All We Needed

Warmth. All around her was warmth. She was lying on something very, very soft. Her left leg was itching uncomfortably, and several places on her face felt burned. Great, how was she going to explain this one to her father? Something warm and scaly nudged her cheek. She blinked slowly and opened her eyes to see Toothless blinking down at her with concern. Relief flooded through her. He was okay. She was alive. She had time.

"Hey Toothless," she said weakly, smiling and reaching out to pet him. He started to nudge her face anxiously, lifting his front legs onto the bed. She laughed. "I'm happy to see you too, buddy- AGH!"

He had stepped on her stomach by accident, and she bolted upright, hugging her stomach in pain. Then she noticed her surroundings. "Ah… I'm in my house," she realized. Horror swept through her as she looked at Toothless, who was shaking and licking his lips nervously. "You're in my house," she added in shock. "Does my dad know you're here?"

Toothless began tearing through the room like crazy, knocking over furniture and climbing up on the rafters. "Toothless! No, no, Toothless! Dad's going to kill us if he finds out you're here!" He paused and looked at her. "Toothless, come on. I take you to Anstred and he'll-"She had started to get out of bed but had stopped as she lifted the orange wool and her eyes fell on her left leg. Her breath stopped.

Toothless silently dropped to the ground and watched her nervously.

She let out the smallest of sighs, not knowing which emotion she should be experiencing right now. She felt tears come to her eyes, but she held them back, knowing now that she was stronger than that. Crying wouldn't fix anything. Even she was surprised by how much courage was welling inside her at this moment.

She slowly swung her right leg over the bed to rest on the ground. And then she let her metal leg rest beside it with a soft clink.

She breathed hard and looked at Toothless in disbelief. So this is what it felt like to lose a limb. Halfway down her shin, her leg ended and a metal appendage began. She had not expected to survive the battle unscathed; in fact she had been pretty sure at some moments that she was going to die, but a full-on missing limb? It was a little too much for her to take in despite all the courage she now possessed.

She took another deep breath, in through her nose and out through her mouth. She slowly stood up and put some weight on the fake leg. The pain caused her to hiss. She quickly straightened up and took another deep breath. She stepped forward again and this time the pain sent her falling to the floor. But of course she never hit it.

Toothless was right there, protecting her once again. He had caught her and now the two had locked eyes. What had she done to deserve him? And then she caught a glimpse of his tail, the right fin missing as always. "We really do belong together," she whispered, clutching him in another hug. He gave a low purr and lifted her up.

"Okay…" she whispered. She had to do it sometime. He was here for her and hopefully always would be. "Thanks buddy," she said softly, using Toothless as a crutch as she shuffled to the door.

She let go for a second to pull it open.

A Monstrous Nightmare was hovering right outside.

She slammed the door shut. "Uh, Toothless?" she said, once she regained her nerve. "Stay here." She opened the door again and stared.

"C'mon guys, get ready, one more time, here we go!" cried Snotlout from atop the Nightmare. They took off, followed by the rest of the training dragons, their riders cheering.

She stepped outside and stared. "What the…" A group of Nadders were nesting on the roof of a house. A group of Terrors were play-fighting on top of a pile of fish in a wagon. A Gronkle was helping a Viking chop wood. A Nadder strolled with a little kid on its back. All the weapons were in a messy pile off to the side. There was only one logical solution.

"I knew it," she said, "I'm dead." She heard heartily laughter and her dad approached her. Her dad was in dead too?

"No, but you gave it your best shot." He gestured to the changed world. "What do you think?" She could only shake her head as a wide smile appeared across her face. "Good things happen when you listen to experts on dragons." It was amazing. Hiccup had no words to describe it. "You mom would be proud of you, just like I am."

Somebody below noticed them, and then there were cries of "It's Hiccup! She's finally awake!" echoing around Berk as a crowd of Viking raced up the hill towards her. She couldn't help but note that at least half of them had a Terror on their backs.

"It turns out that what we needed was more of… this," said Stoic, sweeping his hands down in front of her.

"But… you just gestured to all of me," she questioned, smiling. She merely beamed at her proudly and nodded. She threw her arms around him, hugging him tight. He quickly reciprocated the gesture. "I love you Dad."

