Title: Reign of melodies
Author: bendleshnitz1
Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Bella Swan/Edward Cullen
Rating: G
Prompt: Reign, Rain and 'The last time somebody looked at me like that...'
Word count: 398
Beta: Not betaed. You're warned.
Warnings: Fluffyness. First person POV. Era: between New Moon and Eclipse.
Summary: When he plays, you can see him truly happy.
A/N: Originally written for challenge #2 on twihard100 . Also for Week #23 on fandom_fridays . It's my first time writing another fandom and it's scary as hell. It's a short first attempt. Hope it's not too bad. *is nervous* *sweats*

Reign of melodies

His fingers fly over the keys. I still have to get used to that speed my eyes only perceive as a blur that dances over the black and white keys of the piano. The melody is sweet and romantic, but I can't help to think they have a tinge of angst in them.

I instantly feel the need to ask him why. A million theories come to my mind. I hold back the trail of questions that are about to spill from my mouth. 'Let him enjoy this, Bella,' I reprimand myself. 'Because when he plays, you can see him truly happy.'

It's true. I marvel at his perfect features for a few seconds, thinking that the last time I saw his face radiating from happiness was so long ago. It's taking him a lot of effort to forgive himself. No matter how many times I reminded him that he did what he thought was best for me, Edward keeps punishing himself for making me suffer.

So I restrain myself from ruining the moment. I refuse to take this blissful expression out of his face again. Instead, I concentrate on the music as I stare out the wall made of glass. The rain continues falling in those fat drops that had wet my hair twice on the same day.

The feeling of his sweet caress takes me out of my reverie. is cold, hard hand untangles my hair as the other keeps playing the piano he reigns. Like any king, Edward knows his Reign by heart and his fingers flicker through the notes effortlessly demonstrating that.

"What are you thinking?" His deep, velvet voice adding the missing note that would make this melody pure perfection.

I look him in the eyes for a second before leaning over to kiss him softly on his hard-as-rock cheek. "That I love you," I whisper, aware that Esme is listening to us even if she pretends being focused on her book.

Edward smiles, but his eyes show concern. I know he's desperately trying to show me he really means it when he whispers 'I love you' back at me.

So I give him my most sincere smile. "I know, Edward. That you for that," I say as I rest my head on his shoulder before asking him to play my lullaby for me one more time.

A/N: Since this is my first time writing in the Twilight Fandom I'll have to get all disctator-y here and demand for reviews. It's a new public I'm reaching with this and I want to see what you think. I assume you're experts in reading Twilight fanfics, but I have never read or written any, so all the feedback I can get would be really helpful. Thank you :)

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