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Challenge Word: Soak

Word Count: 100

A/N: Holy Cow, it's been how long since i posted? 1,2,3...over 6 months? huh. This is a little late, but I hope you like it.

Sam shook damp hair from his face. Checking the forecast had proved pointless. The only light these 'clear skies' were offering was lightening.

Hunt finished, they'd managed to get mostly dry with a few towels from the Impala.


Sam fingered his shoelaces, a slight tug released the bow.

Dean glanced over.

"Whoa, what are you doin'?"

"Taking my socks off, they're soaked."

"Not in my car."



"Come on, man."

"No, I don't want m'baby smellin' like your feet. We're ten minutes from the room, deal with it."

"Nu-uh." Sam toed off his shoes and socks. "I'm freezing."