"I love you too Hiccup."

"Well, most of you," said Gobber, stepping in front of her as she let go and gesturing to the artificial leg. "That part's my handiwork with a little 'Hiccup' flair thrown in! Do you think it'll do?"

For the first time she stuck her leg out and really inspected it. And she just kept thinking that if Toothless had managed to be okay, so would she. "I think I might make a few tweaks," she joked and the Vikings all laughed.

And then somebody punched her hard on her right arm. She let out a cry of pain and turned around, rubbing her arm. Anstred was standing right there, his hand still in a fist. "That was for scaring me," he said with a smile on his face. Why did he take such joy in causing her pain?

"That hurt! You really think you can keep this up! It is not very nice to punch people out of nowhere just because you have a problem with them!" She folded her arms in frustration. "I don't know about you Anstred. You seem all nice and then you just hit girls in your spare time." She paused. "I'm still waiting for my apology. If you-"

And then he pulled her in and kissed her full on the mouth. If he wasn't holding her steady she probably would have keeled over right then and there.

After a few seconds he pulled away, leaving her standing there with what was probably a very dopey look on her face. She took a second to recover. "Apology accepted. Just remember you pull that stunt again, and Toothless will be more than happy to protect me. I'd watch my back."

He gave her a satisfied sort of smile. "I'll keep that in mind." He looked at her for a long moment. "You are an amazing person Hiccup. I'm just sorry it took us all this long to realize it."

She hugged him. "Thank you," she whispered, "for everything." That was when she noticed her Dad, whose mouth had now been drawn into a thin line. Thankfully, Gobber stepped forward and placed something made of metal and red material in her arms as if he sensed what was about to happen.

"Welcome home," he said, smiling. She looked down at her new fin and smiled, hugging Gobber as well.

"Night Fury!" one of the Vikings suddenly cried. "Get down!" another shrieked.

She whirled around and saw Toothless bounding over the heads of several Vikings to stand in front of her, looking at her with big puppy-dog eyes. "I'd never forget about you, buddy," she laughed, giving him another hug. He then impatiently gestured to the new fin, telling her it was time to get going. Anstred laughed. She grinned at him and then back at Toothless.

"Are you coming?" she asked Anstred. He went to nod but Stoic clamped his hand on his shoulder.

"Hiccup, you and Toothless go along without him for the time being. Anstred and I are going to have a nice, little conversation about some important things he should know." She saw his face go white as Stoic started to almost drag him back towards the house. Hiccup laughed and then shrugged as he looked at her desperately. She knew she didn't need protecting from Anstred, but she was delighted her dad was trying. He was the chief after all. There were certain rules that needed to be put down.

Seconds later she was where she belonged. The new design had been built specifically for her leg so everything fit just as naturally as before. Anstred was right beside her as she admired the red fin with a skull painted on it. She loved it. She quickly launched into the air, admiring the changing world around her.

This was Berk. It snows nine months out of the year and hails the other three. Any food that grows here is tough and tasteless. The people that grow here… even more so. The only upsides are the pets. While some places have ponies, or parrots…

The rest of the teens soon joined the two on their dragons. They looped under bridges and in between houses, flying through the village. Toothless angled up in the sky. Hiccup felt the sun wash over her face through the clouds, and for that one moment she didn't have a care in the world. She was free and happy.

The pointless war had come to an end with dragons and humans coming together. Her dad was proud of her for the right reasons and finally had begun to listen and understand who she was and let her be that. The other teens had gone from antagonists to close friends. The rest of the Vikings had come to see her not as a nuisance, but as a hero. Anstred had kissed her! And best of all, she had the greatest best friend who no longer needed to be a secret in a cove anymore. They could finally be the one they were meant to be forever.

We have… DRAGONS!

The End

Well, we made it. Thank you so much to all who read, favorite, reviewed, alerted, put up with my crazy schedule, enjoyed, and suggested. This has by far been my best experience writing a story. I wish it could go on, but the end has come. Thank you once again for the support.

This story is dedicated to Asher Raymond Anderson, the best kid brother a peson could ask for. He wanted t fly on dragons, and hopefully now he's doing just that in Heaven.

In case I don't see you good afternoon, good evening, and good night!