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The story includes disturbing things, like rape, child pregnancy, and some adult themes, so if you're not into that or are not yet a teenager, please do not bother reading this.

Pairings: FEMALE Naruto and Sasuke, the rest undecided and most definitely minor (I may post a poll if the story picks up for characters like Sakura and some others)

Rating: Mature

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His lips caressed her.

He was gentle. How strange was that? Someone was being gentle with her. No one was ever gentle with her.

He wanted her to kiss him so she kissed him back; she ran her hands threw his hair. She adored his every feature. Once the painful part ended he loved to just cuddle her. He loved to kiss her.

She knew she was ugly; people couldn't even bear to look at her. People insulted her, hated her, avoided her, and hurt her.

He hurt her too, far, far worse, but he was gentle.

He was moaning a name.

Someone else's name.

There was some lucky girl out there that he loved. He told her each time he came over. This was only the third time, the third time in two months, but although it hurt, although it was horrible for days afterward, Naruto accepted it. She would take any affection she could get. He was the only one who cared. He didn't love her though, she could accept it. No one loves a monster.

His snow hair tickled her nose, and she would have giggled if there wasn't a foreign tongue swirling around in her mouth. She didn't like that. She didn't like the painful part either.

All she wanted was the warm arms around her. She wanted him to fall asleep so she could pretend. Naruto loved to pretend, she loved to wrap herself around him as he slept. When it was safer. She would look into his eyes and pretend. She pretended he was her father, and she had had a nightmare so he came in to comfort her. She pretended he was her lover, and she was an older girl, even a woman, and so it was more right. She pretended he was her best friend, and that he was here to comfort her and to love her. She pretended he wasn't a monster who haunted her every waking moment.

He was standing over her again. He was standing, leaning over her.

Had she fallen asleep?

Mizuki grinned at her, white teeth flashing deviously. "Well, monster, wasn't that lovely?"

Naruto couldn't bring herself to smile, she just stared at him.

There was the sound of a zipper as Mizuki pulled on his pants. "Don't forget the test tomorrow, chapters thirteen and fourteen." He whispered awkwardly, looking away from the tiny creature.

Naruto just stared at him with wide, blue eyes.

There is something wrong with me. Naruto thought, puking for the twentieth morning straight. What is wrong with me?

Ino smirked at the young blonde, walking up to her deviously while swirling her figure around in a rude gesture she had learned from her mother. "Hello, fatso." She greeted sweetly. "Still wearing that bulky orange jacket, I see."

I'm only wearing the jacket because you told me to. Because you said fat girls should hide their weight. Naruto thought. "Hello, Ino-san." She smiled piteously.

Always present at Ino's side was Sakura, and the pink-haired girl had to bulge in. "You smell like puke, as always." She smirked.

Naruto leaned down. She sat on the swing, the one that was always abandoned, because no one would touch it after she'd used it once. It was after school, and the two girls were after her again, like always.

"You really need someone to monitor what you're eating, fatso." Sakura added. "Just because you don't have parents doesn't mean you can do whatever you want."

Naruto traced small circles in the dirt with her foot.

Ino rudely waved two fingers in front of the miserable blonde's eyes. "Hey! Hey! Fatso, we're talking to you!"

"I'm sorry, Ino-san, Sakura-san, what were you saying?" Naruto asked politely. Why am I so calm? Why am I so polite? Oh… I'm so tired… my fat belly is like a leech, sucking me dry…

Her belly was a large bump, very big on a creature so small, but in reality not that huge. She wore a large orange jacket to cover it up, and gray shorts that went to her knees with her socks rolled all the way up to hide her swollen legs. The tiny shoes she wore were just that, tiny in comparison to the rest of her. She looked like a miserable creature, drained of everything. Her hair was in disarray, her face in a permanent scowl, her eyes glared out from under purple skin; her image was just like that of some kind of zombie child.

And so, sensing misery, the two girls, bullied and hated by the others, turned to the only one smaller than themselves, the only one they could manage to hurt with their flimsy insults.

