Take your time with me and kill me slowly.
As he sat there, freezing cold, in the rain, waiting on a boy who may or may not come, who he doesn't fully understand his feelings about, he couldn't help but think of how replaceable he was. He couldn't help but think about what he meant to other people, what other people meant to him. He couldn't help but think, Why was he living? What was his purpose, to serve someone who wanted nothing to do with him and avoided him as much as possible?
Why did he want that? Did he want that? Did anyone want that? Was there any point when everyone involved in this was just getting hurt? Would things ever get better? Did his life serve any purpose or would people even care if he had never existed? Did it matter if he just left? Never came back? No explanation?
Then he came.
That boy he had been waiting on, hoping beyond hope to come, did. The boy stood in front of him, hands by his sides, looking irritated and cold. When he saw him he didn't care if this boy crushed his heart in the palm of his hand, as long as he belonged to him. As long as that one boy had that power, it didn't matter if he did, because he would love him enough to be put at risk of destruction, and who's to say he would be destroyed? Who's to say it wouldn't be a happy ever after ending? Who's to say it would end with tears? Who's to say that they didn't belong together?
No one. No one could tell him it would never matter, because he had willingly put himself at risk, and that did matter.
To him, no matter how it ended, as long as it was Ritsuka's choice, it would always be his first choice.
Soubi took Ritsuka's hand, fully aware now of how much he was at risk, how much he didn't care, and how much he loved this boy, enough to know that the boy would never hurt him, as long as he loved him, as long as he always needed him, he was safe, with this boy in his arms, they were safe.
You stole my heart.