Kurenai stirred the food in the pot, her attention half on the food and half on Daichi and whatever mischief he was getting up to in the other room.

She had been wondering since the night before how things had gone for Kakashi, but his absence from her house at that time probably meant everything had worked out.

She was glad, unlikely as it seemed, Kakashi and Iruka were a good match. And God knew Kakashi deserved someone who loved him enough not to kill him after a week together.

As if conjured by her thoughts, Kakashi's head appeared on her window, entering her kitchen with the ease of years of habit. She had given up scolding him about the use of doors for ages.

"Hi Kakashi," she said struggling to keep her tone normal. She didn't want to sound disappointed that he was back there. She had really hoped for the best.

"Hi Kurenai," he said, and he didn't sound unhappy in the slightest. "I just came to say hi and thank you."

She frowned at him. "You're not staying for dinner?"

Kakashi shook his head, the movement stilted and a tiny wince in his uncovered eyes telling her also painful. She wondered what had happened, had things gone so wrong they had resorted to violence? She moved to the fridge and grabbed two beers, passing one to Kakashi.

"Tell me, what happened?" she said, not bothering to disguise her concern.

Kakashi looked at her, confusion clear in his eyes and then he snorted, seemingly realizing what she meant. He pulled down his mask and drank from the bottle. "Nothing, everything went better than expected."

She would have said something, except she was too busy goggling at Kakashi's face. He looked as if he had fought a horde of missing nins and barely escaped with his life. His lips were bruised and cut, his jaw had purpling marks on it and there was a circle of bruises covering what she could see of his throat. There were also teeth marks in the juncture between his jaw and his neck and when she turned she could see scratches on the back of his neck.

He was blushing violently when Kurenai finished her examination and suddenly it made perfect sense.

Kurenai collapsed on the floor laughing. "Oh my, Iruka-sensei is a hellion!"

Kakashi hid his face behind his mask quickly, the blush spreading so high it was still visible and Kurenai felt tears streaming down her face. "I just came to thank you, and to say you and Daichi are invited to come whenever you want to Iruka's house. I'm moving in, so it will be my home now too."

She gasped for breath; his words registering in her mind and making her feel warm and really happy for her friend. Kakashi shot her a last embarrassed look before jumping out of the window, his half-finished beer on the kitchen counter.

Kurenai kept laughing for a while, Daichi running into the kitchen at the noise and staring uncomprehendingly at his crazy mom. She finally picked herself up and grabbed Kakashi's beer, finishing it in one long swallow.

Depositing a soft kiss on the crown of her son's head, Kurenai turned back to her food.

"I'm very happy for you, Kakashi. I really am."