And Naruto took the pain, and the hurt, and all the hatred and she buried them up in a secret place in her heart, a place she only showed to Mizuki. She only showed her pain to the one person who would wrap her up in her arms, who would cuddle her and let her cry on his shoulder, and who would apologize to her.

Apologize and apologize.

Eventually, she found that she couldn't walk. Curling up in the best sort of a ball she could to support a swollen belly, one nearly as large as she was, she cried silently into a pillow, dreaming nightmares of a monster surging out of her stomach and killing her.

Mizuki fed her.

Mizuki gave her water.

Mizuki apologized.

Eventually, pain began.

At first it was nothing more than a tug, jerking her to wakefulness. Silently, she prayed that the monster in her stomach would not kill her, and then she fell back into an exhausted sleep.

Then the tug returned, harder and fiercer, causing the emancipated child to cry out in fear. But the tug was soon done, and it would not return to bother her for another week.

The first sign of the beginning of her worst suffering was a splashing about her legs. She was not able to walk to relieve herself, and Mizuki would normally clean her messes for her before picking her up and dumping her in a bathtub filled with cold water. Mizuki would always apologize and then grimace at her, telling her how ugly and disgusting she was and he would wonder aloud why he even bothered. But it was for the evidence, he told her, I have to make sure it's done, and your damn chakra won't let me kill the creature. So Naruto was unconcerned about the splashing about her legs, until some kind of warning in her head told her that it was time, that it was happening, and that she wasn't ready yet.

It was horrible, a screaming weight slammed down on her. It was an agony beyond anything she had ever felt. It was a monster, a creature pressing against her and no matter how many times she hit her stomach, screamed, or pushed it refused to go away. It refused to leave her. Pain. Agony. Horror.

Naruto cried out in the night, and she labored for days, it was unrelentless, unyielding. Eventually, she broke herself. She found a sharp splinter and she cut herself open where the monster inside her was trying to leave, and she crushed one of her hip bones with something she found that was hard. And so, with absolute agony, it soon ended.

Naruto collapsed, limp and exhausted, but something inside her told her not to fall asleep. Something inside her told her to look. Hearing something cry out, Naruto's gaze dropped to the ugliest thing she had ever seen. But despite that, for some reason, Naruto adored it.

And then she succumbed to unconsciousness.

Mizuki was there when she woke up. "Don't tell." He told her. "Don't tell and you can go back to school and forget everything."

"Where…?" Naruto croaked out.

"Gone." Mizuki sighed. "Gone for good. It's over." Some giant weight seemed to lift off of his shoulder and he smiled in relief.

Naruto's body began to shake and her eyes widened in horror. "No, no, no, no!" She cried. "I want-"

"We don't always get what we want, do we?" Mizuki snapped. "I wanted a nice, easy fuck and instead I got nine months of dealing with a girl who should have been too young."

Naruto blinked at him in confusion, before repeating, "I want." She paused when Mizuki didn't react and added, "Mine." Her throat was killing her, and that was all she could manage.

Mizuki bit his lip thoughtfully as he looked at her. "Fine." He eventually answered. "But if you tell anyone where you got it, or anything about me, I will kill it and you. Understand?"

Kill me? "Yes." Why is he acting so strange?

Mizuki stood up and headed to the door.

Naruto smiled down at the bundle of blue in her hands. "Thank you." She told Mizuki, smiling up at him.

Mizuki blinked in surprise. "Um. Yeah. Right." He mumbled awkwardly, looking away from her.

Naruto smiled down at the creature. Snow-blonde hair gently framed a lightly tanned face, light blue eyes grinned down at her, and a tiny yawn escaped, revealing perfect, white teeth. "You are a beautiful thing." Naruto whispered down to it.

There was a loud noise, and the young girl's eyes connected with furious brown eyes. "You," Mizuki growled, "you will not tell anyone, or I will kill that beautiful thing in your arms, got it?"

The little girl nodded.

Mizuki smirked at her, and he tugged at her shirt with one hand, with the other grabbing one of her breasts, which were quite developed for her age but still small. "You honestly think you're going to be able to milk that thing with only that?"

