Title: Harry Potter and the Special Brownies
Author: Chibi White Ferret
Part: 1/?
Rating: PG-13 for drug use (and probably cursing later)
Spoilers: first four books
Warnings: umm... drugs and slash, the best combo! ho ho ho! ^_^ - except I dunno if there will be slash or not, hee hee - I just dunno yet... we'll see... :P
Disclaimer: I don't own any of this HP stuff, JK and all the legal & publishing people do - well, duh...
Pairing(s): none... now... HO HO HO! Will be some...
Summary: Harry eats a special brownie, as if that wasn't totally obvious...
Author's Note: Dedicated to... who? Hmm... Emily, because she reviewed my last one (I know she won't approve of drug use...).
Background Info: Harry & co. are in their 7'th year at Hogwarts, umm... I think that's all you need to know...
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He shouldn't have done it. Just say no. That's what everyone says. All those commercials on muggle TV about saying no to drugs. He was an idiot, he knew that. Only an idiot would eat a chocolate brownie that had marijuana in it and not realize - never even question - where it had come from. Or the funny smell. And now he was high. Oh, what an idiot. How could he? How could he be so stupid? And then, like a bolt of lightning in his mind, it came to him. Draco Malfoy. This whole thing was his fault. Really, it was. He deserved no blame for this, none whatsoever. He was in this predicament because of Draco Malfoy. Stupid git. Oh, why had he been so naive in the first place...


Earlier that day, 5:00 PM

Potter! Oy, Potter!

Harry turned slowly and sighed. He was in no mood to deal with Malfoy today.

Malfoy. What do you want?

Draco ran up to Draco, panting and slightly out of breath. Listen, Potter, he said, stopping to catch his breath, bent over with his hands on his knees. He straightened up. Listen I just - well, I waned to say - well, sorry. I'm sorry. I am sorry. And I just - I wanted to make amends. For everything. Just - just everything in the past. I'm sorry, Potter. Really, I am.

Harry stared in disbelief.

Uh, Malfoy?

Yes, Potter? Draco asked, his usual sneer firmly in place.

Are you feeling all right?

Draco paused. Blinked.

Are you sure you're not ill?

Draco paused again. Uh, yeah. I'm sure. He hesitated momentarily. Why, Potter?

Harry blinked. Paused. Well - well because. This isn't you. I mean, you don't - you apologized! Harry exclaimed, looking utterly scandalized. You never apologize!

Draco frowned. How would you know anyway, Potter? Just because I've never apologized to you and your little friends before doesn't mean -

Fifth year.

Draco looked confused. What about fifth year?

You cursed Goyle when Ron deflected your curse. It bounced back and hit Goyle and he was in the hospital wing for two weeks. Two weeks. And you didn't apologize.

Draco looked annoyed.

So? So?! Malfoy, you cursed the word Idiot' onto his forehead!

Wha - two weeks! Two weeks!

I'm aware of the length of time, Potter, thank you. What's your point?

You didn't apologize.

Oh, please, Harry cried, exasperated. He turned to go but Draco grabbed his arm.

Harry was having a ad day. Snape had subtracted 10 points from Gryffindor during Potions because his potion was more than He was in no mood to deal with Malfoy's crap today.

What is it, Malfoy?

I said sorry. I mean, I apologized. To you, of all people.

Aren't you going to say anything? Draco asked, almost nervously, shifting the package he was holding under one arm to the other. He looked at Harry expectantly.

Well what? What do you want me to say, Malfoy?

Do you want me to accept your apology?

You could. If you wanted to, I mean.

Harry sighed. he said, still feeling irritable. Fine, I accept your apology.

Draco smirked. Of course you accept, Potter, I knew you would.

Harry rolled his eyes. Oh, whatever, he said, turning to leave again.

Harry had scarcely walked three meters when Malfoy came p behind him, increasing his pace to keep up with Harry and walking beside him.

What is it now, Malfoy?

Draco said nothing, then suddenly stepped in front of Harry cutting him off. Harry stopped dead in his tracks, still annoyed at Draco holding him up.

Do you want a brownie?

Do you?

Are you serious?

Draco had the courtesy to look genuinely confused. Whatever do you mean, Potter? Why wouldn't I be serious?

Harry stared at Draco. Weird day.

Come again?

Never mind. Um, I'll tell you what, Malfoy. If I have a brownie will you go back to the Slytherin dungeons and leave me alone for the rest of the day?

Draco smirked. Anything for famous Harry Potter.

said Harry, shifting his books from under his right arm to under his left and holding out his hand. Give it here, then, and get on with it.

Draco opened the package he had been carrying and looked up at Harry, then back down. Tell you what, Potter, he said. I've already had some, so you just take what's left, all right?

Harry stood, stunned, as Draco forced the Tupperware container into his free hand, patted him on the shoulder, grinned, and turned away, heading back down the hallway towards the dungeons.

Harry watched Draco's retreating form and turned to go, when Draco's voice called from just out of sight, Have fun, Potter. Harry thought he heard Malfoy snigger, but he couldn't be sure. He shrugged it off. Malfoy's so weird, he muttered to himself, heading off to Gryffindor Tower. Bloody out of his mind, he is.

...... TBC


A/N 2: Oh, no!! It took too much space. ::sigh:: Well, I guess this will be a multi-chapter fic. More soon, please review! More to come, soon soon! Oh, yes - I don't do drugs or condone their use. If you do them that's your business. Also, like I said - I think there will be some slash, but I dunno for sure yet... we'll see. Like I said - comments, please! But no flames. Ugh. And be kind - I'm still new at this...