those few persons who saw it and didn't think it was just some trick hadn't been so passionate about discovering the truth about our kind.

We'd all gone our separate ways after that. Dad and I had stayed together, until he died. Peter had left with Sylar and I'd never seen him again. And now it didn't matter. Everyone was dead, even Sylar, hidden away somewhere with some blunt object pierced through that special little spot. Sometimes I thought about seeking him out, just to make sure that he was really dead, but I never did. He had to be dead though, I mean, I must be the only living person which whom he has a past. If he was alive, wouldn't he seek me out? Sometimes I wished he would. Even though all those horribly things he'd done to me, he would've been the only thing I could relate to, but I always pushed that though far, far away.


Considering the fact that I've been forced to take on a new identity every seventh year or so, there is no denying that I have it pretty good. I have my three houses and my five apartments, my twelve bank accounts, my five cars and last but not least; that old, small, wrinkled business card with the number to Mr. Seamus Cornell, attorney at law, that's been lying in my wallet for more than 70 years now. Sure, it's not like I really need it, I know it by heart, but somehow I'm quite attached to it. After all, Mr. Seamus Cornell has given me all that I have today. Sometimes I wonder how it would've been if I'd never met him. I can't even imagine how I'd manage without all those papers he's created for me.

Though sometimes he could be kind of cruel. He once gave me the name: Dorothy Finger. I gave him plenty of mean words for that, but mostly he did great. I adored that man more than anyone, and not because he had helped me for all these years. The mere fact that he'd been around as long as I had made me happy as hell. The knowledge that I had someone around that wouldn't die as soon as I'd made their acquaintances was something that no one else could give me. And that's who my thought were lingering on as I now stood here, staring into that all familiar shape. Relief filled my body as I saw that the right side was vacant. I'd always had the right side of the room in all my years of college. I exhaled deeply before entering through the open door to repeat the same introduction system that I'd been made so accustomed to.

"You must be Sarah!" the new stranger, hopefully soon friend to be, exclaimed before I'd even had the time to turn my head to look at her. I gave her an honest smile.

"Yep, that's me!" I answered enthusiastically as I dragged my suitcase to the bed. After I'd placed it I sat down on the bed. This wasn't rude; somehow the "shaking hands routine" had just withered away during all these years. Nowadays, you just nodded or something like that. Shaking hands were for the very old, not for us youths.

"I'm Samantha, but everyone calls me Sam, you can call me Sam if you want, I actually prefer that to Samantha, Samantha makes me sound so old, you know!?"

"Sure…" I said hesitantly. It had now been made too obvious that I'd have some sleepless nights this year. Bur frankly, I didn't mind, my dear lawyer friend had shown me that with the right amount of healthy food and meditation I could be up for weeks at a time if I wanted to. I could find several reasons to why that could be useful, if it wasn't so horribly boring.

"Oh, you're cute! My friends are going to love you!"

"Thanks…" I said as politely as I could and did my best not to frown. Cute in the real world meant something absolutely different than it did in my world. In my world cute mean interest, and interest later lead to relationship, and that later lead to possibly marriage if you were lucky, and then marriage lead to death, for everyone but me. So it was kind of hard for me to be anything but happy when someone calls me cute.

"You too." I added after my brief moment of thought.

Sam smiled widely at me.

"So you already have friend here, huh? Makes me feel kind of behind myself." I said.

"Oh, don't worry about that! You'll get friends right away! I know it! And this is my second year anyway, so I already know everyone worth knowing." Sam giggled. I didn't like the fact that I'd been placed with such a girly-girl, but at least I had a whole group of people as potential friends. I took comfort in that.


When I realized that I was awake I slowly opened my eyes and peered over to the bed across the room. It was empty. I closed my eyes again and yawned loudly. Then something moved on my bed, brushing my feet. I shriek and jumped up into a sitting position, quickly preparing myself for battle. I turned my eyes towards the potential threat and my heart relaxed.

Sam giggled and grinned at me from behind my feet.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you like that," she said between giggles "I was just waiting for you to wake up."

I rubbed my eyes with my knuckles.

"That's alright, Sam."

"Come on! Hurry now!"

I stared at her.

"Hurry for what? Aren't we free today?"

"Yeah, of course, but it's time for breakfast and I really want you to meet my friends!" she said with an almost childlike tone. I yawned again.

"I don't know, Sam…"

"Don't be a bore! It'll be fun! They're all dying to meet you!" she interrupted.

Well, this can't be any good; I thought to myself, but I did as she said.

After I'd dressed she dragged me by the hand down to the cafeteria. We ordered our breakfast and went outside to a big round table occupied by five people. As we approached one boy got up from his chair and went over to the nearest table and grabbed one empty chair. By the time we were close enough everyone had moved their chairs to make room for mine. I felt a little bit like an intruder but everyone was smiling and peering curiously at me, so it wasn't that bad.

Milo, Lucas, Amanda, Trish and Ingrid were their names. They were all overly polite to me and they were all interested in where I was from. I had my story straight, and I told them.

"I'm from London" I said for maybe the thousand time in my life.

"Really? But you don't have a accent!" Trish so stupidly stated.

"I never got one. My parents were American and I was homeschooled, so I always stuck to the American accent."

"So you've been homeschooled until now?!" Lucas exclaimed. I smiled at him and nodded.

"Yep." I simply said. They all gave each other all to obvious looks and I did my best to pretend not to notice.

"Are you like super smart then?" Trish asked. I laughed.

"No, I'm just average."

And that was actually true. Sometimes I wondered if my ability made it impossible for my brain to evolve even the sightless. I wasn't dumb of course, but I thought I deserved to be a little smarter than everyone else considering my age.

The rest of the breakfast went on just like this and when it was time for us to part our ways, I was delighted. I said my goodbyes and hurried back to my room. I grabbed my purse, made a quick inventory and then hurried back out. I closed the door, turned around and gasped. I went to a stop and stared into a pair of dark eyes, mere inches from mine.

"Milo! You scared me!" I said in relief as I realized who it was. He took s quick and very gracious step back without taking his eyes off mine. Strains of his blonde hair covered most of them, but I could clearly see a pair of brown eyes behind it. I opened my mouth to speak but then realized something. Milo was soaking wet. His clothes and hair were dripping heavily onto the floor.

"Did it start to rain?" I asked.

"No," he simply said. I started to feel uncomfortable.

"Well, I'm going into town." I said and started to make my way past him but he stepped in front of me.

"Did you really just come from England?"

I was taken aback and could feel my own confused expression take form on my face.

"Yes." I said and tried to pass him again. He wouldn't let me.

"Are you really sure?"

"Of course I am!" I snapped angrily at him "I ought to know where I'm from! Now let me pass!" I nearly hissed at him. He smiled darkly at me and stepped aside.

"If you say so…"

At first I didn't move, I just stood there glaring at him. Then I pinned my lips together and stomped away. I could swear I heard him chuckle behind me.