Naruto bit her lip to prevent herself from crying out.

Mizuki laughed and let her go. He was too strong for her, he truly had her completely under his power and he enjoyed that feeling of control immensely. "You, little child," he whispered, "You are going to have a hard time with that thing, especially since no one will help you."

Naruto nodded dimly. She would have agreed to anything, if only to have the approval of the man who had once been gentle with her.

She saw Mizuki at the Academy, she tried to smile at him and she tried to speak to him, but he ignored her. The only acknowledgement she now received from him were small envelopes, containing small amounts of yen, that she found in her bag every once in a while.

The leech's mouth reached under her shirt, and he sucked. "You take everything." Naruto whispered to the leech. "You take everything." She smiled down at it. Despite eating the best she could, she was exhausted from early morning wakening, the terror of not knowing what to do when the leech cried, and the constant feeding the leech seemed to require.

"I'm coming!" Naruto yelled, running into the bedroom in the apartment where she picked up a wailing creature. "Can't I just leave you along to go to school?" She wondered angrily as she realized she would have to wash his blanket again. There must be an easier way to do this…

Naruto ran up to a woman who was carrying a creature exactly like her own leech. "Excuse me, ma'am." Naruto asked in a quiet voice, and the woman turned to the adorable, blond little girl, cooing at her softly with a "yes, adorable?"

Naruto blanched slightly at the woman's strange nickname for her, but she chose to ignore it. "I was just wondering what that was." She asked, indicating to the leech the woman was carrying.

The woman laughed with a bright, tinkling sound. "This, cutie, is my baby."

Baby? The leech was a baby? "And how do you get one of them, ma'am?" Naruto asked politely.

The woman blushed. "Well," she relied awkwardly, "that's a question for your mother and father, little missy. Where are they?" The woman looked around awkwardly, realizing there wasn't anyone nearby to claim the child.

"Well then, how do you take care of one?" Naruto asked.

"You don't have to worry about that for a long time." The woman shook her head. "Run along to your mother, cutie." She added, walking away.

Why would I have to worry about that later? I need help with the leech now! Naruto allowed tears to fall at the injustice, but she wiped them away as soon as they were shed.

"Get back in your box, leech." Naruto commanded, struggling against the force of will of a moderately healthy young toddler who had recently learned to walk and was desperate to prove his ability to his mother, even though she constantly told him not to.

She tried to pick up the toddler and put him back inside a cardboard box by her bed. The box was filled with blankets and a single, homemade toy that seemed to be a sock with another sock stuck inside it. "You're a monkey!" Naruto growled, as the toddler crawled up her side and attempted to give her a big, wet kiss on her whiskered cheek.

"Ma!" The toddler squealed in pleasure.

"Oh, wonderful. Now you're starting to talk." Naruto growled, although a wonderful feeling arose in her chest as she realized her own baby had started to speak. "You're not going to shut up soon, I know it."

"Ma! Ma! Ma!" The toddler replied.

Naruto planted a big kiss on the toddler's forehead, and then proceeded to tie him into his box with the skills she had just learned at the Academy.

For the twelfth time in a row, Naruto found herself staring at a red 'F' on her test. For the third time in a row, she forgot to hide the paper as soon as she saw it, and Ino, who was sitting right next to her, caught a glimpse.

"Ha!" Ino cried, covering up her own B-. "It looks like the fatty bimbo failed another test!"

Naruto smiled at her. "I'm just special, I guess." She replied flippantly, allowing only the tiniest hint of a frown to escape her lips.

Like everyday, the students began a fairly stupid game without a name that everyone played. The game was a contest of who got what score, but there didn't seem to be any logic to it, sense Naruto learned to brag and blurt out her low scores, and so did others who struggled, making light of their sufferings.

Sakura, receiving an absolutely perfect score, waved it around and boasted loudly. "A hundred!" She cried out. "I got a hundred."

"Well, even the nerds have their days, eh Sakura-san?" Naruto announced.

Several people laughed and chuckled, but the resident members of the Sasuke Fan Club glared at Naruto, and some girl the blonde didn't know shouted out that Naruto was the stupidest girl in the world because Sasuke also got a hundred, and Naruto is a big breasted bimbo too dumb to like the last Uchiha.

