A/N: Spoilers from Breaking Dawn movie

"Alice," Jasper calls quietly into the darkened room.

Despite her heightened senses Alice is so lost in her own thoughts that she does not hear him until he speaks. She jumps slightly, turning to look over her shoulder, the worry and fear still etched in place. "Hey" she says and forces a small smile, knowing it is a lost cause.

His eyes are intense as he watches her, searching her face. In this moment she hates it, it makes her feel exposed, naked. She knew it was only a matter of time until he would come and find her, asking questions; she's been an emotional wreak once everything quieted down.

He moves closer to her, his head cocked to the side as he contemplates his next words, clearly not fooled by her smile.

"What did you see," he questions and she thinks she might crumble at his feet.

"Nothing," Alice says as she tries to hold herself taller.

He clearly becomes more concerned as he moves closer, reaching out and gently settling his hand on her arm, "Alice."

Alice sighs, then takes a deep breath, fighting not to throw herself into his chest. "It doesn't matter," she insists as her eyes fall closed, struggling to hold her composer. "It didn't happen," she whispers more to herself than him, squeezing her eyes shut as pieces of the vision wash over her again.

He moves his hand off her arm, choosing to pull her into a hug, wrapping her securely in his embrace. He means to comfort her, but it has the opposite effect. She trembles in his arms, suddenly finding it hard to breath. Closing her eyes tightly, she fights against the overwhelming emotions and the crippling fear at the thought of losing him.

Desperate to drown out the pain and avoid talking about it, because somehow that makes it all the more real. She pulls him down, catching him completely off guard as she crushes her mouth to his. The physical closeness does nothing to ease the pain and Jasper's well aware of that as he fights her advances while she tries to remove his clothes.

"Alice" Jasper calls out as he pulls back.

"Jasper please," Alice responds weakly.

"What did you see?" He asks again, refusing to let the subject go.

The words feel thick and heavy in her throat, and the look he gives her breaks her heart, he wants to help. She can see the vision clearly again. He's forced to his knees by overwhelming pain, they lock eyes as he's surrounded and in an instant her world ends.

"You died," she chokes out through a strangled sob.

His face falls instantly, he's devastated for her and that only serves to anger her all the sudden. "Oh Alice," he moves to hold her close to his body once again. She jerks herself form his arms, comfort is now the last thing she wants.

"I agreed to let you die" Alice cries as curls into herself, bumping into the table behind her. "I sacrificed you, Carlisle, Leah, Seth all on the hope that Aro would chose a different path because he didn't want to die. I had to accept that path as the only one because if I had faltered for even a second it could have changed everything. I gambled with your life, with everyone's lives-"

"Shh," Jasper ties to reassure her as he reaches out, pulling her close and holding her tightly. "None of that happened, you have nothing to feel guilty over Alice, we're safe. We're safe because of that vision. I'm not going anywhere Alice."

Alice wrapped her arms around him burring her face in his chest, knowing that he was right, but it did not help that the images were forever burned in her head.