Enkidu07's Drabble Challenge

Prompt word: soak

Word Count: This one is a double drabble: 200 words on the dot. I just couldn't say it all in 100 words. :-)

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Urgent Care

By: Vanessa Sgroi

"You're gonna have to soak his hand 'bout a half hour in cold holy water," instructed Bobby over the cell. "Sam, I'll warn ya—gonna hurt like hell so be ready."

Sam grimly thanked Bobby then gathered the holy water and some ice, mixing the two in a plastic ice bucket. He approached his brother who lay curled on the bed. Tugging at Dean's wrist, Sam lowered the injured hand toward the water.

As soon as flesh touched liquid, Dean hollered and jerked away.

"Dean, c'mon man, we have to soak it."

Dean shuddered, moaning, "Nonononono."

Leaning forward, Sam stretched out, using his weight to immobilize his older brother who struggled weakly. He wrestled with the affected limb until he managed to get Dean's hand immersed in the water.

To Dean it might as well be acid. The older Winchester screamed, voice cracking. He bucked hard beneath Sam, attempting to throw off the restraint. The holy water hissed, steamed within the plastic.

"Sssh, Dean, sshhh. It'll be okay," muttered Sam. "Let the holy water do its job."

"Huuurttts, S'mmmm."

"I know—it'll get better," soothed Sam, voice thick with unshed tears. He eased his grip; let Dean curl into him.