Naruto just blushed, but she replied, "Funny, I thought the girls who swooned after the stuck up bastards end up with bastards, and no one thinks they're that smart after that."


Naruto's blue eyes instantly grew wide as a stinging sensation painfully surged across her face. Looking up, she saw Ino with a smug look on her face and an extended hand. Ino had slapped her for calling Sasuke a bastard.

Ino stuck out her tongue.

Naruto stood up quickly, her fists clenched, ready for a fight, and Ino backed away quickly, knowing that when Naruto got angry in a fight she fought dirty. Naruto stopped herself though, and with an incredible amount of self control she sat back down in her seat.

She had been told that if she got into another fight she would be suspended, and that it would hinder her chances at graduating. Ino came from a wealthy family that would be well prepared to make sure Naruto didn't graduate if the blue-eyed blonde hurt their daughter, and Naruto had no one to speak up in her defense.

So she swallowed whatever small ounce of pride she had left, and sat back down, opening herself to the vulnerability of insults attained from eight out of ten female members of her class. But she had to deal with it.

Graduating and becoming a ninja was the only way she would raise enough money to take care of the little leech. She had to graduate to someday send her baby to the Academy, where undoubtedly he would do far better than she did, since Mizuki was a wonderful Chuunin up for a promotion, and he was the leech's father. She would deal with being an idiot if only she could make things better later on.

She couldn't buy baby food once the leech needed it. If she tried, the clerks would stare at her funny, and if they were from the older generation they would simply run the baby food through the scanner, but refuse to give it to her, causing her to pay dearly for her folly.

So if she wanted to buy carrot baby food, she bought carrots and milk and smashed them together at home.

If she wanted pea baby food, she bought pas and milk and smashed them together at home.

She had four jars in the cabinet, each labeled something different, like 'Carrots', 'Peas', 'Green Beans', and 'Potatoes'. She wasn't sure whether potatoes were actually a kind of baby food, but they were incredibly easy to mash.

Ramen and rice were the cheapest things out there, and she was extraordinarily pleased with the fact that she adored ramen. If she didn't like the cheap food it would have been a lot of unneeded suffering.

She failed the graduation test.

She failed her son.

She failed Mizuki.

She failed the Hokage.

She failed herself.

She failed Iruka.

She failed everyone but the aggravating other Academy students, who were collecting money from the bets they'd made.

She'd most definitely failed Hinata, who had been the only one to bet for her, the others betting most of their money against her. And she'd failed, and now Hinata was dishing out cash to a bunch of joyful creatures that had already made ninja, and were now being paid for their wonderful foresight in the failure of the class idiot.

She was so tired.

Mizuki walked up to her on the swing and Naruto's heart swelled up with hope that she didn't mind showing on her face. She didn't mind, because it was him.

"You know, Iruka-san was being rather cruel, there's another way to pass, there's another graduation test." Mizuki told her.

And like a blind fool, she trusted him.

Mizuki was wrong, he was wrong. How could he be right?! How could she be a monster! He was trying to kill her. Iruka saved her?


Iruka smiled at her despite all of his bandages. "You understand now?" He asked calmly.

Naruto smiled back at him brightly. "Yes, I'm a… a jinchuuriki, a vessel for the monster, not the monster itself." She answered.

The man ruffled her hair playfully. "Yup. That's it."

With a pleasant groan, Naruto finished off her last, and tenth, bowl at Ichiraku. "That was delicious." She sighed contentedly.

"Just make sure to watch your weight. I still remember a couple years back at the Academy." Iruka advised her.

Naruto giggled. "I'm not gunna get fat like that again, Iruka-sensei." She told him. A sparkle suddenly entered her eyes as she realized something, "Iruka-sensei! Mizuki's gone, right? He'll never come back?"

Iruka nodded, frowning slightly at the familiar way Naruto referred to the white haired traitor.

"I have something wonderful to show you!" Naruto yelled joyously. "I've never been able to show anyone before, because Mizuki told me he'd kill it and me if I did." She whispered.

Alarm bells rang in Iruka's head, and throwing a random amount of yen onto the counter, he leaned down to connect eyes with Naruto. "Mizuki told you he'd kill you?" He asked.

Naruto nodded exuberantly. "And I've never shown or told anyone before! But I can show you now, 'cause he's gone and I'm a ninja now!" She replied, grabbing Iruka's hand and fairly dragged him along, much to the chagrin of the chuunin.

Naturally, she came to an abrupt halt in front of the door to her apartment, and Iruka nearly slammed into the wall at the sudden lack of movement. Naruto put a finger to her grinning lips, telling Iruka to be silent. To please her, Iruka put his own finger to his own lips, signifying that he understood, all while his eyes twinkled with merriment and curiosity.

Naruto slid her key into the door, and stepped into her apartment with the utmost care. She gingerly stepped inside, and Iruka stepped in after her.

Iruka was surprised at the state of the apartment. At first, it seemed to be in complete disarray, but then he realized that there was a point to it. Blankets and pillows littered the floor to provide a sort of carpet, a thick but ragged table cloth covered the table, any and all sharp objects, pans, cans, bottles, or anything like that were stacked in the highest places possible, and all the kitchen appliances were impeccably clean.

He smiled at the young girl, and playfully ruffled up her hair while she pretended not to like it. "So where is this 'beautiful thing'?" He asked.

"He has a box in the bedroom, I don't let him out of there unless I'm home, even though I monkey-proofed the house." Naruto replied, taking only a few steps across the room to reach the bedroom.

"Monkey-proofed?" Iruka asked quietly. "You have a pet monkey?"

Naruto stared at him. "No." She answered. "Why would I have a pet monkey?"

"Nevermind." Iruka waved of the question. He stretched a bit, wincing as his back ached, but the inquisitive smile soon returned. "So, where is the 'beautiful thing'?"

"Here." Naruto opened the bedroom, and Iruka followed her inside.

The bedroom was filled with even more blankets and pillows than the living room. Excluding some clothes that had been thrown on the top of a shelf, there were only two pieces of furniture, a small bed, and a rather large cardboard box filled with blankets. Other than that, there seemed to be a solitary ball, one that appeared to have been stolen from the Academy, and a rubber shuriken. On the bed, however, was the most interesting thing.

Wearing a worn down gray shirt, a tiny little boy slept in the center of the bed, lying flat on a pillow. He had snow-blonde hair that was in disarray, and he was clutching what appeared to be a toy, even though it was a sock with a smiling face and another sock stuffed inside it, and he was drooling all over the bed in the supreme image of adorableness.

"That's my leech." Naruto whispered to the stunned chuunin.

"Naruto, that's a child." Iruka whispered back, both horrified and confused.

The snow-blonde haired boy stirred slightly at the sound of their voices, but he merely waved his hand slightly as if to ward off a buzzing fly and he settled back into sleep.

"Isn't he beautiful?" Naruto asked, staring up at a frozen Iruka. "He's mine, Iruka-sensei."

Iruka took a deep breath. "Where did you find him?" He asked.

The young girl frowned. "What are you talking about?" She asked.

"Where did you get the boy?" Iruka clarified.

Naruto took a moment to contemplate the wording, but eventually she figured it out, although she took the meaning a completely different way. "I got him from Mizuki-sensei's… he's mine and Mizuki's." She answered, too shy to use words like 'sex' or 'rape', since she'd long ago realized that that was what had transpired between her and Mizuki.

Iruka gulped. "Right." He answered. "Naruto, you should have told someone."

"But Mizuki told me he'd kill both of us if I said a word!" Naruto protested.

The chuunin sighed loudly, and ran a hand through his brown hair to calm himself down. "All right, do you know where Mizuki got him?" He asked, trying to concentrate on the problem.

"I take care of him, not Mizuki-sensei. Mizuki may be the father, but he's a terrible person!" Naruto argued.

"Yes, Mizuki is a terrible person." Iruka agreed. "So, Mizuki was the father… why did he ask you to take care of his child? Was he afraid because he was getting married… or…?" He left the question hanging.

"I asked. Mizuki wanted to just forget, but I didn't. I love the leech-monkey… baby… thing…" Naruto ended lamely, not sure exactly what to call her son.

"You asked to take care of the child?" Iruka stared at her. "Naruto, why would you do that? You're an orphan! With an orphan's allowance! How could you think you'd be able to raise him!"

Naruto glared at him. "Well, I've been doing perfectly fine for three years! He's healthy, happy, and he can speak tons of words!"

"But you can't just take a child away from its mother!" Iruka argued.

"That's precisely why I asked for him!" Naruto growled.

Iruka stared at her, and in the long pause the boy lying on the bed woke up. He rolled over, gave a sweet yawn, and at the sight of Iruka his eyes grew wide. "Ma?" He whispered.

"This is Iruka." Naruto smiled. "He's a friend."

The little boy yawned widely, and then sat up, smiling at Iruka. "Hewo." He said.

"Hello." Iruka replied.

"Wanna pway wit me?" The boy asked hopefully. "I pway lots! I have a ball! And Socky-chan!" The boy exclaimed.

"What's your name?" Iruka asked him.

The boy blinked.

"Naruto, did you name him?" Iruka turned to Naruto.

Naruto blushed. "Was I supposed to?" She asked.

Iruka gulped, took a long look at the newly instated blonde and the snow-blonde child, and something seemed to click. It seemed impossible, but… "Naruto?" Iruka asked quietly.

"Yes?" Naruto looked up at him, her large blue eyes filled with unasked questions.

"Are you this child's mother? Did you give birth to him?" Iruka asked her.

"Hai." Naruto nodded. "When I was ten on the twelfth of December." She informed him.

Iruka looked down at her, his expression unreadable. "Are you certain?"

"Am I certain I went through childbirth?" She asked, her eye twitching angrily.

"Ma?" The boy whispered, staring at the exchange with wide blue eyes.

With a soft smile on her face, Naruto walked carefully over to the boy and picked him up with a groan. She locked eyes with Iruka-sensei while simultaneously pulling the boy's thumb out of his mouth. "I will name him Saru, after Jiji." Naruto announced.

Oblivious to all of this, the newly dubbed Saru again attempted to stick his thumb in his mouth, but Naruto once again blocked him.

"Do you mind if I tell the Hokage?" Iruka asked softly.

Naruto shook her head. "No. Just don't tell Ino-pig. Or Sasuke-teme. Or anyone else who made it. I don't want them to know!" She exclaimed, and then her voice softened to a mumble. "They already call me Fat Bimbo, its bad enough they think that of me, but if they knew I'd lost my… my virginity they'd probably die of laughter."

Iruka stepped down onto his knees and placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder. "They call you what?"

Naruto sniffed. "Well, when I was getting… Saru, I got really fat. Pregnant, you know? And so, Ino-pig thought it would be funny to make fun of me, and now everyone just calls me Pudgy-chan, and Ino and her stupid possey call me the Fat Bimbo." She growled at the end, petting Saru's head gingerly as she did so. Wiping away tears with her sleeve, Naruto shakily walked toward Iruka and gestured toward Saru, who was attempting to squirm out of her hands to get a look at Iruka while also trying to stick his thumb in his mouth. "Want to hold him? He's wiggly, but he calms down if you promise to feed him."

Iruka held out his arms, and as the child was dropped into his hands he felt the strange sensation that he was holding his grandchild. Until Saru grinned at him, and he was instantly reminded of his partner, his teammate, his friend, and the man who had raped this innocent little girl. Iruka gently petted the toddler's head while Naruto again pulled Saru's thumb out of his mouth. "Do you mind if we get a bloodtest?" Iruka asked her.

"No." Naruto replied. "Do you like him?"

"Yes." Iruka answered, trying desperately to hold onto the squirming child.

"I wuv you!" The toddler exclaimed.

Iruka blinked in surprise.

"He says that to everyone." Naruto assured Iruka. "And everything. It's the first sentence he learned."